Windows 10 Devices Settings: Change Printers, Bluetooth, Mouse, etc, settings

Windows 10 is all new with a new interface and new Settings. There is a new Devices section in Windows 10 PC Settings which makes it easy for users to add, remove or manage the devices connected to their PC. In this post, we will learn about the how to open and use the Devices Panel in Settings, and see how to change Printers, Scanner, Bluetooth, Mouse, Touchpad, Typing, Autoplay and Connected Devices preferences.

Windows 10 Devices Settings

Windows 10 Devices settings 1

Open the Settings app and click on Devices. Clicking on Devices will open a tab where you can adjust the settings for all your printers, connected devices, Bluetooth devices, mouse & touchpad, typing settings and autoplay settings. Let us see the settings available in each of te sub-sections.

Printers & Scanners

Windows 10 Devices Settings

Under Printers & Scanners tab, you can see the connected printers and also add a new printer or a scanner to your PC. Not just the printers, but you can also see the device set up for Microsoft Print to PDF, XPS Document writer, Send to SnagIt or OneNote. Scroll down and you can see a button where you can turn off the download of drivers for new devices, when on a metered connections. Turning this button off will help you save your data while you are using a metered connected.

Connected Devices

Windows 10 Devices settings 3

This tab shows the hardware connected to your PC. Click on Add a device and your PC will automatically scan for the connected devices. Related settings take you to the Bluetooth settings, hardware devices through the Control Panel and to the Device Manager. You can also set up Miracast here.

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Windows 10 Devices settings 4

The Bluetooth tab is simple with simple settings for connecting a device to your PC via Bluetooth. Click on Bluetooth button and the device will automatically start scanning for any Bluetooth device in the range.
Windows 10 Devices settings 5

Click on More Bluetooth options and you will see a new tab open with the Bluetooth device settings where you can make your PC discoverable or not discoverable by other Bluetooth devices. You can also add the Bluetooth icon in your system tray if you want and get an alert for every connected device. This post show how to use Bluetooth in Windows 10. If you have no use for this feature, then this post will show you how to disable Bluetooth in Windows.

Mouse & Touchpad

Windows 10 Devices settings 6

This tab lets you configure the Mouse and Touchpad settings in your PC, like selecting your primary button, roll the mouse to multiple lines or one screen at a time, or to choose how many lines your mouse scroll each time. Touchpad settings let you  adjust the mouse cursor delay. Keep it on Medium delay to avoid rapid movements of the cursor.

Windows 10 Devices settings 7

Clicking on Additional Mouse Options takes you to the Mouse properties where you can adjust the button, pointer, wheel, hardware, and click pad settings.


Windows 10 Devices settings 8

This tab is simple and lets users adjusting the Auto Spell Checker ON or OFF. You can select if you want your PC to autocorrect misspelled words and highlight misspelled words or not.

AutoplayWindows 10 Devices settings 9

This tab is for adjusting the settings to media files of removable devices connected to your PC. You can select your device to play the media files automatically, to ask you every time or to open the device to view the files first. Set your options according to your preferences. The latest update shows separate tabs for a removable device and memory card as well.The Related Settings has a direct link to Default app settings in System Settings.

Getting to know what Windows 10 has to offer, will help you enjoy the new operating system, more! Take a look at the Windows 10 Personalization Settings, Privacy Settings and the Update and Security settings.

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  1. Francesc Xavier Cerdà

    nIce explanation but my bluetooth mouse needs a usb dongle to work. so why include Bluetooth in the computer itself? win 10 on a dell Inspiron 7250.

  2. Abbeden Abbe

    and where do we go now, to change the default printer and to set up its preferences?

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