Keyboard or Mouse not working in Windows 10


  1. And how would you do any of the things described in the article if your mouse and keyboard aren’t working?

  2. First para >>>

    If you have a touchscreen monitor or laptop, you can keep using your Windows PC without a mouse or keyboard, and it also makes troubleshooting easier. If you do not have touchscreen monitor or Windows PC, and your mouse and your keyboard have stopped working in Windows 10, it makes things a bit difficult.

    Read: How to use the Windows computer without a keyboard or mouse.

    So go through the list first and see which of these suggestions you can follow under your given circumstances.

  3. Gee, a lot of your suggestions for ‘mouse or keyboard not working” require the use of a mouse or keyboard… neither of mine are working

  4. I have the same problem now. Can’t do anything at all. USB keyboard and wireless mouse – both not working. Keyboard lights blink and light up during bootup and then goes dark and dead. Can’t do any of the above tips without a keyboard or mouse. Any ideas????

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