How to use Windows computer without keyboard or mouse


  1. Andy
    Yet another good and very handy article. This is one area of 7 that I have never given a thought to. Keep up the good work lettinginforming folks like myself who have not fully investigated all aspects and abilities of windows 7 know what is actually possible

  2. wanted to ask; is it possible to use your windows pc without keyboard and mouse both not available?
    coz that’s what I understood from the title 😀
    how can we access those controls if we dont have a keyboard or mouse?

  3. Most windows users are unaware of such neat and quick tricks. Very Good and really helpful at crysis times.. those moments when our Keyboard or Mouse Die off during some emergency stuff..

    A good One Andy. thumps up.

  4. Opps! My Bad 😀
    anyhow, is there a way if keyboard AND mouse not available?
    like; if im using a USB keyboard then I unplug it while Im already inside the windows…
    I havent tried it yet coz I am using a laptop 😀
    just curious, and wanted to know if there is.. Thanks.

  5. no keyboard + no mouse .. that too on desktop. God can svae us then : )

    I guess its quite tricky. with my knowledge im unsure if there’s any other methods.

    of-course there are now touchscreen inputs, voice commands etc. but im really unsure how far the usability of these will be.

  6. Wow, that is such a cool feature! I can’t believe Windows offers such an impressive feature without having to buy an expensive PC. Do you know if this Ease of Access/Use Computer without a keyboard or mouse is an available option for all Windows version users?

  7. most people dont seem to understand that if the keyboard or mouse dont work one can not click on anything. so no point in advising one to click on such and such. cant even re install windows because cant click on anything. this happened after updating usb driver cant get to system restore to restore to before updating driver. any help would be greatly appreciated
    kind regards to all

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