Windows Pointers & Mouse Settings for left-handed people


  1. about time they think of south paws. thank you so much…this worked so perfectly. very simple fix, i really appreciate it.

  2. ugh, what a cumbersome fix. I can’t believe there aren’t lefthanded cursors built into windows 7 64-bit. I also can’t believe they didn’t group the cursors into a zip file instead of making us download them individually. I suppose after downloading AND installing them individually, you could create a theme for them, but sheesh, why didn’t Microshaft think of this themselves???

  3. I do not see where I go to download the cursors. I clicked on Microsoft and it says it’s archived. Can someone help? I have windows 7 and am not having any luck getting a left handed cursor.

  4. Hi,
    I have this problem: after restart PC (off – on), the setting is back (default). How make it persistent?

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