10 Useful Mouse Tricks For Windows 10 users

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  1. mickey megabyte

    you didn’t mention any middle-click tricks!

    1 – middle-click an icon on the taskbar to open a new instance of the program.

    2 – middle-click a link on a web page to open it in a new tab

  2. 3 – middle-click the preview on taskbar to close the program.

  3. Yappe

    Thanks for these useful tricks 🙂 I didn’t know’em all.

  4. Jim Boyd

    In #2 you stated: “I must mention here that this trick don’t work on the online pages. You can use this tricks only on your Microsoft Office documents only.”

    This is only true if you are using an inept browser such as…any version of IE. This trick actually works fine with better browsers such as Firefox.

    #6 and #8 can both be done with a single center click…no need to touch keyboard keys at all.

    For #9 you do not have to center click the scroll bar. You can center click anywhere on the page that does not contain a link and get the same result. Just remember the further you move the cursor from the click point, the faster the page scrolls.

  5. Aldo

    Hola a mi me gustaron, siempre es muy bueno aprender nuevos trucos.



  6. Go-yaseen

    the most ineresting for me is opening a link in a new window by pressing ctrl + left click

  7. Oldrafter80

    Tryed shift and control on this email and they didn’t work, but I have used both on other documents for a long time.

  8. Anurag

    Link 2 d nxt page can also be done by click the scroll button on d particulary link

  9. sandycheeks

    #2 does not work in Chrome.

  10. sandycheeks

    Number 6 and 8 are the same thing.

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