Windows 10 Problems, Issues with solutions and fixes


  1. Quite odd this. Jump List pinned shortcuts working fine on Notepad, Excel & Word, but pinned jump list shortcuts for File Explorer do not work. I click on them and nothing happens. I’ve tried removing them and re-pinning, but the only shortcut that works is the file explorer one. Is this a known bug or just on my Windows 10 install?? I ran both windows update (there were 3 updates), plus system checker from the command prompt which found a corrupt file, which it corrected. I rebooted (just to be sure), unpinned the jump list shortcuts, put one back, still the same Oh in the Microsoft forums jump list issues are mentioned…s-broken/eb335c92-6c9d-46d1-bb09-5e7b011ca91c

  2. I have no idea why, however my windows store application displays everything in Japanese except for the titles of applications you can buy in the store and uses $USD instead of YEN. Can someone explain what might be going on?

  3. Boot time has INCREASED on my 5 year old laptop and I can’t find any solutions to this one yet. Done all the usual stuff but no luck to this point of time. my Win 7 booted much faster!

  4. In my case, it sometimes does not open the Jump lists. Maybe some issue with registering clicks. Same with Notification center. I keep on clicking it and have a hard time getting it to open.
    BTW, the page you linked is no more there. Gave me 404

  5. Windows store app has a problem – that it crashes. But I have no idea why it is Japanese. I’ll contact others and see if there is a solution. Just to confirm, only the store app is in Japanese and rest is English, right?

  6. Maybe a disk cleanup will help. It might not be hibernating session 0 that helps in booting faster. That could be due to existing Windows~BT and Windows~WT folder. Use disk cleanup -> System Files to safely remove the Windows installation files. Take care not to delete Windows.old folder (will be shown as old Windows installation) in Disk Cleanup.

  7. Have you checked the Region settings in Control Panel? Just open the Language and Region in Control Panel to make sure it is not set to Japan. Let me know if that does not work.

  8. I just removed Japanese from the system languages and that seemed to work. It wasn’t my main language, so I don’t know why that even happened.


  9. Thanks Arun. Disk Cleanup did not show up the Windows~WT folder although it is in the c directory. What is this folder for and can it be safely deleted? I’m well aware that one shouldn’t delete the Windows.old folder so that needs to stay until I’m satisfied that I’ll keep win 10. Also, how do I fix the hibernating issue with session 0? Look forward to you response…

  10. As a matter of abundant precaution, I suggest you don’t delete the C:$Windows.~BT or C:$Windows.~WS folders. Wait for a month or so. Once its safe, maybe Microsoft will add that option to the Disk Cleanup Tool. I plan to delete it after a month.

  11. I cannot open my setting from the start menu, from the notices menu, or any where else. I ran sfc /scannow, said there were errors that cannot be fixed, which microsoft says is normal on windows 10. Has anyone seen this issue and found a fix?

  12. Look in Control Panel -> Power options -> Choose what power buttons do… Scroll down to Turn on Faster Startup. It should be fixed for session 0 to be saved while shutting down so that boot is faster.

  13. for me it does not work at all, the only things I can open are the shortcuts, the windows button dows not work the entire desktop is frozen, so… it actually sucks windows 10 for me

  14. Hey i have an error that I don’t think anyone else has and its a real problem…
    I also have a screenshot but since i cant post it here ill summarize exactly what the error said..
    My problem is simply changing my background but the error affects a wide range in my computer.

    When i right-click on the desktop and click ‘personalize’, it pops up with an error that didnt happen on windows 8 and just happened recently when i upgraded to windows 10 yesterday. Its says “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.”

    I will install what is needed but i don’t even know what to install because this is a new error and everything worked fine on windows 8.

    It would be great if someone could help me with this or we would have to get some expert to come and fix it…

  15. I must have missed something in the documentation/website info/discussions etc. but what’s happened to the Windows Update Control Panel item in Widows 10? Does it still exist or will Win 10 automatically download & install all future updates?

    Edit: found it – sorry!

  16. There is no option to turn off Windows Updates using the Control Panel or Settings app in Windows 10, as it used to be with earlier versions of Windows.

  17. Do a reset. In PC Settings -> Windows Update and Recovery -> Recovery -> Reset. That might help. Let me know if it did not.

    If you cannot even open the Start menu, you might have to upgrade again. In that case, you’ll have to install the previous operating system as a clean install (remember to back up your files) and then then use Windows Media Creation Tool to upgrade. When asked, select “Upgrade This PC” and let it install.
    Download it from here:

  18. Thanks, Anand, I gathered that was the situation after locating the Update process. I assume that means there will no longer be a distinction between Important & Optional updates, which seems odd.

  19. If I press the login button (store) or press the “sign in with Microsoft Account” (accounts) button noting happens. The button doesnt responed. Is there a fix for this?

  20. I can’t get the settings menu to open at all and my track pad no longer does any of the extra functions (ie, two finger scrolling, etc)

  21. Why am I being asked to up grade some of my games to premium when I already had premium now I’m back to those annoying ads’

  22. I am so confused as my desktop keeps switching in and out and sometimes launches my pinned items. I don’t get why this is happening.

  23. Got another one. Trying to add Microsoft Excel 2013 to the start menu. Selected the actual app from file menu (didn’t exist under apps), said pin to start and nothing happened.

  24. Since downloading Windows 10, my laptop speakers do not work, and my mousepad does not work correctly, and every time I delete desktop icons when I log back in the icons are back on my desktop

  25. After Power Down my computer starts up again in about 10 minutes? Any ideas what to do. Never did this with Windows 8.

  26. Recent Apps and Jump lists are flaky. If you have never executed program, then the shortcut and associated jumplist works. As soon as you right click and “Don’t show in this list” the program is removed never to return. I thought it might login session specific, so I rebooted, and any app I removed from start still does not show up. Anyone else having this problem?

  27. This one is understood. If you remove a program saying ‘don’t show in this list’ it will never again show it there. Happened to me also.

  28. Does it shutdown completely? In my case, if a program or app (like Google Drive) takes longer to close when shutting down, Windows aborts shutdown and goes back to desktop.

  29. It appears to do so. I do not have google drive,but do have seagate backup drive is running continuously. I will stop that running and see if that cures the problem. Thank you very much for reply, much appreciated Paul

  30. Please see if you can upgrade your trackpad driver. Press Win key with Break key and then on Device Manager. Expand Mice and Pointing devices. Right click on trackpad and select upgrade driver. When prompted, select Automatically Search for Updates. That should fix trackpad issue.

    Coming to Settings menu, Microsoft has issued a fix for it. Download and run the following:

  31. It’s better you contact Microsoft Support. They are proactive. The best way to contact them is to use Contact Us app under apps in Start menu. You can also tweet to @MicrosoftStore

  32. C:WINDOWSsystem32>reg delete HKCRCLSID{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} /va /fnetcfg -v -u dni_dn

    ERROR: Invalid syntax.

    Type “REG DELETE /?” for usage.


    Can you pls check the syntax ?

  33. All sorts of issues with windows 10. When I set the computer to ‘sleep’ it goes into sleep mode but then I can’t awaken it using mouse nor keys. The main power button does nothing. I have to unplug the power cord and wait about 5 seconds and then it acts as if it awakened. no log-in required. My mouse pointer disappeared on one of my Hoyle games but moving it around blindly hightlighted some of the setting buttons. Numerous other display issues.

  34. after installing windows 10 which worked just long enough for me to admire it, I closed my laptop. when I opened it again, windows edge had disappeared off the taskbar and the start button doesn’t work. I have to shut the computer down with the power button-not so very good. Have you come across these problems and if so what should I do about it?

  35. Issues I face:

    When I pin anything to Start, it does not appear right away. It appears only after I restart explorer.exe or reboot the computer.

    My security software, Chrome, SmartFTP, and many other installed programs had got disabled. I had to reinstall.

    My screen display flickers, turns orange and then normalizes every now any then – even when I connect any USB or remove it. This happens on BOTH my Dell laptops. Windows Update is fully up-to-date.

    Logging in after entering the password takes a really very long time.

  36. Crap! Any to reset it? This was NOT what I intended to happen ( I thought it was analogous to “remove from this list). I have tried moving the sliders that control this functionality in start from on to off to on again. No joy. Interestingly, programs that I used for testing (never opened) were NOT present in start when I slid the toggle back. This is very strange. Is there a “don’t show me again” list that I can clear in the windows 10 registry?

  37. Only had the first problem and it seems it was a corrupted folder. After making some tweaks that i read then i could download it from Windows Update.

    And i don’t know if this is an error. My account is an administrator one, but when i’m going to install some programs that will do some changes a message will pop up saying that i need administrator privileges. How do i really get administrator privileges? i never encountered this with Win 7.

  38. Upgrade to windows 10, but my Network card will not work after the install. Neither will be wireless LAN card. Any suggestions? Device Manager says these two items are working properly, but I can’t connect to the internet and my wireless router is still broadcasting a signal that other devices can connect to, just can’t get my desktop to connect. It won’t even recognize or find the wireless router.

  39. I suggest uninstalling the drivers and then rebooting. That will make Windows 10 to add the drivers after reboot and then, it might detect the wireless router.

