Windows 10 Touch Keyboard settings and tips


  1. Are you aware of any touch keyboard replacements? Specifically, I’m interested in a replacement that allows me to swipe like my Swype Android keyboard.

  2. I use voice recognition software, and the problem I have is that the Windows 8.1 keyboard pops up every time I touch the screen to set the cursor. Very irritating because it blocks my view (as does this purring cat on my chest) and I can only take one problem at a time. Do you have any way of toggling this keyboard on and off – in and out of service?

  3. Install button doesn’t show in the windows store. Also, it has a lot of bad reviews (mostly for not working). This would be the solution I’m looking for if I could install and it worked.

  4. Do you know how to open this keyboard from Command Prompt? OSK command is for the old On-Screen Keyboard, what about the command for this touch keyboard?

  5. It is TabTip.exe or TabTip32.exe.
    You will find it in C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedInk OR C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesMicrosoft SharedInk respectively.

  6. i can’t seem to find anything on just having the numeric keypad on the screen; i know it’s part of the osk but when i’m using the touchscreen keyboard the numeric keypad isn’t an option; for faster inputting i would like just the number keys (like on a phyiscal desktop keyboard) because the osk takes up too much room on the screen. i do not see a way to pick the keyboard up and say “snap it to the left or rt ” of a web page like you can do with the windows taskbar. I’ve looked on various tutorials and can’t seem to nail anything down. do you think it’s an after market add on? if so what would i call it when searching for it. thanks – i enjoyed reading your article and your website.

  7. how can I auto hide the on screen keyboard in case nobody touches the screen in a specified time out?

  8. Is there a way to disable the emoticons and dock keys? Assuming I can dock the keyboard at initial launch

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