Surface Book doesn’t recognize Touchpad and Keyboard

Microsoft surprised us all with their Surface Book and at last we thought that Microsoft had the answer for Apple MacBook Pro. The main highlight of the device apart from the computing prowess was the fact that it came with an advanced latching and unlatching mechanism which would let users flick away the touch screen at a tap of a button and use it as a standalone tablet. Usually the two-in-one Hybrid computers come with a completely manual hinge locking mechanism where as the one in Microsoft Surface Book is electrically activated.

We had recently explained how you can resolve the Screen flickering problem on your Surface Book and now we will outline the steps on how you can detach the clipboard from keyboard.


Among the myriad of initial problems affecting Surface Book, the problem of the detaching mechanism not working is one of them i.e the docking state of the screen simply goes undetected. When you hover over the Surface detach setting, you may see a Surface Detach: Detached message.

A workaround has been suggested on Microsoft which has actually helped many. See if it helps solve your problem. You need to simply enter BIOS, save the default settings and exist. This will help you if Surface Book does not recognize the docking state and you are unable to detach Clipboard from Keyboard.

The steps involved are:

1] Restart Surface Book

2] Hold down the Power Button till the device just turns on. Then release the button

3] Holding the Volume UP button which is on the left side of the volume control so that you can enter the BIOS. We would however like to caution you that no changes are needed in the BIOS settings and you can simply save the existing default settings and Exit the BIOS. So what essentially happens here is that the BIOS prompts you to save the settings which done once sort of refreshes the BIOS. After performing the above steps the Surface Book will be restarted and it will start detecting the dock as before.

OK, so what if the above didn’t help you in resolving the problem? We have one last extreme, but effective solution which involves resetting the Windows device. We would warn you to tread carefully as this would erase all your data. Microsoft will most probably fixing it in the next update as by the look of it seems to be more of an software issue. So keep updating your Surface Book regularly so that you don’t miss the fix.

This post will help you if your Keyboard or Mouse is not working.

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