  40. Sorry to trouble you again. I am still having trouble with shut down, it is still switching on the computer after about 6minutes. I cannot see if there is a program still trying to shut down. I have closed all programs down before I shut down so perhaps there is something in the back ground still working? Hope you can help? Paul

  41. Am sorry. I don’t have any information about this. I did a search in registry but could not find anything. Maybe you should contact customer care

  42. Did you try right clicking on the program setup file and select Run As Administrator? That should help.

  43. Several others are also having issues with shutdown. I guess some background process is the obstacle. I do not have any information about the error at the moment.
    There should also be keys in Registry to “AutoKill” programs but am not aware of exact key names. There is nothing under Troubleshooting in Control Panel that could be of help. Power option is there but it is related to battery conservation.
    I will ask others and let you know in a day.

  44. Thank you, it’s nice to know that others are having the same problem. I look forward to hearing from you, Paul

  45. I have Installed Widows 10 on my HP ProBook 4740s(Corei5 2.9GHz,8GB RAM, 500GB HD).I am facing a strange problem that when i start my laptop it automatically login into my account(Admin). It just not take any password or finger prints which i have set to login.Please help to solve it.

  46. It shouldn’t do that. Did you sign in with your Microsoft account when upgrading? If so, it should ask for the password. You can make sure by going to PC Settings -> Accounts -> Your Account -> add a Microsoft account. Just type the email and password again. It will make sure you are prompted for a password. Regarding fingerprints, you’ll have to enable Windows Hello. PC Settings -> Accounts -> Sign In Options -> Windows Hello. More details:

  47. Will do. It’s pretty frustrating. I hunted everywhere in the registry and did not find anything to help.

  48. If you are thinking about upgrading to Windows 10, think carefully! I have just had a marathon session with Microsoft Technician. When I upgraded, Windows 10 changed all of my Microsoft Office files to “read only” and won’t let me “save as” (even changing the name) in my documents folder. Microsoft don’t have a fix for this yet. There is a workaround which involves saving the file as a copy on the desktop. If Microsoft don’t fix it in a hurry I can see most of my files ending up on the desktop!

  49. I guess a reinstall or repair of MS Office can fix the problem – upgrade might have broken links in registry.
    From Control Panel -> Programs and Features, click on MS Office. You might be presented with two options: Repair and Remove. Select Repair to see if the installation is repaired. If it does not solve the issue, you’ll have to remove the MS Office and install it again.
    Please let me know if that fixed the problem.

  50. Here is the answer I got on Microsoft Answers:

    1. Go to Search, type power options and click on Power Options from search results

    2. On the left side of the window, click on Choose what the power button does

    3. If needed, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable, under Define power buttons and turn on password protection

    4. From the enabled options under Shutdown settings section, uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended) checkbox to disable Hybrid Shutdown.

    5. Click Save changes button to save the modified settings.

    6. Close Power Options window when done.

    7. Check to see if the issue is gone.

    Please let me know if this worked

  51. Unchecking the Turn on fast start up has cleared the problem. The computer does not start up after shut down. Thank you so much for your help, Best regards, Paul

  52. Sometimes start menu doesn’t work in fullscreen mode. All apps crash without no reason. Keyboard goes crazy while commenting on facebook(cannot add space)

  53. Hey I have the same problem also I cannot even open up the start menu and type within the search bar. I am desperately searching for the fix…

  54. Every game I downloaded(Overkill 3, Demolition and World at Arms), and soem apps are crash the moment I start them 🙁
    Is there any fix for them?

    PC restart, app reinstall did not fix them, my PC is up to date, both Windows, Audio and GPU drivers.

  55. I have an issue with Windows 10. When I first installed Windows 10 everything was fine but I have found that the icons pinned to the taskbar are the correct icon but they are very small and inside a square. In my case its a blue square. Any way to get those icons back to the way I had them? I already deleted the iconcache.db file and rebooted. It did not work. Any other suggestions. The icons work fine and I can live with it but it would be nice to have the larger ones back.

  56. Can’t run it. It says it doesn’t work with this version of Windows. I have the dutch version.

  57. No idea about this. Some update might have caused the problem. Maybe you can use System restore to go back a few days and see if it is solved!

  58. I am suddenly getting loginui.exe error in Windows 10. Tried system restore but still not working. Please help

  59. screen resolution is always downgraded after turn on my laptop and i changed it to 1366*760. After restart then it downgraded to 680*320 it occurs again & again . How can i fix this problem?

  60. Anybody having problems with Nitro Reader ? It works fine on my old computer without Windows 10; but after I installed it in Windows 10 some of the features (such as Appending one PDF file to another) don’t work. Also it freezes up quite a lot. I tried troubleshooting it with the Windows 10 tool but no difference. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

  61. I had to go back to windows 7 because my windows 10 did not allow me to see 1/3 of my screen. I tried adjusting but the picture not fit correctly.

  62. Have been having issues in connecting with the home WiFi every since I have installed windows 10. Every time I have shut down my laptop/putting it to sleep. The home WiFi name does not appear on the WiFi list. In order to connect to my home WiFi; I would have to unplug my router and plug it back in to find it. It is very frustrating having to unplug the router in order for my laptop to find the home WiFi. I never experienced this problem when I still had the windows 8.1. PLEASE HELP!

  63. ShellExecuteEx errors for downloading programs like AVG and Malwarebytes along with the inability to uninstall certain programs and completely exit out of the Internet browser…

  64. i upgraded to windows 10 today, however i cant open my setting icon on the PC or even task manager…. any solutions

  65. Whenever I put the computer to sleep and then wake it up, I get a popup saying “D: The directory name is invalid.” It doesn’t affect anything, but it’s annoying.

  66. No, I didn’t. Someone suggested that I restore to an earlier version/time, but I don’t want to lose dozens of files I generated since the last. I went back to using Chrome and just put up with sundry BS anomalies that happen. Very annoyed. They shouldn’t release something this crappy. If it were a car, it would have already been recalled.

  67. Microsotf LifeCam HD-3000 / Windows10. I cannot get the software to install. No matter what I do I continue to get “Setup cannot continue…unexpected error occured”. After closing error window another appears Setup.stb.exe has stopped working a problem caused the program to stop working…Windosw will…notify you if a solution is available. Such a frustration, it is current hardware and Microsoft does not have an up-to-date driver for windows 10. Does anyone have a solution for this.

  68. Every time I try to save, download or scan something for my computer it states that I dont have permission from the administrator. I dont understand this..pleas help!

  69. Windows 10 would not let me save documents as it said I needed administrator privileges yet I am the administrator and was signed in using Windows 7 Home Premium at the start of the upgrade. I have removed Windows 10 until this issue is fixed.

  70. I’m finding many of my financial websites just simply spin since upgrading today. I’ve rebooted, but same. Xoom, Raymond James among them.

  71. Having problems in sending e-mails from my accounts within MS Outlook 2013… Optus have advised that this is not one of there issues but a Outlook 2013 issue… How do I fix this ongoing email sending problem? Thanks in advance….

  72. I use the “control zone” as a good old mouse pad! Not that it works the way I would like, but it is better than the control zone taking over my HP pc. I just get by with technology and I am looking for a solution. Since I installed Windows 10, each time I log on I must go to “Settings, Additional Mouse Options” in order to adjust the “Click pad settings”. I remove all those options and select, Apply, and OK. The settings will only last for the duration my PC is on. Is this a bug with Windows 10? Prior to the new install, I believe, when I “Applied” in Click Pad Settings, it worked properly. It is especially annoying when I am trying to move my cursor and the control zone increases/decreases the zoom.

  73. HP employs Synaptics touchpad. I believe Synaptics has issued a better version of driver for its touchpad. Installing the latest driver from Synaptics dot come should fix the issue. If it doesn’t, just disable the whole thing. You can disable it by installing a third party program (I’d recommend WinPatrol).

  74. After upgrading from Windows 7 64 Bit Pro to Windows 10 Pro I’m having an issue with charging devices. I have a powered USB Hub with about 8 different things hooked up to it. Some of these things require a signal from a PC in order to charge (PS3 controllers for example). Well, after a few seconds, the wonky power management shuts off the signal to my controllers, which tells the hub to stop charging them.

    I have had to go into device manager and change power management settings on the USB Hub. That seemed to work, but then i noticed it stopped charging my stuff again. So I had to go into the registry and disable some more power management stuff.

    I think I have it nailed down now, but it’s ridiculous that I have to go through this much trouble just to charge a freaking USB device that worked perfectly fine in Windows 7! Apparently Windows 8 had the same problems, so I have little hope that they will fix it.

  75. Boot time on my custom built desktop machine has increased quite a bit. I also upgraded from Windows 7. I have had zero issues with 4 other computers that I upgraded (all of them had windows 8.1). So I assume it has something to do with upgrading 7 to 10. After I backup all my data I am going to do a clean install from a USB flash drive. Hopefully that fixes it.

  76. Just downloaded windows 10 on my HP laptop. Now cant get my email to open. I have changed my PW several times. Just when I think I’m close to getting to my email it wants to sign in with my new password then the email has an extra “L” in mail and it says I have the wrong username (email)….It wont let me take the extra L out of the word mail… help… JC

  77. If you are using the default Windows Mail app, create a new account without the extra L. Then delete the other account with L. That should help you access your email.

  78. Just loaded Windows 10 and find that a excel file I worked on a month ago is now available only in a auto saved version (about a year old) and apparently no previous versions are available. Is it a issue with Windows 10? Any way I can restore without affecting my installation of Windows 10?

  79. Problems with windows 10:
    Applications start without being prompted.
    Word will delete whole paragraphs while typing.
    Web pages scroll for no apparent reason.—-As I am typing
    Screen resolution constantly changes.—–As I am typing

    New pages or tabs open up unexpectedly. —–As I am typing.
    What a piece of shit. You would think they would have a better product before putting it on the market. Should have known better.

