Windows Defender on Windows Server 10


  1. I really impressed with your post. It is very useful and informative post about windows defender. Thanks to share another great post with us.

  2. I just noticed that you can install the Windows Defender GUI using “Add Roles and Features” function.

  3. help! my computer tech ran off with my money and now I’m forced to fix my computer myself. I tried what you suggested AnandK@TWC but it did not work. I uploaded windows 10 and tons of issues are popping up. Luckily I pd my computer friend to now only fix but teach me how to fix my machines myself. So right after the upgrade I went tooling for my Windows Defender, hearing rumors that it was not automatically set to on!! I typed what u said and even tried to use the disable (true) prompt but both false and true came back as “……not recognized…..” I’m hoping you understand what that!

    Then hopefully after fixing this comes making my touch pad work. I’m diasbled and all this mousing is killing me. tee hee. thanks for your time….chris

  4. Definition Update for Windows Defender – KB2267602 (Definition – Error 0x80070643
    How do I fix this?? I’m not a computer wizard but I have a basic knowledge. Thanks

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