Show or Hide Updates Tool will block unwanted Windows Updates in Windows 10



  2. Hi Andy
    I may be a bit thicker than usual this morning but as Home versions will be getting the updates automatically how is this tool any good to them?

    The updates are installed [automatically] and by that time it will be to late to block them. If you un-install an update it will just reinstall before you can get the chance to run the tool and block the desired update[s]. Also as MS is doing away with patch Tuesday there will be no specific day of the month to look out for updates so when and how is this of use to Home users?

  3. You have a point. As I see it, if there is an update that is troubling you, then you may have to uninstall that update or system restore, restart your PC and then run this tool and block that update. This way you block the trouble-making update. Then when a new update is released, you run the tool, Unhide the update and then install the new update. In fact, even if you were to come to know that a particular update was causing problems for others, you could block it, if it wasn’t yet installed on your system. This is the scenario, where I think the tool would be useful.

  4. I think the best thing to do would be disconnect from the internet, uninstall the troubled update or driver, run this tool then re-connect to the internet, this way the update cannot be re downloaded before running this tool.
    Seems like going all the way around the world and back to disable an update, I know, hopefully they will have a change of heart and give control back to the users, if MS was infallible with their updates I would say forced updates are a good thing but Microsoft’s track record shows that they are not and forced updates are really not the way for them to go.

  5. thank you sir. one doubt . is this tool only for home editions or all editions, like, pro editions, and enterprise editions. support?

  6. It’s impossible to do that without app ? just WTF. Windows sucks, why did they ruin Windows Update program ?

  7. Windows 10 wreaked my laptop, it ran windows 10 perfect for weeks. then the last 2 updates its gone stupid with bugs, then black screen and not able to log in or anything.. system restore, everything was 100% corrupted.. and no safe mode to boot into as you cant use safe mode without logging in, as even the restore/windows 10 media disk didnt have option to boot it into safe mode, and the command prompt wouldnt work as “computer in recovery mode, please start up in normal mode to run tasks”.. ended up clicking the “restore previous version of windows”

  8. So now, i have to use group policy (thank god i have the pro version) to “download but let me choose when to install” then read all the logs on the KB files to see what they do, and any drivers etc, i have to use this tool to disable it, clear the windows update software files, let it redownload the updates, check it didnt do the update i told it not to, BEFORE i click install (even though group policy allows you to block auto installs, and lets you choose when, you STILL cannot block just 1 of the updates, it installs everything as soon you click install, unless you do the steps i said i now have to do….

    Shame, as windows 10 is far faster and stable then windows 7…. its just windows update WREAKS EVERYTHING doing everything automatic before testing it actually works/checking its compatible

  9. gpedit DOESN’T work. Windows 10 do whatever they like. This util was the only helpful. Microsoft must include in Windows 10. That was very difficult to find. I had a Synaptics touchpad doesn’t work “no scroll” problem ONLY in Windows 10 apps, that was driving me crazy because Windows insisted installing unworkable software and drives. After using that util everything is ok as simple ps/2 touchpad and NOT Synaptics.

  10. Thats odd… It worked fine for me! Works perfect now! Downside is I get big pop up saying updates available… which then I need to use the provided Microsoft tool to block the dodgy ones then I can click is tall for the ones I trust.

  11. To me, it seems like the easiest thing would be to blanket-disable all updates. God, but windows 10 looks like one big malware with all this shit. There is no way in hell I’ll let them eat up the precious little internet data I can afford each month just to put some shit I don’t want in my computer.

  12. I dont have any defer or metered network or similar stuff and I just uninstall the update and immediately run the tool and works splendid to stop it from downloading that stipud audio drivers.

  13. I am going to use this because I have had problems installing update kb3172985. This update has given me grief for 5 days now where it will not complete installing. It ends up undoing the installation. How about Microsoft getting their updates checked out first before releasing them.

  14. I have had this and there is something about stopping the windows update service and clearing the wu cache, then restarting it. Google it.

  15. If I know a specific update is problematic with my version
    Can this update can be blocked by MSI install script
    and in uninstall to remove the blocking?

    Thanks, Eran

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