  80. I am having problems with when writing online and within files the cursor jumping from adding text to the start menu; it is a big waste of time. My computer has slower up like crazy when opening files. I have a magic jack when plugin in takes like forever to open so I can make calls. .Videos also take forever to open.

  81. Since installing windows 10 I haven’t been able to make a shortcut to my desktop from a website. I used to right click and it would give me the option but all’s I get when I right click now is ‘select all, inspect element, and view source’. Can you tell me why and what to do? Thanks.

  82. You can use a workaround.
    1. copy the URL from browser
    2. right click on an empty space on desktop
    3. select New shortcut
    4. in the resulting dialog, paste the URL
    5. click ok
    You may rename the shortcut so that you know which site it is referring to.

  83. Hoping that this is still active but am a first timer so forgive me if I’ve broken etiquette!

    Since upgrading to Windows 10 my USB card reader and USB powered speakers remain powered when the PC is Shut Down.

    I haven’t touched the BIOS so can’t see how that might help but have no idea how to solve this problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  84. It doesn’t give me the option New Shortcut when I right click on my desktop. I want to know why when I right click on a web page I don’t get the option ‘create shortcut’ anymore.

  85. Right clicking on websites never gave me the “shortcut” option. There are options like share, view source and bookmark icon (on Firefox). It might be a little different on other browsers.
    What I am not able to understand is why you are not getting New Shortcut option on desktop context menu.
    Maybe you should contact support using the Contact App in All Apps in Start menu. Check with them for shortcut problems.

  86. I am facing problem to installing program i want to install my blackberry software its show error “Install Net framework 3.5 . but net framework not installing its shows error i tried all thing but still facing problem in installing framework 3.5..

  87. I don’t know if it has to do with it but when i’m not connected to the WiFi my default windows 10 apps do not open for example, the calculator, news, powerpoint mobile anything. Makes me wonder if windows 10 is actually a cloud based software and can’t access my things. How do I fix this?


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  88. I live in Poland, so I got Windows 10 in polish. However I always use systems in english. I changed language, deleted polish language pack, and part of messages still display in polish. What shall I do?

  89. One more issue i would like to bring forward is ‘AFTER EVERY 10 MINS OF USE OR SOME TIMES 30 MINS OF USE OR WHILE TYPING/ USING IT, THE COMPUTER AUTOMATICALLY LOCK MY WINDOWS AND TAKE THE PC (DESKTOP) TO SLEEP MODE.” please not this is not due to some screen shaver or power options as all have been checked moreover I have even checked the other options but got nothing. When checked the event logger there is nothing it shows as “0000000104: 2015-09-04 08:34:40:701 GetTargetTemperatureInfo for (UDID = PCI_VEN_1002&DEV_6899&SUBSYS_29711682&REV_00_4&3834D97&0&0008A) returned : -1
    Error Called by: ATI.ACE.CLI.Component.Runtime.Shared.Private.BaseRuntime::Invoke processID:07996 threadID:(31 ) domainName:(CCC.exe ) assemblyName:(CLI.Component.Runtime.Shared.Private, Version=4.5.5693.41906, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=90ba9c70f846762e)”

    one thing i can understand here is that it may be because of some temperature issue of the pc or graphics card but on checking it the graphics card’s temperature never went above 60 degree…

    If some one knows any things please post the reply…

  90. I have now downloaded win 10 three times onto my median desktop and then had to recover the old win 7 OS because whilst I can “see” other wireless networks all around me my wireless network does not appear . Could anyone please help with my problem Regards Harvey

  91. I am not an anti-Microsoft user, in fact I have been a Windows user all my life (and I am old enough to have seen Windows since it was first launched), so my criticism is not biased by any anti-Microsoft attitude.

    But I have to say that Windows 10 has been one of the worst updates I have seen so far!!

    In my case, with two Hewlett Packard machines (a laptop and a laptop-tablet hybrid), I got major audiovisual-related problems, starting with sound codecs and, of course, video codecs.

    Now, I have been doing my own IT support for years to know how to fix some problems, but in this case I have not been able to fix video compatibility problems, like not being able to get either sound or image (or both) when playing some video formats, like .mp4. I had to spend hours researching on the web how to be able to see and hear my desktop again on my HD TV via HDMI.

    This really sucks, because Windows should automatically take care of these problems, not leave it up to savvy PC users to look for solutions. And Windows’ troubleshooting tool sucks big time, it never solves anything.

    So I think I am going back to Windows 8.1, which, even with its strange changes from previous versions, at least was a lot more stable and trouble-less.

    Who runs Microsoft to have so little vision of changing things that work? Are programmers in Microsoft living in an ivory tower that they think Windows is a system only for programming geniuses or what?

    Operating systems should be created in a way that even the least IT savvy user can install it and use it without so much tampering around.

  92. I’m trying to log into Cortana and after I do Cortana asks me to type in my OLD PASSWORD, Cortana tells me it’s wrong when I know it’s right because it’s recorded in my RoboForm history. Something is wrong with Cortana. I can log into my Microsoft account and Outlook but not Cortana. I end up in an endless loop of it asking me for my Old Password and then telling me it’s wrong every time.

    It says: From here on out, you’ll unlock this device using the password or PIN you just set up.

    Before we can say goodbye to your local password, you need to provide it one last time.

    Old Password

    Leave blank if none)


    In Red it then says, the password you just entered is incorrect.

    It’s like and endless loop, I keep doing it over and over and it keeps telling me the Old password isn’t correct when I know for a fact it is correct.

  93. I am having a few issues and I’m not sure if they are Windows 10 related or specific to the Edge Browser. I have a brand new HP Pavillion 23 all in one, and we downloaded Win 10 from 8.1 when we first set it up.
    I didn’t see this problem anywhere else and I almost feel crazy for bringing it up, but sometimes when I start to type it’s typing backwards. Yep, backwards. I had to call my husband in to see it for himself when it finally happened again – previously I’d call him in to see it and of course it started typing normally. I did a search and saw where this had happened with previous versions of Windows so don’t know if the fixes listed would work. skool ti woh si sihT (boy, that’s hard to do deliberately!)
    Also I can no longer copy and paste on one of the forums I visit regularly, nor can I copy and paste a link to an email. And sometimes, like right now, while I’m typing the little blue spinner comes up and there’s a chime sound – can’t type anything while that’s going on.
    I can’t always edit documents that were made before on my other computer. I’m glad I have a copy of he novel I’ve been writing saved on my old laptop because I have visions of Windows 10 annihilating 3 years of work. I really want to like Windows 10 but it’s making it awfully hard!
    I agree with Ivy. I have had Windows since the only version was Windows 3.1. Really dating myself here. But it seems the more versions they have introduced, the more the user is required to be a tech genius. I have a life besides the computer – why should I have to spend my time messing with codes and technical fixes I can’t understand on a system that should be user friendly from the start. Microsoft, here’s a little news flash for you – some of us just want to turn on computer and get our work done.

  94. My Windows 10 has a sleep issue. It won’t sleep at night time, so I simply switch it off. However during the day when it is idle, although the screen is set to turn off after 10 min and the sleep function to come on after 25 min, this does not happen, the computer remains on all day long! Can this be fixed?

  95. My language settings keeps breaking. It will only let me select English. This is the second time. The last time I reset the computer. Really not a good thing to happen. I need to use other languages for my job.

  96. When installing Windows 10 (clean install), I set everything up using my full name, which is STEVEN. When I browse to C:USERS it’s suggested that I am called STEVE instead. None of my family or friends, or even work colleagues call me Steve (unless they want a cold, icy stare from me!), so why the hell does Win 10 think it has a god-given right to be so bloody familiar??!! I have tried to change this by renaming within the users list, as well as from the account management settings – all to no avail. Does anybody know how I get the damned thing to call me by the name my parents christened me with??

  97. When I click on the start menu, then click the power button, I no longer have any shut down options. It was there the first time I shut it down, but ever since then when I click the power button, a “box” pops up within the menu that would normally contain the available power options, but it is just a dark blank box now. The only way I can shut it down is to use ctrl + alt + del, and utilize the power off option there. Anybody heard of this or have the same problem?

  98. I could not get sound to work. Checked the device, working correctly, tried several suggestions from online, no help. went back to Windows 7 and all is well. I may try again in a few months

  99. After down loading windows 10 I no longer can see pictures posted to message boards using tiny pic. Help plz!

  100. When trying to add work, to an already saved piece of work, I cannot do it. I cannot even erase an already saved file. A box comes on the screen and says something like “this is not permissable”… This has only been since Windows 10. Help please, but go easy on me as I’m not a geek… lol

  101. What application are you using? If it is MS Word, maybe repairing the thing might help. To repair, go to Control Panel, select MS Office and click on Repair. Let us know if that worked.

  102. Our pc’s have been infected with the Windows10WalkindDead. Our pc’s are
    like zombies now for over a month. The fix is taking as long as the
    build of 10Titantic. If everyone believes they have the cure why is my pc a zombie today

  103. Our pc’s have been infected with the Windows10WalkindDead. Our pc’s are
    like zombies now for over a month. The fix is taking as long as the
    build of 10Titantic. If everyone believes they have the cure why is my pc a zombie today

  104. Windows 10 suck I hate it you cant print off your email or anything. It has not helped at all. it has just made things so much harder it is not funny. Who ever made this please let me slap you.

  105. I had windows 7 and upgraded to windows 10. Now I cannot upload pictures from my Camera sd card. Will you be fixing this problem. I used to upload all of the time because I sold things on the internet, now I can’t. Please fix.

