Windows Onscreen Keyboard: Options and Settings


  1. In my key board (“) is coming every time I type 2 in capitals and (@) when i type in capital (“). This has got changed. Else all other symbols are OK. Could anyone tell me what is the problem

  2. Your keyboard is probably set for the UK if you get (“) when pressing shift + 2. You can use Regional Settings to fix this, just look for the keyboard setting.

  3. Is there a way to stop a thing from happening where when I mouse over the keyboard, it will un-select where I want to type and move other windows to the forefront when I don’t want them to. It’s very disruptive.

  4. By mistake, only top row of the OSK is seen in my laptop. Even if I try to size it, only the top row gets bigger. Other rows are hidden. I need to use OSK since one key is not working in my physical keyboard. How do I restore OSK?

  5. There’s a tab there can’t remember is it general or common, but it was there, i clicked it it restored it all.

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