Windows Software Repair Tool will help you fix Windows 10 problems

There is a tool available from Microsoft that will help you fix Windows 10 problems and issues. Called the Windows Software Repair Tool it is available as a stand-alone application from the Microsoft servers and will automate the task of running a few commands.

Software Repair Tool for Windows 10

When you download the tool, run the executable file. You will be asked to accept the licensing terms.

microsoft repair tool

One you check the I have read and accepted the License Agreement box, click on the Proceed to scan and fix button. You will then see the following screen.

Windows Software Repair Tool

Once you click the button, the tool will perform the following Windows troubleshooting tasks, which are usually the most suggested fixes for most Windows issues:

  1. Create a system restore point
  2. Repair system components and detect corrupt files. It will run the system file checker
  3. Resync System date and Time
  4. Reset System Settings
  5. Reinstall System Applications
  6. Run the DISM Tool to restore Component Store health, Restore System health, Repair System Corruption.
  7. Update your system using Windows Update
  8. Perform end-of-job works and restart your computer.

The tool appears to have been released for Surface devices but works on all Windows 10 PCs. The Digital Signature bears a time-stamp of 9th Aug 2016, and tool shows the Date modified as 20.08.2016 – so it does appear to have been released/updated recently.

You can download the softwarerepairtool.exe file from Microsoft by clicking here. [This was the link but it appears to have been taken down now by Microsoft]

If the tool does not help you or if you do not like the changes it has made, you have the option of going back to the created system restore point.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Robert Palmar

    I wonder if this tool has the choice of running the varied tools or does it run all of them.
    A quick way to run System File Checker looks to be the most interesting and the
    Reset System Settings makes me wonder if it changes user set defaults.

  2. Herve Gourraud

    Ça commence mal : il me propose de réparer mon ordinateur “Surface” !

  3. It offers no choice, buy runs the tools one after the other. Yes – having that option would have been nice.

  4. When I ran the tool nowhere was Windows Self Healing Tool mentioned. This tool shows Date modified as 20.08.2016.

  5. Robert Palmar

    Thanks Anand. An interesting find and interesting tool nonetheless.
    Running the tool might save a troubled system from an OS reinstall.

  6. Soo Goh

    When you first double-click on the file, the Windows User Account Control (UAC) window appears (unless you have it turned off) asking you permission to run the program. That window indicated that the program name is “Windows Self Healing Tool.” I tried to take a screen shot, but the UAC block everything from running. So screenshot is not possible.

  7. Hmm OK maybe it is the same tool – but which has now been updated.

  8. Soo Goh

    It doesn’t matter whether it has been updated or not. Unless the tool can be downloaded from an official Microsoft page (and not just a link), the file is still a suspect. Microsoft always explain all their downloads on detail.

  9. Alberto Gorin

    okay download it and thank you so fair no problems

  10. TheRedHood

    Microsoft Logic: We’ll release a separate tool to fix our busted service.

    Somehow I imagine they put some lowly intern on this.

    I’ll test it, but based on what I’m reading, rather stick with Rollback rx.

  11. AshenTech

    @soogoh:disqus //Microsoft always explain all their downloads in detail.//

    ROFL omg… are either noob as hell or just full of crap, i was an ms beta tester for many years, even on their official pages for some tools, they had very poor descriptions, for many years there where tools built into windows that had no easy to find documentation, or in some cases documentation at all(as admitted by more then one ms rep, one of whom wrote a guide on using a couple of them since it let us fix problems caused by another beta app from ms….without having to do a dozen or more manual tasks.

    but then, over at neowin we once had people like you claiming that official and confirmed ms staff where not to be trusted when they said they where ms staff or told people to download from links that lead to ms servers…..

    this tool helped a buddy of mine get his system working after a very strange series of clean installs that all had the same issues…even after windows said it formatted the drive…something wasnt getting removed/cleared off…..

    i wouldnt use the tool, or any tool to fix minor issues, but if it can help recover a system thats having serious issues without having to do a full fresh install, that would be wonderful to alot of us tech’s out here who get tired of having people get angry at us because they have to deal with reinstalling everything and restoring their files/settings/etc…

  12. MeT00

    didnt work still getting errors on all my store apps

  13. Roden

    You is good people. you are perfect. Thanks for the help. All thanks for everything.

  14. Pedro

    I did run the tool and the log file tells me that I have errors and it didn’t solve any. Maybe I have to reinstall my windows 10 home OS.

  15. rw broomhall

    Windows Repair Tool is a wonderful piece of software, in the view of this Tech dummy. It worked like like a dream. However, it did not solve my biggest problem ie: My computer is “controlled by your organization”. (I’m running Windows 10 Home x64). My big question is, what ‘organization’ could be controlling almost the limit for Downloads, Updates, Location, etc? One of lifes mysteries!

  16. Geeks World

    This is really helpful tool . Thanks a lot

  17. JebEldridge

    Download link is broken. Please fix.

  18. wimvincken

    The Russians

  19. Googler

    A lot of times I have visited this website for solutions and downloads but never ever it has been easy for me to get and see the download link as it is of now, so please do make that download prominently seen. By the way, I am having problem of “the application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000005 windows 7” with every application. Is there any software that can repair this thing? Thanks.

  20. I have mentioned in the post – “You can download the softwarerepairtool.exe file from Microsoft by clicking here. [This was the link but it appears to have been taken down now by Microsoft]”

    I will write a post on “The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000005” in 2 days. Pls stay tuned.

  21. Googler

    Thanks. My point is that you should show the download through personalized links from cloud like drive or any other and highlight it. Your website is bookmarked by me and time to time I do come here and read for what i want to know. But at times, such as in downloads I am bereft and often to go other websites for downloads. Also, when you are going to talk about the aforementioned issue, make sure to know beforehand all the possibilities of when it happens and how it can be cured. For me as of now, I had to reinstall a fresh copy of windows to kill that problem after a lot of windows repair software done with solving that problem.

  22. We ‘bold’ the links, and link directly to the original download source.

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