  106. i bought my laptop from germany , now i updated to windows 10, but i am not able to change it to english language, please hep me to solve the issue. i added the language , but still not changing the german language

  107. Make a system restore point and delete the german language pack from the system. See if it works. If you face any problem, you can go back to the restore point you created.

  108. How can I get windows 10 off of my computer. I had windows 7. Can’t load pictures from my digital camera anymore.Please help me to sove this issue.

  109. Steven, I understand that when you have a problem with your computer it can be totally frustrating, so I’m not making light of your complaint. However, it sounds like your computer at least works after installing Windows 10, while many people (that’s an understatement – it’s got to be in the tens of thousands) can’t even use their machines after the upgrade, myself included. I don’t know about you, but my very life depends on my computer functioning properly, which it did until the moment I completed the “upgrade” to Windows 10. Thereafter, not one program or function has worked, and I’m unable to roll back to Windows 8.1 because I’m past the 30 days they gave us to go to “Settings” and go back to our previous OS with one click. In my case, as in thousands of others, “Settings” does not open; clicking on it has absolutely no effect whatsoever. After almost two months I still cannot open Settings, and I’m not a happy camper. That’s not my only problem, either. Microsoft Word 2013 ceased functioning (along with all other versions); I can’t even open existing documents in Read Only. Chrome has been completely disabled – it will not even open. Same goes for Microsoft’s own highly touted “Edge” browser; it does nothing when clicked on, just like Settings. Firefox opens but barely works, and I mean barely. I cannot save anything, links don’t work, extensions don’t work, I can’t access websites like my banks and places I pay my bills. Nice. There’s not enough space to list how badly Windows 10 jacked my laptop, a one year old, top of the line Sony VAIO.

    Anyway, 30 minutes after I installed Windows 10 I’d discovered so many problems I contacted Microsoft Tech Support via their online “chat.” After waiting 2-1/2 hours for a technician to come online, I asked for her help to roll back to 8.1. Instead, she insisted she could “make Windows 10 work” over my repeated protests and even desperate pleas to just return me to 8.1. The tech said she’d take a look and remotely worked on my laptop for 40 minutes, after which she came back on and informed me that everything was now “fixed” and promptly disconnected the chat. To my dismay, I was still on Windows 10 and, lo and behold, it still DID NOT WORK! I am thoroughly disgusted with this incomplete, unfinished, failed OS that Microsoft perpetrated on an unsuspecting public knowing it was anything but ready to go.IMHO, the reason they rushed it was because so many people were bitching and moaning about how much they hated Windows 8.1 because they couldn’t find the “Start” button and how terrible it was. Are you kidding me?? Just because a bunch of MORONS were apparently too lazy to bother watching a one minute tutorial or just too dumb to even own a computer, we’re now all stuck with this trainwreck that is Windows 10! All they had to do was hover over the corner! 8.1 was a huge advancement over previous operating systems, a feature-rich, highly functional, user-friendly, just really superb OS and I loved it. I wish I’d never fallen for the hype about Windows 10. Thank you so much to all the whiners who brought this pestilence upon all of us.

  110. I first of all done an upgrade from Win8.1, then (after backing up my photos, music, documents, videos, and downloads) I wiped my hard drive clean. Once cleaned, I installed Win10 from the disc I made prior to the Win10 install. Once it was successfully installed, I reinstalled all of the programme that I had running on Win8.1, then copied all my backups to their respective folders. Only thing now is, my monitor goes blank at intermittent times now. I am given to believe this may be cured by removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard, then replace it after 3-5 minutes. I just bought a new battery today, so I’ll replace it in the morning.

    I hope you have a bit more luck with your PC, Sophie!! If what’s currently on your hard drive is not too important (and you’ve got backups to hand), I’d suggest wiping your hard drive, then do a clean install. If that works, reinstall all programme, then any files you backed up.

    I feel most sorry for lonely single guys… Can you imagine losing a hard drive full of porn??!! LOL!!

    Keep your chin up, and persevere!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  111. Windows10 is a health and safety hazard!! I upgraded from Windows 8, and had just settled down with a few cans of beer and a big bag of popcorn, to watch a movie. I was just on the point of ejaculation (I was watching some porn) when my screen went blank!! I got up to check that the cables were attached to the monitor when I tripped over my trousers (they were around my ankles by this time) and smashed my head off the computer table, resulting in a severe head wound. Can you imagine how embarrassed I felt explaining to the triage nurse how I burst my head open??.. I mean, who watches the Paris Hilton sex tape these days?? Even worse, I ran out of paper tissues to soak up the blood!!

  112. I’m a customer with a Surface 3 running Windows 8.1. Minecraft runs fine on 8.1, but with Windows 10, I can barely open the game. Is this a glitch on my computer, or a glitch in the operating system?

  113. Hi, I just updated windows 10 and my chrome and steam says that I have connection problems. I am connected to the internet and I am able to load internet explorer. Any idea on how can I fix?

  114. Hi, my google chrome and steam tells me that I am not connect to internet but my connection is good. I can load things smoothly internet explorer. Any help??

  115. And there is one more thing, I cannot copy paste any picture into my words. My one drive also says I am not connect to the internet. Please Advise.

  116. Look for Chrome in Start menu. Right click and select “Run as Administrator”. If that helps, you need to reinstall Chrome. Uninstall Chrome. Using IE, download latest version of Chrome (canary) and install it. Let us know if that helped.

  117. The pin log in feature does not work anymore it lets me type the pin but does not allow for me to press enter or anything yet when i leave the pin field blank press enter it say provide a pin and when i switch to entering a password it tells me it is wrong even though i can see the password and know it works to log in to my live account which is what i use to log into my laptop. Any way i go through the boot menu totry a system restore it asks me for my live account password and again tells me its wrong. I had gotten a free upgrade to windows 10 and have no product key prevoously had windows 7 which had come on the laptop i dont know what to do. It seems i have a large paper weight at the moment not a laptop. Any ideas?

  118. Heya Arun Kumar. How do I get windows 10 to recognize my secondary hard disk drive wired up to the internal sata ports on my motherboard. On windows 7 one could simply go into device manager and enable drive then go to my computer where the drive would be shown. This seems impossible on windows 10. The drive is showing up in device manager and it says it is working properly, but I can not store anything on it because it cant be found with my other drives. When I installed win 10 it was disconnected to prevent the os installer from combining the drives. Is there a fix for this?

  119. Try Troubleshoot mode. Press and hold down SHIFT key while clicking the power icon at logon screen. It will give you three options. Select Troubleshoot. I don’t remember what all options it provides but there is system restore and startup repair there. One of them can be useful if you check.

  120. I understand you removed the 2nd HDD while upgrading. Did you check the jumpers on the first (primary) hard disk? That could be preventing Win10 from recognizing the 2nd HDD.

  121. Certain programs try to install and say “this program would like to make changes” thats normal, I click ok then the window disappears and the program never starts up. Its not in my task manager its just gone, then if I try to REinstall said program I get an error code after I click on in the same “this program would like to make changes” window. CONFUSED!

  122. It seems to be ALL new installs. I have tried different programs and I have tried windows compatibility, i tried to install as windows 7 and 8. Still just disappears or I get that error code.

  123. Just bought a new computer with Windows 10 already installed. Have installed several programs. When typing in these programs, computer dings and does not recognize any more keystrokes. Sometimes does not ding, just doesn’t recognize subsequent keystrokes. Sometimes get a drop down box offering Select all, Paste, and Inspect element choices. I get this typing in Edge (which came preinstalled) also. I am getting this now when typing this in E Infuriating because it happens about once in every 20 keystrokes. Seems to happen more often with capital letters or special characters, but it is intermittent – capital S will often invoke this problem but not always. Any help would be enormously appreciated

  124. During backup we stop the backup process after that when we see the in dedicated folder no files are opening. Backup OEM said that it’s problem with Windows 10 and Defender. We dont’ know whether all the files are encrypted or data corrupted. Is there a any solution for this.

  125. Since upgrading to windows 10 my partner has trouble with certain web sites including face book. On certain pages they tend to jump all over the place or go from side to side.
    Facebook is one on occasion’s anther one was a page with a German lesson main sites seem to be OK.

  126. Another bug I’ve seen mostly on laptops. The “Other User” option on the login screen is non-functional. It is the default option selected but there are no text fields under the text “Other User” so there is no way to log in with this. One has to choose Local or Domain account from the lower left corner first, then you can enter credentials. I’ve even seen machines that don’t have any option in the lower left corner, so when you are left with no way to log in, the only thing you can do is boot from the Win 10 ISO and follow the repair options to go back to your previous operating system.

  127. Upgraded to Windows 10 and computer worked quite a while. Now it won’t open anything. Turn on my laptop, there is a blank screen and my mouse works and moves over it, but nothing happens. I have tried turning it off but that doesn’t work either. What is wrong? It did start working after while but stopped again and now won’t do anything. No icons, no background, just a blue screen with the mouse pointer in it.?????

  128. I can not open my CD Tray on my 10 year old Dell E5500 Latitude Laptop. Before I downloaded the new Windows 10 I had no problem opening it by manually pressing on the side of the tray. Can it be Windows related? Does the new Window 10 control my CD Tray?

  129. Where is the start button on win 10 how can I access my “computer” and Drives this is terrible. Where do I go from here I hate PMMSN is this political propaganda that is why it’s free now.

