Windows 10 Touch Keyboard settings and tips

The Touch Keyboard in Windows 10/8 is a useful tool hat lets you type on touch devices, without needing any physical keyboard. It is not to be confused with the Windows Onscreen Keyboard, where you cannot use touch. In this post, we will see how to use, start, enable, disable the Touchscreen keyboard, change its layout, disable it if the Touch keyboard icon keeps appearing in your taskbar, and what to do if the Windows Touch Keyboard is not working.

Touch Keyboard in Windows 10

In Windows 10 you will find the settings at Settings > Devices > Typing section.

windows 10 touch keyboard settings

To turn on the Touch Keyboard in Windows 8.1, swipe in from the right edge to open the Charms bar. Tap Settings and then Keyboard. Next select Touch keyboard and handwriting panel. The keyboard will appear.


Now, in Windows 10 or Windows 8.1/8, If you need regular and faster access, you can right-click on the taskbar > Toolbars > Touch keyboard. The touch keyboard icon will appear and sit in your taskbar near the notification area. Tapping it will make the touch keyboard appear.

touch keyboard in windows 8

Windows touch keyboard offers three views or styles by default. To add a fourth – Standard Keyboard layout, visit PC Settings > PC and devices > Typing and move the slider to activate Add the standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option. Here you can also enable or disable the following settings:

  • Playing of key sounds
  • Capitalize the first letter of each sentence automatically
  • Use all uppercase when I double-tab.

touch keyboard windows 8

Press the touch keyboard icon in the bottom right corner. You will see the four available layouts. The first one is the default layout.

windows touch keyboard

The second one is the Thumb keyboard, which splits the keys on either side of the screen. You will find this view useful if you are standing, holding the device and need to type with both your thumbs.

thumb layout

The third one activates the Pen Input layout.

pen layout

The fourth one, the Standard Keyboard layout.

virtual keyboard

A few Touch keyboard tips to get you started:

  1. Turn Caps Lock on by double-tapping the Shift key.
  2. Double-tap the Spacebar to insert a full-stop and space.
  3. Tap the &123 key to switch to the numbers and symbols view.
  4. Switch to and from the numbers and symbols view by pressing and holding the &123 key, tapping the keys you want, and then releasing it.
  5. Tap the Emoticon key to see Emojis. Go here to see how to use colored Emoji on Windows.

Touch keyboard icon keeps appearing? Disable Touch keyboard

If your Touch keyboard icon keeps appearing in your taskbar every time you log on or reboot, you can if you wish to disable the Touch screen keyboard. To do this, Run services.msc to open Services Manager.

Change the Startup type of Touch keyboard and handwriting panel service from Automatic to Disabled.

Windows Touch Keyboard not working

Touch Keyboard in Windows 8 is not working properly

If your Touch Keyboard in Windows 10/8 is not working properly or if you think it has been set up incorrectly, try using the Touch Keyboard Troubleshooter from Microsoft and see if it helps you resolve your problem.

See this post if your Touch keyboard is not working in Windows 10/8.

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  1. Miguel M. de la O

    Are you aware of any touch keyboard replacements? Specifically, I’m interested in a replacement that allows me to swipe like my Swype Android keyboard.

  2. Nope, not aware, but will post about it if I come across something.

  3. Marilyn Chilcote

    I use voice recognition software, and the problem I have is that the Windows 8.1 keyboard pops up every time I touch the screen to set the cursor. Very irritating because it blocks my view (as does this purring cat on my chest) and I can only take one problem at a time. Do you have any way of toggling this keyboard on and off – in and out of service?

  4. Miguel M. de la O

    Install button doesn’t show in the windows store. Also, it has a lot of bad reviews (mostly for not working). This would be the solution I’m looking for if I could install and it worked.

  5. Mitja

    Do you know how to open this keyboard from Command Prompt? OSK command is for the old On-Screen Keyboard, what about the command for this touch keyboard?

  6. It is TabTip.exe or TabTip32.exe.
    You will find it in C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedInk OR C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesMicrosoft SharedInk respectively.

  7. elizabeth schmidt

    i can’t seem to find anything on just having the numeric keypad on the screen; i know it’s part of the osk but when i’m using the touchscreen keyboard the numeric keypad isn’t an option; for faster inputting i would like just the number keys (like on a phyiscal desktop keyboard) because the osk takes up too much room on the screen. i do not see a way to pick the keyboard up and say “snap it to the left or rt ” of a web page like you can do with the windows taskbar. I’ve looked on various tutorials and can’t seem to nail anything down. do you think it’s an after market add on? if so what would i call it when searching for it. thanks – i enjoyed reading your article and your website.

  8. Henry Bainton

    I find myself reading this post a lot more than just a few times! Great tips and very well written!

  9. Carlos Rupérez

    how can I auto hide the on screen keyboard in case nobody touches the screen in a specified time out?

  10. I would like to be able to choose a different tactile feedback sound. Is this possible?

  11. Tr??ng ??nh Ngoan

    i need only key number

  12. Shipra Arora

    Is there a way to disable the emoticons and dock keys? Assuming I can dock the keyboard at initial launch

  13. B

    I couldn’t remember how to enable the Standard Keyboard Layout. I found it here. Thank you.

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