How to change Screen Resolution & Display settings in Windows 10

It is very important to have the correct screen resolution settings on your Windows PC as it facilitates better display of content and the clarity of images. Higher is the resolution, sharper are the images and contents on your PC. While, Windows, however, has its own set default scaling settings and colors for each display in your PC, which are usually the best for your system, you can always adjust it according to your own preferences.

In this post, we will learn about how to how to change the Screen Resolution, Color calibration, ClearType Text, Display Adapter, Text sizing and other Display settings in Windows 10. Adjusting the screen resolution is easy, and you can get to the Screen Resolution settings via Display Settings app.

Change Screen Resolution on Windows 10

Go to your Desktop, right-click your mouse and go to Display Settings.screen resolution settings

The following panel will open. Here you can adjust the size of text, apps, and other items and also change the orientation. To change the resolution settings, scroll down this window and click on Advanced Display Settings.

Change Screen Resolution Settings in Windows 10

1366 X 768 is the recommended screen resolution for my PC. It may be different for you.

However, you may want to modify if you want the items in your PC to appear larger. Please note that lower is the resolution, larger is the content displayed on your screen. From the available options in the drop-down menu, select the one you want and click Apply.

screen resolution settings 3

If it is not the optimal setting for your system, you will see an Optimal Resolution Notification like this.


You may ignore the notification and confirm your Screen Resolution changes by clicking on Keep The Changes. or you may select another screen resolution. You will get just 15 seconds to confirm the changes or else it will revert to the default display settings.

display settings

While here in the Advanced Display settings panel, you can also change the following settings:

Change Color Calibration in Windows 10

You can also calibrate your display here by clicking on Color Calibration. This will open the color calibration wizard where you just have to follow the instructions and adjust the settings. You will then reach a window shown below where you can adjust how the colors appear on your screen by moving the red, blue and green 10 color calibration

Calibrate Clear Type Text in Windows 10

Make the text on your PC clearer by checking this small box under the Clear Type Text section. Click on Clear-Text Type will open the Text Tuner where you have to follow the instructions and keep clicking on ‘Next’ button to tune the text on your monitor. text tuner

Change Advanced Sizing of Text and Other Items

Here you can adjust the size of texts, apps, and other items on your PC including title bars, menus, message boxes, etc.

text sizing windows 10

Change Display Adapter properties

The Display Settings also allow you change the Display Adapter properties as follows:


While one can adjust the settings manually, please note that the display scaling and screen resolution also depends on the physical size of your PC display and its resolution, and it most cases it is best to leave the settings at their default values.

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  1. GMA

    How do you get the notification to go away? Clicking the “x” kicks me out of my app.

  2. Scott

    Trying to change my screen resolution from recommended to what actually works on my monitor. If I leave it at recommended I cannot see any of my tools in my photoshop. Someone please help!!!!!!!!

  3. Carroll MacDonald

    Reset your Tools – Under – Window; WorkSpace; Default WorkSpace. Now readjust your tool bars and Save your new Work Space.

  4. Jimmy Harris

    For me the “drop down” is not at option. I click it and nothing happens.

  5. Jimmy Harris

    The one for the resolution

  6. Chris Wolf-Willoughby

    Try updating your graphics card drivers

  7. My monitor’s screen resolution isn’t listed in the drop-down options. I have an HP LA2405wg which supports 1080×1600. I can choose 1080×1920 (standard 1080p) or 1200×1600, but what I need is 1080×1600. I can’t find a way to specify a “custom” size… is there one? If not, what do you recommend?
    THanks in advance.

  8. OK, never mind. I found the issue. Since I now have an all-in-one and am using the monitor in question as a secondary extended monitor, I’m using a USB-to-DVI adapter, and I just discovered that it supports a maximum of 1080×1920. So, I guess it’s time to find a better display adapter.

  9. Angie Solis

    I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 and only get the options to have my resolution set at 800×600 and 1024×768, neither of which are the right resolution for my screen. It was fine in Windows 7 but now I can’t change it to the correct setting. I have an Intel HD 3000 graphics card that appears to be up-to-date. Any suggestions?!?!?

  10. I think some Display Drivers may be missing, hence this option is not being made available to you…

  11. Amiruddin Azmi

    Hello, I would like to change the resolution screen for my game. When I open it, the screen went small and my cursor can’t move through the whole screen. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Thanks for reading.

  12. Ashok

    I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 2 with a QHD (3200×1800) display, and it’s really frustrating to use! The windows for most applications don’t scale up, and they are virtually unreadable without magnifying glasses. I’ve tried every possible setting I could find, but nothing does the trick. Do you have any advice/experience on using Windows 10 with a QHD display?

  13. stgg6099


  14. John

    Why can’t I adjust contrast on my laptop?? Asus Way over-contrasted my laptop screen and it makes my eyes bleed, why isn’t there a setting to fix this? and I notice that when I exit a game after adjusting my color settings it reverts back to the original laptop settings… WHY? and how do I stop this?