  130. Are you ever going to fix the problem with loading pictures from my digital camera to the computer. I used to be able to do it with not problem windows 7. I can’t sell anything on the computer without a picture of what I am selling. Please answer me one way or the other. Thank you.

  131. I have a problem with loading pictures from my Digital Camera to the computer. It won’t work anymore since I got win 10. Are you going to fix this?

  132. I just want to know. Windows 10 and 8. I open any program and its got a blue all around the edges of the opened program. I dont know what this is but i did restore my computer. And I restored it at the time i had a virus. I still have windows 10 not 8 though. But does anyone know about this blue thingy?

  133. i have this weird thing going on with my mouse since i updated where it can take anywhere from 1-3 clicks to actually register that i clicked it’s not my mouse because it was working fine last night but now it’s all messed up anyone else get this or know how to fix it?

  134. Arun Kumar, I have asked questions several times on here and no one answers me. PLease answer. I cannot get my pictures from the digital camera memory card to load with windows 10. I need to have that fixed or tell me how to fix it.

  135. “? ??????? ???????? ???? ??? ??????? ????????????? ???????? ??? ?????? ????? ????????????”

    Telugu font is coming like this ….please suggest solution

  136. I am sorry. I did not answer it as I did not know of any fix. Does Windows 10 recognize your camera when you connect it to it? If not, is there any disk that you got with your camera to install camera drivers to the PC? You can also look on the manufacturer’s website to see if there is any driver.
    If it is a removable memory card, you can use a card reader with Windows 10. But that would mean extra investment as you’ll have to buy the card reader.
    If the above does not help, please give me the make and model of camera. I will ask a few photographer friends of mine to see if they have any answer.

  137. One of my windows apps reports that windows apps are limited to 1 second when running in the background is this the app or is this an actual windows 10 policy and if so is there a workaround?

  138. Hello, we have been having a problem, every time we have to “reboot/restart” the computer(after installing Windows 10) at any time, we can not connect to the internet. But if we TURN OFF and start back up, it connects.

  139. My computer with Windows 10 obvious, connects to Microsoft edge but won’t connect to normal Internet and won’t let me enable Java or play games and such, what on earth could make it do this?!

  140. My videos are not running properly after updating my pc to windows 10.I need a solution for it.Somebody please give suggestion to solve it.

  141. I turned on my computer this morning and it opened up on Windows 8. I have had Windows 10 for a couple of months now.

  142. I’d have to say I don’t quite understand what could be going on are you using WiFi or a wired connection?

  143. my digital camera will no longer work with windows 10.would love to be able to download my pics on my pc

  144. Having a hard time playing my MP4 files. It states it is not compatible. I had no problem playing MP4 files with windows 8.

  145. On windows 10 while I am working or watching a movie my start screens pops up. When I was using 8.1
    it did the same. I thought down loading 10 would solve the problem, not. Computer is 5 weeks old and has had the problem from the start. Asus and Microsoft no help.

  146. Win 10 says my display driver is unexceptionable for Windows 10 upgrade. what driver do I need? I am on a win 7 OS with standard ATI / AMD drivers
    and I can not find a display driver update, I have a ACER aspire 5100


  147. Try installing the chipset drivers that came with your computer and then run the compatibility test in Get Windows 10 app again. The original drivers should help because Windows mostly installs generic drivers that create problem when upgrading.

  148. Simply select the files you need to burn and right click on the selection. Then select Send To -> DVD Drive. You will get a notification that files are waiting to be burned. Click on Burn towards the top left of the Windows Explorer window. If you want to be able to add more files afterwards, select format as USB when prompted.

  149. I ran into an issue with deleting or even renaming files on a portable usb drive in windows 10. There is not options to rename or delete a file and no way to change the rights under Properties.

  150. I can’t log in to my pc after upgrading to windows 10. Can’t enter a correct log in password since some of my keys are not working mostbof them are num keys. Using safe mode isn’t a big help either. It also requires a password but how am i supposed to enter my password if my keys aren’t working? Can you help me on this one?thanks

  151. Has anyone heard of a backlight problem because of Windows 10? My screen became very dark and dull suddenly and I tried all the brightness settings to no avail. When I brought it to Best Buy for repair and was discussing price, I asked if replacement of the light was included in the cost and the tech said, ‘its probably not the light. It’s more than likely a software issue with Windows 10. We’ve seen a lot of them lately.” I can’t seem to find an information showing that and I hate to pay BB $200 to fix it!

  152. Help my word docs are all messed up since upgrade -different line spacing, annoying indents. Can’t seem to fix it.

    Can you help?


  153. Not sure what you mean here but you can’t update a CD unless it’s a re-writable, So what I normally do is I make an ISO and when I get the ISO the way I want then I burn it. I think it would help if you expanded on what your tryign to do.

  154. I’m on my husband’s computer because when I start mine it comes up with a critical error message: start menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in. Sign out now – It started last night and still is not doing anything different. What do I do or who do I contact?

  155. did win10 upgrade from win8. now goes to black screen after Acer logo screen…have to power down & restart…2nd time works fine…any clues?

  156. The feature “send to” when right clicking on a file is extremely slow in loading the options. Never has been on other Windows versions. I use that all the time and whether or not they fix that flaw will determine whether I keep WIndows 10 or not. So far, I’m not that impressed. Windows 10 is still too much like the disaster that is Windows 8.

  157. Sounds like you need to do a reset, you need to tap the F8 key just after Bios and before the windows login it can be tricky but once you get then you can go through the menus and look for reset this computer or repair windows.

  158. Hi, I bought a new laptop asus Nseries, nvidea geforce gtx 950M, i7 processor BUT After i finished the update of windows 10, my laptop crashes after 5-10 minutes. This is really a shut down without a warning: just black screen and over and out. Pls someone help me, i really cant work on it like this. Man the laptop is 2 days old so its no overheating… Thanks in advance


  159. My tablet has lost wifi and the wifi icon. Two weeks ago, I fixed this with a reboot, but am looking for a less painful solution.

  160. Try doing a reset. That should help. But it might remove all programs you have installed on the laptop.

  161. PC has been destroyed by Windows 10
    My first problem was a dark screen that was close to black, could not use PC and no solution was provided.
    Then, I could not start windows at all.
    Thanks Microsoft you have destroyed my PC, should have stayed with Windows 8.

  162. Talked to a Microsoft technician. located in the Philippines of course, who had me try booting up in safe mode by pressing ALT, Shift and ESC. It didn’t go to SAFE BOOT and she said she couldn’t help me if she could not get access to the PC. She said I could take it to a local technician but Microsoft couldn’t do anything for me. Sounds reasonable, Microsoft one of the largest software companies is unable to pay for the fixing of my PC even though their software destroyed it.
    So, the only thing I got out of this was to talk with a person in the Philippines and a case no 1311078799. I know there are others who have the same problem and they will get the same lack of help from Microsoft. From my experience, I would like to warn others that you take a chance when you try to upgrade and if it doesn’t work, you are not considered important and you are left alone.

  163. What happens when you connect the camera to your computer using USB? Does it show in File Explorer? If not, you may have to install drivers for the camera. If yes, what is the error message you are getting when trying to copy images to local disk?

  164. No. I don’t work for Microsoft, if that is what you asked. I just try to assist people in troubleshooting and fixing their problems with Windows OS and some other computing products.

  165. I cant update Adobe reader, Java, ITunes, or any other software except McAfee. can’t do a PC reset. too late to revert back to windows 7 also. cant change administration privileges either. any ideas? When I download updates and try to run them, windows 10 gives a cant find file error message. Right click on start button, says file doesn’t have program associated with it

  166. My windows storeopens in wifi but with any other connections like Netsetter dongle it says not connected.
    Pls help if there is a solution to it.

  167. I have a rather inexplicable problem with video in general. For some reason in every instance where video is played the application thinks the display(HDMI-TV) is 720p when it is very obviously 1080p and set as such. (this is a laptop in which the screen stopped working so i used it as a media PC). But probably for most people none of this would be an issue but i’m a stickler for image quality so i get really annoyed by the fact that when anything gets scaled and rendered it gets scaled to 720p then at some point scaled back up to 1080p(i have evidence for this). But I like to use lanczos or bicubic scaling which is likely not happening if its 720p content which makes potplayer say its using “nearest neighbor” because it thinks the source media matches the display which it does not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Put my pc to sleep and now it won’t wake up with the usual shake of the mouse. Not only that but after doing a hard shutdown and starting it back up I still have a black screen and can do nothing about it. Please help!

  169. i just upgraded to windows 10 however I cant scroll with a quick swipe of my finger can you help me so that I can

  170. Help
    When the computer stardet after the window’s 8,1 to 10 window’s update, my computer turned black and the Explorer and widows dosen’t work, and i can accses some files like i did manage to open the old internet Explorer.
    Please help.

  171. when updating windows 10 finding error (0x800705b4) and when trouble shooting founding the error that components are not found. Please solve this problem give me some solution me using HP pavilion 15 series

  172. I upgraded to windows 10 and while kids are playing games like, roblox or steam the pc just shut off. No error to report but it does it all the time. Any solutions beside going back to windows 7?

  173. Yesterday I tried to format an SD card on my computer using an adapter to fit in one of the usb ports. It failed to format, I removed the card assuming it was just bad but now every few seconds an error message pops up the says( D/: The directory name is invalid) even though there is nothing in that port. I have tried rebooting, even used my Norton to scan in case it was a virus. So far I would guess I have closed the pop up a couple of hundred times and it still keeps popping up. Also my file explorer is very slow and hard to close out once it’s open. I am using the free Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium. It keeps popping up even as I write this and I can’t continue till I close it. Help please, I wish I had never upgraded now. Never had these kind of problems with Windows 7.

