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Surface for Service

How to make your Surface ready for service

If you are experiencing any problem with your Microsoft Surface device, you can request service for it online. However, you need to keep certain things in check before taking the final call. Follow the instructions given below to prepare your […]

Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Pro 6 – What has changed?

It’s safe to say that the announcement of the Surface Pro 7 was one of the biggest reveals at the Microsoft event earlier this month. It’s a hybrid computer that is very much similar to the Surface Pro 6, but […]

5 Surface Pen alternatives for Microsoft Surface devices

One accessory that is considered quite essential for exploiting the full potential of Microsoft Surface devices is Surface Pen. It is an incredible writing implement for the hardware it supports, but its growing pricing problem keeps many interested buyers away. […]

Change default brightness value of  Microsoft Surface

How to change default brightness value of Microsoft Surface device

Devices like Microsoft Surface allows optimization of power management by configuring its brightness setting. Let’s quickly walk you through the process of configuring or changing the default brightness value for the Surface device. Change default brightness value of  Microsoft Surface […]

How to unenroll Microsoft Surface from SEMM

Microsoft Surface helps you leverage the latest technologies – but sometimes this very feature becomes a problem. For example, when a Surface device is enrolled in Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM), it prevents any unauthorized changes to Surface UEFI settings. […]

Surface Pro keeps changing brightness

Surface Pro keeps changing brightness and color scheme

High-speed performance and long battery life are the obvious benefits of Surface Pro in everyday use. It also caters to your entertainment needs, like watching movies or playing games. Although good, the device has an unusual problem associated with it. […]

How to boot into UEFI Mode on a Microsoft Surface Device

How to boot into UEFI Mode on a Microsoft Surface device

The UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface on Microsoft Surface devices offers a faster startup, new features, and better security. It is a replacement for the traditional BIOS of a computer and can be used to manage firmware settings on […]

Connect & use Surface Pen on Surface Pro 6

How to connect & use Surface Pen on Surface Pro 6

Microsoft’s Surface devices are great at being 2-in-1 devices. Plus, all of being a touch screen, it takes a user’s experience a level further. Except for the Surface Laptop and Surface Studio, each other Surface-branded computer can be used as […]

Enable or Disable Battery Limit in Surface devices

How to Enable or Disable Battery Limit in Surface devices

Batteries have a declining life. As you keep charging and discharging, the time Surface runs on battery declines. To make sure battery lasts longer, many of us keep our Surface plugged in unless we have to work on the go. […]

Windows 10 doesn't Start or Stops responding on Surface

Windows 10 doesn’t Start or Stops responding on Surface

Surface, the premium laptop from Microsoft, comes with its own set of issues. One of the most annoying issues is when Windows 10 doesn’t start or if it does, then it stops responding on Surface. It’s really troublesome because it […]

Fix: Surface Pro Pen pressure sensitivity not working

When Microsoft decided to bring the Surface devices to market, the company wanted to make sure that folks could do real work. Now, one of the most popular versions of the Surface is the Surface Pro 3, and from what […]

Setup & use Surface Headphones

How to setup and use your new Microsoft Surface Headphones

Microsoft made its debut in audio space with the new Surface Headphones. The accessory sports a simple look but accommodates several features that you’ll spend time admiring. For instance, its on-ear dials allow you to adjust the level of noise […]

fix Surface Go issues using USB Recovery Disk

Fix Surface Go issues using USB Recovery Disk

Surface Go is the most affordable Surface Tablet yet. It is a lightweight yet powerful computing device for one to use. However, like any other computing device, you might face errors while using it. And to fix these issues, if […]