  15. Jasper

    I have the same situation, However, I DOWNgraded to Windows 10 from 7 4 – 6 weeks ago, and the resolution just changed today when I woke the monitor. So how could I suddenly have lost Display Drivers while the computer was in Sleep Mode?
    BTW, Windows 10 is the worst piece of crap I’ve seen from MS in 20 years. Settings, buttons, toolbar icons, etc. constantly change. The moment I first moved the cursor after the Windows10 installation – yes, the First Move of the mouse – I saw that it was FAR slower, the computer freezes suddenly, with ONE window open in Mozilla, then I tried Edge (Why did they remove the IE icon and not tell us the program is still there? I just learned that IE still exists while I was researching yet another problem last night). Same incredible slowness in Edge. Typing will freeze, but what I’ve typed with the keys does not appear after the “clog” passes, as would happen in the past Far Less frequent such freezes in all past versions. RunTime Broker is a disaster. But even when I’ve cancelled that – before it turns itself back on later – the computer is still slow and freezes, and Task Manager will show a Very High percentage, and Disk shows 99% constantly though when I check what is used it’s less than 25%. Stranger still, often the computer freezes, and when I check, RunTime Broker IS off, And the CPU percentage IS low, yet the computer is frozen – at times so much that I can’t even move the cursor to the Taskbar in order to bring up the Task Manager screen.
    I lose SO much time daily that I’m now considering getting a MAC. WTF is Microsoft permitted to exist on all computers, instead of us having the option to buy the computer with other operating systems? Has no one heard of Anti-Trust Laws??? Why are we no making our government obey the laws and enforce them???
    But back to my display for the moment. how can I fix it, and if possible, Why is this happening?

  16. Dynel

    I just downloaded windows 10 , now it cant find MY PICtURES folder , the screen changed by itself , more & more I cant find or fix , can I remove the windows 10 ? I hate it

  17. Chris

    Windows 10 can be quite slow for i3 Intel. Just follow these steps.
    1. Open the case.
    2. Remove the HEATSINK, then the CPU.
    3. Buy an i7 Intel or higher (recommended Intel M)

    Make sure your PC is turned OFF!

  18. Maureen Nevin

    I expanded the screen resolution to the recommended level and now my tv/pc monitor is telling me to correct the mismatch. But I can’t get into the PC now even starting in F2 mode.

  19. Maureen Nevin

    Can someone tell me how to start W10 in safe mode? Thanks

  20. Maureen Nevin

    Is this site still active?

  21. The frequency of posting here will tell you if it is active or not 🙂 >>> But I am not online all the time to answer questions.

  22. Using the Search bar would have thrown the result for you right away – but here is the direct link:

  23. Kenyon Erickson

    I’m in a bit of a bind. my resolution was at 1920×1080 and looked perfect. for some reason, that changed while my brother was playing overwatch on my computer. now that resolution is too wide and he swears he didn’t change anything. how do I make that resolution fit again?

  24. Person In Need

    Help! My computer just switched to some weird resolution, and I cannot fix it. Everything is a LOT more wide, and the graphics turned horrible. I tried to fix it, but nothing happened

  25. Alloy The Guitarist

    i used Asus vs197de monitor
    it resolution must be 1366×768
    but when i set it to that resolution, the screen moved to left side (until start button hidden). then when i adjust manual at my monitor,,i still can’t moved the screen to center. even it’s already 100% to right.
    what must i do? sometimes my monitor blank and showed “out of range”

    i only get max to 1024×768

  26. Lee Yoon Young

    i tried to change my resolution from 2560×1600 to 1024×720, but once i change it automatically changes back to 2560×1600. And i only have revert button instead of keep changes button. how can i fix this?

  27. Linde Knighton

    I just hate the instant change in size of the screen when I don’t want or need it. I want to turn it OFF. How do I do that?

  28. Constantin Polychronakos

    Win10 aggravation number 103!

    I just forked out hundreds of $$ to buy a high-resolution 3840 x 2160 monitor. The drop-down menu refuses to display this resolution that, according to the monitor menu, is optimal. Is it a question of display card (i.e. hardware) or drivery (software)?

    Someone please help!

  29. edmond

    All these articles are misleading. The issue with my machine is that I had the Intel HD graphic which creates its own control panel and none of the MSFT controls are effective. You have to use the Intel panel to adjust the resolution and brightness.

  30. Ali Baran

    i cant write down customized resolution its for only predefined. What about customizing resolution?

  31. shiza wiza

    i changed the resolution to 1980 x 720 but then changed it back because it was to big, and now 1768 x 992 is also zoomed in alot what do i do to fix it?

  32. Shafeeq al-Amir

    How can i get 1366*768 display resolution in my pc. i cant found this way . so can you help me ?

  33. Ron Rawls

    I have Windows 10 but there is no Advanced Display Settings as discussed above. The resolution is now currently 1920×1080 and is far too high for my use….can barely read the desktop icons and my email, text is far too small. Any suggestions as to how to decrease the resolution?

  34. Ahmed Sweilam

    I have the same problem , did you find a solution ?

  35. Ahmed Sweilam

    I have the same problem, please if you find a solution tell me I’m suffering from this

  36. Ashok

    No, fortunately (?) the computer got totally wrecked so the screen resolution became a non-issue 🙂

  37. Jack Tellner

    Here’s my results: my recommended resolution is the same as yours! /o/ I have a Mac 10, so I didn’t do the “color calibration”. The clear type text, other than having Latin (reply if you want me to paste it), was a so-so.

  38. Rossila Dewan

    i only have 3 resolution options and they don’t help me get my computer screen back to the same size. I accidentally pressed something on the keyboard. Now my screen is bigger and it doesn’t fully cover my monitor like it used to

  39. Lansur

    There is no Advanced Display Settings in win 10 version 1709 (Build 16299.125).

  40. blackcatgamer

    all of that isnt there for me it just says night light scale or resolution the max is 1280X1024 i need it higher

  41. Aaron Alara

    The ‘advanced settings’ has been removed in later updates, this is no longer accurate.

  42. Polite Tia

    OMG! This was driving me nuts. THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  43. MBBB

    My desk resolution is 1360×768, but the active signal resolution is 1920×1080. How can i fix this?

  44. Syed

    My problem is that it’s not letting Me to change the resolution!
    It has only one option 1366×768
    (whenever I install the windows10 it shows all the options but after a day or two its only 1366×768)

  45. sanvi

    I tried to do this, but when I’m at the display settings it doesn’t really allow me to change anything. help?

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