  174. Did you try System Restore? That might help if you pick up a date prior to when you tried to format the SD Card.

  175. Thats another problem.. there are no restore points and when I try to create one it says it failed and gives me the not responding message. is there anyway to reinstall windows 10 since I downloaded it as a free install and don’t have a disc?

  176. how can I get rid of windows 10 and go back to windows 7? hardly anything works now and I even reinstalled 10 with no success.I still continue to have the popup (D:/ The directory name is invalid.) plus file explorer barely works and I’m even having trouble backing up files.

  177. Using the Rollback feature in Recovery might not work well. There have been users sufferign from rollback. I recommend you back up your data and do a fresh install of Windows 7. It will take a little more time but you won’t have to face login and internet problems.

  178. Did you try System Restore to rollback your computer state to some date prior to the date when you tried format the SD Card? That should help.
    If you still see messages, open Device Manager (Windows Key+Break key). Uninstall all USB controllers that you see in the Device Manager. Reboot. That should fix the problem.

  179. Is it when you are upgrading to Windows 10 from an older version or when you are using Windows update? If the first case, empty Windows-> Software Distribution folder, delete Windows~BT in C: folder and start the upgrade again.
    If the problem occurs when you are using Windows Updates, try running the Windows Update Troubleshooter. From Control Panel go to
    System and Security – Troubleshoot common computer problems. Under
    System and Security try the Fix problems with Windows Update.

  180. If you can cold boot the computer, go to Power Options in Control Panel and turn off Fast Boot. That should fix the problem. You may also try getting in via Safe Boot to access the control panel. Press down Shift and Click on Power icon on the login screen or lock screen. It will give you troubleshooting options. Make the required changes to Restart and restart the computer so that it boots into safe mode. From there, you can go to control panel and turn off Fast Boot.

  181. Okay, I’m at wits end I can’t get anything to work, not file recovery, can’t reinstall windows 7. That annoying pop up(d:/ the directory name is invalid) is still popping up every few seconds and I have to close it before I can do anything else. File manager is super slow and it won’t let me do much there. I think my hard drive is shot. If so can I safely replace it and reload my old windows 7 home premium. Also how do I know what kind of hard drive I have? I notice there are several types. I’m ready to scrap the whole computer, but if a new hd will filx it I’ll go that route. It’s useless as it is right now.

  182. The pop up isn’t related to hard disk. If you can, back up all the important data on C drive (including documents, pictures, videos, music folders etc if you have anything there). Then install Windows 7 again instead of a rollback. Rollback using Windows 10 may also give you problems. If you have a Windows 7DVD/CD or USB, better do a clean install.
    If you have reasons to believe that the hard disk is damaged, you can find details of hard disk on the disk itself. Once you remove the hard disk, you can read the labels to know the type of hard disk, its capacity etc.

  183. Help! Nothing works. I can’t get rid of Windows 10 or reinstall windows 7.When I try to use the reboot disc, it takes forever to finally tell me it can’t read the disc or whatever. I reloaded windows 10 from the website but the popup (D:/ The directory name is invalid) still continues to appear every few seconds and file explorer is slow and doesn’t work right. If I hadn’t already scanned for viruses I would believe that was the problem. Since drive d is supposedly a section of drive c and while trying to track it down I got a message that c drive was corrupted so I am assuming that my hard drive is defective. My question is this…if I buy a new hard drive and install it and put a clean install of windows 7 on it won’t this stop the popups and fix the file explorer problem? Since I can’t seem to get anything to work this seems like the easiest fix. There is no system restore point to restore to and I am wondering if Windows 10 stopped that when I installed it.

  184. If you perform a clean install of Windows 7 (after formatting the C drive), you won’t have Windows 10 or its boot related information. Since it would be a fresh installation, you will not face these popup problems.
    Some problems are also caused by hard disk soft errors. These can be fixed by running a Hard Disk Self Test from BIOS. When the computer is booting, press ESC or DEL key. It will take you to the BIOS. Once there, check for Hard Disk Self Test. Run the test to fix any soft errors. Reboot and see if the problem is gone. If not, then better to go for a fresh install of Windows 7 as you said in your comment above.

  185. I feel like realling of a long list of expletives but I will refrain, why is it that when I update to windows 10, excel moves from the normal, how the rest of the world does it, dating system of shortest, mid, longest time division to the crazy, stupid non-logical american system of mid, shortish, longest…. AND I CAN”T CHANGE IT BACK…

    Arg! how frustrating is this… I’ve checked and the system is set to English UK, I’ve even selected from within Excel English UK and it still f-ing converting my date to the american system.

    F-Off its this type of over small b-s that would make me move from Windows to Mac or even google docs.

    I Don’t want to have to re-learn how I type a date, I don’t want to have to spend 60minutes plus trying to fix a problem I just need it to f-ing work.

    Rant over, i will keep trying to get it to work, if any one does know the solution please let me know 😀

  186. Check under Start -> Settings -> Time & Language. Under Date and Time pane, you will get Change Date and Time Formats.

  187. Thanks – I was just coming back to let everyone know that how I fixed it.

    In the Cortana, search bar type “control panel”

    Then look for region settings or region.

    Then, under the formats tab, change the formate to English (United Kingdom)

    Then Apply.

  188. I am a an instrumentalist and rehearse through my computer (plug my instrument into the 3mm mic jack, and then headphones out) and have experienced some massive latency. I bought a guitar link which came with software to install an ASIO software where I can control this. The problem is that after I figured out how to run the D: drive I finally “installed the software” however once the install got to the configure windows portion it just sat there and sat there. why won’t the install finish? Very frustrating that it didn’t auto start the D: drive…not sure where that setting is to turn that feature on. Very frustrating that it will not install completely…what is going on there?

  189. maybe turning off any antivirus on the machine may help. Auto start may be disabled for security. You will have to open File Explorer and go to D drive and look for a file called setup or something similar.
    Also, check in Programs and Features in COntrol Panel to see if the ASIO software is listed there. If listed, it means the software is installed (though maybe partially). In that case, remove it and install again after turning off antivirus.

  190. Okay, I got my new HD today and installed it, Now I’m trying to install windows7 from the install disc, but every time I try it goes through the motions..says setup is starting then about 20 minutes later I get an error message saying there are disk errors. So I thought maybe the disk was bad so I used the one from another pc I have and same issue. What is the problem? I even trying putting the disc files on a flash drive in case the CD rom was bad, but it won’t boot at all from flash drive even when I change settings to USB drive. I am at my wits end. I’m out 47 bucks for a new HD and still can’t install an OS.

  191. Hi, Not precisely a problem with Windows 10, but with the installation. What one can do if an update was started, but now the computer asked for the user’s password, and it’s (because of the user has been using only the fingertip protection and forgot the password)? It seems the process is stuck, or there is a way to use fingertip system, go back to windows 7 to change password or…? Thank you

  192. Sorry, I erased by mistake the word ‘forgotten’ in the second line after ‘and it’s’ and before the brackets.

  193. I have already tried that as I stated in my first post. The problem doesn’t seem to be the disk, it seems to be the computer. Maybe I got a bad HD or something IDK, but short of scrapping it and buying a new one I don’t know what to do. I can’t get it to boot from the USB even when I change it with F9 boot options. I thought it would be so simple to reinstall windows 7 pro on this pc. I wonder if the fact that it’s a refurbished unit has anything to do with it. I have the product key but can’t get that far during installation. I would consider buying a new install disk, but I really don’t think that’s the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  194. Being refurbished has nothing to do with the problem. They won’t sell broken stuff else their brand will be off market.
    If you have a working operating system there, please see the following:
    1. Are you able to see the USB drive in File Explorer when you plug it in? If not, remove all USB controllers from the Device Manager (Windows Key + BREAK); and reboot. Plug in the USB after a while and see if it is visible. Then you can use it for booting.
    2. Are you sure the USB drive is bootable? Check by plugging it into a separate computer and using BIOS to select USB drive for booting.
    3. What happens when you press F9 and select the boot device? Does the computer boot away straight from HD or does it turn off and reboot? In case it shuts down and then powers itself on, can you go to the BIOS and see if the date and time are correct? If not, it could be a damaged CMOS battery needing replacement. That is, it won’t save your selection to boot from USB unless you change that CMOS battery.

    I do not see any other reason why a computer should refuse to boot from USB if the latter is bootable. As for the HD being corrupt, did you run the Hard Disk Self Test I recommended the other day?

    If the above doesn’t help, it needs a physical inspection. Am sure it is just a minor problem that’s giving you this much trouble.

  195. Known only recently, MS will change the standard email service. What, no more Outlook? How do we resolve errors such as 0x80070426? I have a new HP 550ia137c and Win 10 came with. We went with the on board install to do email, and it worked for a bit but now has annoying Your Settings are out of date. They’re out of date. They can’t even sort you out over the phone. Lame.

  196. Ah, yes. Buy buy buy buy buy! Why would I have to buy another when I’ve already purchased one with my new computer which does have the 10 operating system on it and whatever mail service that’s “on” the machine, pre-loaded…ha! Fun. Thanks. Yes, I know, these deals and the things on the machines are done months ahead of time. And by the time it comes to user, the EULA, well, it’s a given is it? You’ll do the set up, it works for a week, or month, and then it fails. And they waste your time on the phone at the help desk, chat up a report, they hook you to a technician who’s on a head set with a terrible delay, and, after a bit of a chat, it’s recommended you buy the service plan. I’ll try the link later perhaps when I’m on my desktop. Thanks for your time and input. You’re very kind. I am grateful.

