Uninstall, Disable, Rollback, Update Device Drivers using Device Manager in Windows 10


  1. Hello. My problem is, I downloaded Slim Drivers, this program updated my Sound driver, and after that my sound is off. I’ve tried to uninstall, but Windows 8 installs the incorrect updated sound driver again for its on, and I can’t do anything… I am trying other ways to solve this problem .. Help U undestand. Thank you

  2. Hello my problem is that i updated my drivers via internet a long ago due to which whea-uncorrectable-error and clock-watchdog-timout errors occur please help me

  3. The Roll Back Driver button/option is permanently greyed-out. It can not be clicked on and does no action. How to actually click on the option to roll back a driver?

  4. If the Roll Back Driver button is greyed out, it normally means that the driver hasn’t been updated, as a result of which there is no previous driver to roll back to. Alternatively, it could also mean that Windows has determined that the currently installed version is the more suitable version for your hardware.

  5. Hi Anand – thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, there are multiple previous versions and the current version is not suitable, since it does not work (hence the reason for wanting to roll-back). I was advised to update the driver to the latest version, which I did – and the hardware (being a bluetooth mouse) stopped working (it had been working fine previously and I am really kicking myself for updating the driver now – but who would have known – why can’t programmers write software that works?). So, as you can see, it is rather frustrating that I know very well that there is a previous version of the driver that does work and Windows will not let me return to it. I am now possibly going to uninstall the driver completely and see whether I can find a driver that does work. BTW It is a Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse, using Intel drivers (I think, from memory).

  6. Real curious as to why this “Update Driver” button even exists, as in all my years of
    using windows, I can say hand on heart that its never EVER updated
    jack-shit for any driver for ANY device I`ve used. (it ALWAYS fails to
    find a driver)…

  7. umm my problem is when i connect my phone to my laptop , it disconnects then reconnects again every 2 sec. , im trying to fix my phone but this problem keeps coming to me. can someone please help me :(

  8. Generally, I use two ways to update the Windows drivers. One is the post mentioned upgrading drivers in Device Managers. The another one is using Driver Talent to do the update. Both the two ways are workable for me, but I prefer using Driver Talent as it could scan all the drivers and inform me the drivers need to be updated. Thank you for sharing. :)

  9. thank you so much , i did choose rollback and then update it and now it’s working better!! thank you so much

  10. Hello,

    How Can I export (or backup) a driver for a specific device in order to be able to install it later (on the same machine after a fresh install or on an identical machine that doesn’t have this driver yet)?

    In my case I have a problem with 2 identical machines and the audio drivers. On machine 1 the audio works (the driver is from microsoft, not a third party driver) while on machine 2 windows update cannot find an appropriate driver (hardware issues have been ruled out). Both machine run the same version of windows and are identical hardware-wise. Please help.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  11. my coppy is genuwin windows 7 profeshanal and its dun all updates unill i installed the silly widows towl
    my computer as been starting and reastarting ive had enofe of it is a pain i want my money back for it and the stress its corsing help

  12. i have a let my son play game on my computer and every time he done my mouse moves so slowly and i have to physically lift it up and mouse it away to go across my screen. I’ve done all it says and still nothing fixed it.

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