Airplane Mode in Windows 10


  1. With the new W10 Redstone Airplane Mode doesn’t show in Settings…yet…it shows as a connection mode in Notifications in the bottom righthand corner of the Task Bar. Also there is nothing in the registry files listed in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlClass then searching for RadioEnable.
    It’s there but it’s not there if you get my meaning.

  2. Simply, nothing here works. But my wifi is working. Now not even the BT settings page opens up, settings goes frozen but can be closed from the taskbar. Not a drivers issue, no known registry keys, not a rebooting solution…

  3. On my old Dell I had an Airplane mode hard switch…got knocked on once in a while…turn it back on…my Inspiron…2015 Dell…has a CtlF13 button that doubles for Print Screen…you may have hit it…putting your laptop in perm.airplane mode…press Ctl and while holding down…hit the little tower with radio waves thingy….on F13 butto…fixed mine…it is an Airplane Mode hard switch

  4. Has anyone worked out how to switch flight mode off yet, I don’t have the flight mode switch in my settings as it says I should. Another great windows update

  5. FIXED. 1. Go to settings. 2. Network and internet. 3. Change adaptor options. 4. Click on ethernet, then change settings of this connection (top right. 5. Microsoft network adaptor multiplexor protocol is unticked, tick it and click ok, when the pop up shows, click yes. Worked on mine, hope this helps

  6. I keep having an issue where at random times my hp laptop switches itself into airplane mode and turns my wifi off entirely on its own for no reason even when I am doing something on it, Is there a way that I can disable it from doing it without me changing the settings myself?

  7. Right now I am having an issue where I have nothing plugged into the headphone jack yet I keep getting popup messages saying that I have plugged in or unplugged something from the audio jack when I have nothing plugged into it at all and my headphones are beside me but not near the audio jack at all. Why is it going haywire on me for no reason at all. Earlier the sound turned itself on when I had the sound muted but it went to full audio entirely spontaneously without me doing anything to it at all. I also keep having an issue where I keep needing to constantly reset the mouse touchpad control because it jumps up from where I am trying to click during use so it won’t click what I am trying to click on. How does it keep losing settings so easy when it shouldn’t?

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