  197. Doesn’t work. Getting error message. Basically that something is WRONG! That I don’t even have what the patch is for. So, no go. Sorry. Thanks a lot, just the same. I’ll wait until the geniuses at ms are done farting around with killing live and outlook or whatever they’re up to but can’t be bothered to inform their periphereal younglings that, the 10 Windows Email machines are equipped with plenipotentiary email that works for one day or three and then doesn’t until the owners of the machines are ready to commit hari-kari. Or, worse. But SERIOUSLY, we’re just waiting unitl they give us the heads up on how they want us to proceed after sorting out whatever it is they want to do with the NEW and IMPROVED Windows 10 pc email service. THEN see if we can get our Contacts and have our old email addresses back working and at peace with the world and every thing like this. ELSE WISE I guess it’s off to GOOGLE AND GMAIL. HELLO MS, I HOPE Y’ALL LISTENING!!!

  198. Did you bother to install drivers before trying to do anything? Or did you expect it to magically work?
    I mean, Win10 outclasses Win8/8.1 on the performance front, so if Minecraft worked fine on the aforementioned O/S, the this has to be a case of user error. Also, Mojang is giving away free codes for the Win10 Beta (Which is basically the .exe release, but with some pretty impressive technical optimizations forWindows. Most notably using C++ instead of Java.) So just get your code and install it from the Windows Store.

  199. Arun,

    Been in Mexico on business and am now getting back to this issue before the Christmas holiday. Same issue. in fact it is now on another 2 softwares that I downloaded. One is from Sony for our camera and the other from Leap Frog for our boy’s Christmas gift. Both cases have the .exe in our “dowloads” folder and when I double click it times out. Any new thoughts as to why none of the programs want to load ever since we switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

  200. Cannot understand why this is happening. Have you checked with the blocked programs list in your firewall? Maybe it could be the cause!
    Another thing to check is to right click programs and select “run as administrator”.

    Then you may also right click on the program and select Properties. Click on Security tab and see if the user has rights to execute the program. If not you can click Edit and add rights.
    Will post if anything else comes to mind.

  201. Latest is that I have had to download the latest Adobe Flashplayer which went into my C:Usersetc…under my “Downloads” folder which I followed your suggestion to edit/verify that my computer/me was set up as an administrator in which case I was. I went ahead and clicked “Run As Administrator” just for added measure and it times out with some GUI that says “This service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.” with only one option; and “OK” button.

  202. Arun,

    It would seem that I have no access as an administrator at all. I have tried opening this account that is apparently hidden by default to no avail. The forums all say to go to cmd:, right click and “Run As Administrator” and I am unable to do this, the blue wheel spins for 5 minutes and then gives me that message “The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.”

  203. From other forums it seems that I am not able to load any new software
    since the default setting on Windows 10 is set NOT to administrator. I
    have enabled the administrator account and nothing allows this to be
    enabled. After 5 minutes of waiting for something
    to occur I keep getting a message that says “The service did not
    respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.” I have
    tried about 6 different backdoor methods to getting into the cmd: and
    typing in the “net user administrator /active:yes”
    to no avail. I have tried right clicking the .exe files that are on
    the “Downloads” and “Run As Administrator” to no avail…just 5 minute
    waits for each option.

  204. From your other comment and this one, I feel some service is corrupt. Maybe you need to install Windows 10 again if that is possible (since USB and DVD did not work, you’ll have to go for in place update and that won’t give you option to rollback later).
    But before doing that, if you are using a Microsoft account, please go to Control Panel -> Users and convert the account into a local administrator account. That should help. If it does, you may then go back to Microsoft account and see if that is fixed on both type of accounts.

  205. So, therein lies the issue with performing anything like this, you are saying the same thing all the other forums were saying yesterday. When I go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Change User Account Control Settings so that I can allow “Administrator Level” control it spins the blue wheel for 5 minutes and then gives me the message “the service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.”

    As mentioned yesterday I have even tried to backdoor this procedure in the cmd: in which I would attempt to “run as administrator” which yielded the same 5 minute wait and the same message.

    How do I perform a recovery is I cannot run as administrator? I think the best thing to do is push me a fresh install like I did to get into this mess. I would be most appreciated if that install had the code that performed a clean install so that my C: drive is inundated with patches and whatever else has been going on since the update.

  206. I recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Most issues have been resolved with the new version, but I’m working on a PowerPoint presentation right now and when I go to view my slide show, PP gives me a prompt that my screen resolution needs to be the recommended 1366 X 768. I can get into the screen settings, but the only way I can make the recommended resolution settings active is to select a lower setting, then go back to the higher setting. I clicked APPLY, but I’m still getting the prompt in PowerPoint. The setting isn’t getting saved.

    What am I missing?

  207. I have no access to anything administrator. As for installing Windows 10 again, how do I do that? I can search my C: drive for the windows install file I guess??? I just clicked on the Window 10 install prompt and it took it from there. Where would I get a fresh install from? Will this new install overwrite the existing files or will it inundate my C: drive with more files?

  208. I can’t seem to get WIndows 10 to save my display resolution setting. I want to set it at the recommended 1366 X 768, but the option isn’t active unless I first select a lower setting and then select the higher one. I do that, hit APPLY, and the resolution setting revert back to whatever they first were. I keep getting an annoying message in PowerPoint that the resolution needs to be higher.

  209. Well, time sorted things out. Suddenly my screen page allowed me to connect on the Verify account link. Touching it, allowed me to go to the redo your password, and, voila! Everything works again, no pop ups or bloody nonsense about needing to update my account/settings, etc. Imagine that!

  210. Arun,

    I downloaded the MediaCreationTool.exe and same result…5 minutes of a spinning blue wheel and that same message “the service did not respond to the start or control request in
    a timely fashion.”

    Next idea? I even clicked on the link “Upgrade Now” which downloaded the file “GetWindows10-sds_____________.exe” which when double clicked didn’t do anything.

  211. I downloaded the MediaCreationTool.exe and same result…5 minutes of
    a spinning blue wheel and that same message “the service did not
    respond to the start or control request in
    a timely fashion.”

    idea? I even clicked on the link “Upgrade Now” which downloaded the
    file “GetWindows10-sds_____________.exe” which when double clicked
    didn’t do anything.

  212. The only way, it seems, is to use another computer to create the DVD or USB for reinstalling Windows on the problem computer. Then boot the problem computer using the DVD or USB you created and clean install Windows.
    I would also format C drive of problem computer during install via DVD or USB. The option would be presented for format when setup asks you to select the drive for Windows.
    If you use this method, please back up your data files before formatting and installing.

  213. I am not able to open incredimail or on line casino’s … I have tried and it just keeps saying windows ran into a problem… I can’t even uninstall the programs. I have tried to go back to windows 7 but I can’t do that. It has been longer then 30 days since I upgraded to windows 10. Is there a way to go back to windows 7. There are too may problems with Windows 10 and I am tired of it. Can you lead me through a process to go back to windows 7 even though it has been more than 30 days with windows 10?

  214. I want to verify one more thing on the .exe. I obviously thought my next step was to double-click the .exe to open whatever was inside the program. I need to verify that this was the correct next step?

    Or was I to restart the computer, hit F12 and try to boot from that .exe?

  215. Now I am beyond flabergasted (Pissed!!!). So, I bought an external hard drive so I could copy the C: drive and my other drive and it says that I need administrative rights to be able copy both. What the H#LL!? So here I am I not able to back anything up and not able to use my personal computer in any personal manner other than surfing the web, and of course using any of the software currently loaded.

    Fix this please, as in yesterday! Please!?

  216. No. For clean install, you will have to boot and then run the setup file.

    If you are not able to copy files using Windows GUI, use the following technique:
    1. Press Windows Key and R to bring up the Run Dialog
    2. Type CMD in the Run Dialog and press Enter
    3. In the black window, enter the following:

    XCOPY sourceDrive DestinationDrive /E /C /H

    For example, if your external hard disk drive is assigned G letter, you’ll type:
    XCOPY C: G: /E /C /H

    That command will copy all contents of C drive to G drive, including hidden files. You can then repeat the command to copy the contents of other drive just by changing the sourceDrive letter.

  217. A week ago I’m encourage to upgrade my Windows 7 premium to Windows 10 as recommended by Microsoft for free when I open my laptop. The problem I have encountered recently when I’m trying to input a lyrics on MIDIX, the Windows is not responding at all, likewise is the same thing occurs to Windows live movie as well. I have no knowledge that some feature is not working with this system.
    I never encountered this problem before with my Windows 7 laptop, everything my home work has done smoothly without derailment. I’m so upset and frustrated with the outcome of this upgrading.
    Any suggestion to fix this problem is highly appreciated.

    Sincerely yours,

  218. I deleted some photos then regretted it but they were not in the recycling bin. Where dud they go to please?

  219. In the same folder right-click and select Undo delete. If you deleted the folder it will be back. The only thing is, if your Recycle Bin is totally full, items get deleted directly – but again, if this happens you are warned about tis, by default.

  220. I have no idea if this will work… I own a Linx Vision tablet, and whenever I try to buy anything off the Microsoft store, it wont let me.

    Now, I’ve put in my billing information and all that, so that’s sorted.

