Stop automatic Driver updates in Windows 10/8/7


  1. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Device Installation > Device Installation.

    i dont have this i only have

    Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System

  2. The policy method suggested above will prevent any driver installation by Windows…resulting in a BSOD if you deploy a captured MDT image.

  3. Is there a way to have group policy set it so it goes online ONLY if not found locally?

    I’ve had some cases of hardware installations, when reconnected on a new USB try and poll online delaying the device reconnecting on new USB port.

  4. Hi
    I have a labview program that was using ODBC. This was working perfectly until my last windows update. NOw it is not working. Giving an error message, also saying message is reserved.

    IN one occasion said Stop MAX which I do not know what it meant.

    How can I tournament the clock back. I tried system restore. But did not help

    Any suggestions please.

  5. ODBC problem in latest update. My virtual experiments using Labview stoped working. Saying ODBC issue.

    I do not know how to fix it. Any suggestion or can I download and install older version of my office excel???

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