Create System Restore Point, Restore computer using System Restore in Windows 10


  1. Messy, Why is this not easier to get to?

    But then, what I did was follow this until the “System Properties box” showed up.
    Then I went to “Task Manager” and selected `Properties`, right-clicked “System Protection Settings”, selected “Open File Location”, and right-clicked “SystemPropertiesProtection.exe”, and chose “Send To” and “Desktop”.

    This gave me a shortcut directly to that function – that is ONE click.

    As I usually do, I cut the shortcut from the desktop and pasted it into a folder I have for launching all sorts of apps in sort order (and I can even have subfolders, sort of like start menu, but mostly do not bother) instead of drilling down many layers of menus – and sometimes not finding what I am looking for because it is subsumed under a heading that does not have any apparent relation to what I seek.

    Actually, I have been doing this for years, at least Win95 perhaps Win3.

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