    When I click the Buy button in store, it pops up with the window where I need to put in my PIN. No problem. I smack the pin in, and it pops up with another window, that tells me to click pay now. But, either the window vanishes before I can click it, or nothing happens… Nothing… At… All….

  221. Hi, I just upgraded to windows 10, my main issue is the login when I first start my computer and when it goes to sleep. Will not recognize my password, (not correct password) if I restart the computer it works just fine. Is this an issue with windows 10? and how do I fix it?

  222. this is my problem. After upgrading to Windows 1o, every time I open a window I get ” Certificate Error” message, but it does let me continue to page. However, it does not let me do anything on the page. For example: I can go to sears . ca; login; place an order and that’s it. I cannot complete the order. Yet on my IPad I have no problem completing the order; my daughter has issues logging into her SIMs account. Before Windows 10 there were no issues at all.

  223. Since installing Windows 10, my HP wireless printer will not print from the shown printer. Printer works as long as I do not use the Windows 10 printer icon.

  224. My programmes Constantly closing after installing windows 10…..and at times mouse moves on its own.

  225. screen closes randomly but constant…..after installing windows 10 mouse moves uncontrolled at ties

  226. hello Microsoft, I’m having a problem this error keeps on popping everytime. please see error message. >> Windows Script Host Can not find script file “C:ProgramData{AF3A47F9-FFB8-967F-4E3E-E6FD9EBC3573}”. Please help me to disappear this from my laptop. yours truly, Renato.

  227. I just upgraded to windows 10 and now I can find my pictures or other documents. Before the installation the instructions said all your files will be saved. The problem is I can find them. Did anyone have this issue?

  228. But you don’t know better Darlin..Maybe you should also do your homework before blaming a problem that is obviously not Window’s 10 at fault on something or someone else. The Gentleman is correct, it does sound like a ” touch-pad problem “. I went through the same headache and someone told me that maybe I was touching the pad without realizing while typing. Of course I said ” Ha! That’s is not it” I said to myself, because of course I knew it all. And of course I was wrong and it was that I was touching the pad by the way I place my fingers on the keys and the end of my palms sometimes rest without noticing but now i do. Good luck I know computers are frustrating and will have you cursing it a thousand times wishing it dead, or is that just me? OK, they also have a mind of their own sometimes. I don’t care what anyone says

  229. Ever since the updates today, I’ve had Windows 10 freeze on me TWICE! Once and I had to do a manual restart on my stationary computer and it said “doing updates” (seriously!? again!?), then again around 11:44pm. My stationary ASUS CPU has plenty of memory so it shouldn’t be freezing up and not letting me do “Ctrl” & “alt” & “delete” ! This is ridiculous for us Windows users. Inexcusable to! -_-;

  230. I’ve had Windows 10 lock up on me about twice ever since the fricken updates on my stationary computer! >_> As for updates, YOU think they would go fast. They were very slow today and I have plenty of RAM on my Asus CPU

  231. I am trying to copy & paste an invitation I created from Microsoft Word 2013 into an email in Windows Live Mail & to a private message on facebook. I have Windows 10. It will copy the words but not the image I got from the internet or the photo from my pictures file. It will copy them individually but not as part of the invitation. Please help.

  232. Other than sending it as an attachment, the only option I see is to create the invitation in an image processing app. That way it makes sure that the alignment etc are not disturbed. I mean, use photoshop or paint and paste the whole thing into it. Then correct it and save it as JPG. Then select the image and paste into mail and Facebook. Can’t think of anything else at the moment

  233. I was working in an excel spreadsheet last night, and as I clicked on the floppy disc icon to save it, my computer screen immediately started to do the upgrade to Windows 10. (Previously I had closed the box that asked when I wanted to upgrade, because I wasn’t ready, so I don’t know how the upgrade actually was able to take place). The Problem: My spreadsheet had several sheets of financial information, and now almost every sheet is screwed up! The cells formatted for currency are correct, but all other cells showing text is only shows #VALUE! in every single non-currency cell. BUT in one sheet, which has no currency, it shows all of the text information. How can I fix this?

  234. Try right clicking the excel file. Then from properties dialog box, go to Previous Versions. If you can see a previous version in the list, select one and try to restore it. It’s just a hunch but you can try it to see if you can get back at least the formatting and formulas.

  235. I can not open images since I get the message “A Remote Procedure Call missed”. What should I do?

  236. I have upgraded my laptop OS from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 from the first day I am facing problems regarding my wifi networks. My wifi is not listing the networks near by me rather than it is recognizing the networks which are far way. (eg: My room is in 5th floor and we have 2 routers namely 501 & 505 but my system is recognizing networks in 4th floor namely 401 & 405)

    Please guide me. I have tried all the solutions available in internet but nothing worked out.

  237. Please try the following:
    1. Turn of WiFi on Windows 10, wait for a while and turn it ON. See if you can see the SSID
    2. Turn of router. Remove the plug. Plug in and turn it ON. Wait until the lights are in order and check to see if WiFi is being shown on Windows 10.
    3. Change SSID in router. The general IP address of router should be Enter admin ID and password to access router page. Go to setup page and change the SSID along with password. Save and reboot the router. See if the Windows 10 computer is able to see the WiFi.
    4. Change beacon interval in router page to see if it helps. Normally it is set between 20 – 50 but you can safely increase it up to 500 (Though it shows max as 10,000, we needn’t increase it that much). After making it something between 300 and 500, save the router page and then check if the Windows 10 is able to see SSID. You may turn off and turn on the WiFi on computer to refresh the list of available SSIDs. This setting should be available on router page under wireless.
    5. Changing router broadcast channel may help. Use any channel between 1 and 12. You may also download this utility to see what is optimal for your router. Change the channel and run the utility to see if the percentage increases. Check all 12 and select the channel that gives max percentage. Save. Reboot the router and then check Windows 10 computer to see if gets the SSID.

    If non of the above work, let us know. We’ll figure it out.

  238. I have a acer computer. I installed windows 10. My finger pad does not anymore. How can I fix this?

  239. Did you try reinstalling the driver? Go to Device Manager (Windows Key + Break). In the window that appears, select Device Manager. Expand “Mice and Pointing Devices”. Righth click on Touchpad and then select Update Drivers. Make sure you are connected so that it can search online.
    If that fails, download the touchpad driver from Acer and install it.
    Sometimes, simply removing the touchpad driver and then rebooting automatically installs the driver.

  240. I took out the password for win10 because im the only one that has access to the computer.
    But every 1-2 hours it logs me out and requires me to do the password.

    Whats wrong with this win10 ??

  241. Okay smart guys. I only have one problem with windows 10. Sometimes when I am typing in the address bar of my browser, it continually stops me from typing and I have to re click into the bar to attempt it again.

    It happens in disqus chat too, but it’s worse in disqus chat. What do I do?

  242. Everytime I send a e-mail, it sends me back to the main screen where all of my apps are pinned. How can I fix this?

  243. installed W10 months ago (having given in to the persistent prompts to do so). Last week, for no obvious reason, my Blackberry link has stopped working even though it worked fine after I installed W10 initially. The message says “a problem caused the programme to stop working correctly etc..”. Fault checking doesn’t show anything up. I’ve rebooted and reinstalled BBY link. any ideas?

    Oh, and somewhere on a forum, I saw something about IPv6 – I’m on v4. any relevance?

  244. Help me. Microsoft has taken over my default setting and will not accept my changes. Now all my files have disappeared. I also have “ask me anything” permanently onscreen. I don’t know what to do. This seems to be the worst kind of bullying. I dread starting up my laptop.

  245. Hi
    hope you all well.
    i have a problems wont to know why the saved programs not opening/working properly once it change the date and time.
    if i run it what i wont to do pls let me know?
    P.C Perera

  246. This is called, “Windows 10 Coma Mode.” Nothing is wrong, your computer is just in a coma.

  247. HP Pavilion, Windows 10 on computer when bought. card reader will not let me use. Notice says You don’t currently have permission to access this folder. Permissions have never been set!

  248. I am trying to change the format of time on my pc to dd-mm-yyyy as it was before pc is upgraded to windows 10. however REGION under CONTROL PANEL does not respond when i click it, please help

  249. Sir in my HP Notebook 15-ac155tx pc the os is windows 10 and when i was click any or any application it will delet automatically and goes out in the recycle bin…what i do now .sir.. pls help me

  250. When I am working in any program on my Lenovo computer, I am unable to get any alpha keys to work. All keys produce numbers from one through ten, then repeat.

  251. Y it’s showing the message as WE CANNOT SIGN INTO YOUR ACCOUNT n it has 2 options as sign out n dismiss. As all the files of c drive, documents, downloads n all icons are deleted. What is the solution to fix the problem?

  252. Plz suggest me what to do when keyboard gets locked often and often im fed up with this 10 user.

  253. i have a windows surface pro.when on Edge there is a persistant music i can’t get rid of .Can any body help me

  254. If you’re running windows 10.. try this
    Control panel/region/ Language/ additional settings/ Change date,time,or number formats..then tap the rest button…it should go back to normal

  255. How to be obssesd with MS ? Throwing god damn thing under tire of truck !!! Windows 10 is worse OS ever created ! What have you done ? From simple language pack install in Win Xp you have made it master degre job ! Which L-pack for which Win whithin the same L-pack ! User can not determine ???

  256. My computer is running very slow now I’ve been had windows 10 but when I got ready to do Update for windows 10 the other day and when it was time for my screen to come back up it woulding only thing I saw was a black screen so I had to get my Computer screen and hook it up to my laptop to get my screen back please help I don’t want to have to get another laptop

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