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Windows 10 Driver

Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface missing on Windows 10

If you have installed the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter on your Windows 10 computer but find that Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface is missing from the Device Manager, then this post will help you. You may also see The device cannot start […]

Windows 10 Dynamic Lock is not working

Windows 10 Dynamic Lock is not working or missing

The Dynamic Lock feature of Windows 10 makes it easy for the users to lock their computers as soon as they move away from them. They do not need any special hardware like IR Cameras to use this features. If […]

Error Code 0x80042405-0xA001A on Media Creation Tool

There are a few issues which a user may face when using Windows Media Creation Tool to install or upgrade their Windows 10 OS. This post talks about a particular issue 0x80042405 – 0xA001A that you might face while creating […]

Error 2753, The file is not marked for installation

When you try to install any program on your Windows 10 computer, you might get an Error 2753. Sometimes, the packages are corrupt, or maybe those packages are not working properly or are not able to create files and paths. […]


Fix Microsoft Store error 0x80072F30 Check your connection

Microsoft Store error code 0x80072F30 occurs if the Store is unable to launch successfully or fails to connect to the Internet. It could occur due to a stopped Windows Update Service, a corrupted Windows Store cache or due to the […]


Fix File System Error 2147219196 on Windows 10

The Photos App is the modern replacement of the Windows Photo Viewer. It is a UWP app that is tightly bound to your other devices as well. Emerging as a new all in one solution, it works in many different […]

Windows Update Install error 0x80070005

Fix Windows Update Install error 0x80070005

If you receive an error 0x80070005 when checking for Windows Update, it’s because of some ACCESS DENIED permissions problem. The update for some reason doesn’t have enough rights to continue further. In this post, we will show you how you can fix […]


Fix error code 0x80190001 during Windows 10 Update or Setup

When installing a Feature Update in Windows 10, if you receive an error code 0x80190001, it means that there is some problem with the installation files. Either they are corrupt, or some files failed to download. It could be a driver issue […]


Fix Windows Update Install Error 0x80070020

A few errors with Windows Updates don’t allow the Windows Update service to initiate while others halt the process while it’s running. Of the many errors with Windows Updates, one is Install error 0x80070020. This cause behind this error is […]

Error opening file for writing

Fix Error opening file for writing on Windows 10

If when running a setup file for installing the software you receive message Error opening file for writing on your Windows 10/8/7 then this post will help you fix the problem. This can occur when running a setup file for […]

Some update files aren't signed correctly, Error code 0x800b0109

Some update files aren’t signed correctly, Error code 0x800b0109

Whenever an update is downloaded from Microsoft servers, they are checked for their validity. Just like how browsers check for a valid certificate. If you receive an error message saying Some update files aren’t signed correctly, error code 0x800b0109, this means the […]

Windows Update error 0x80071a91

Fix Windows Update Error 0x80071a91

Windows Updates are critical to the system. They push along with themselves security updates which are crucial to the system. If a Windows Update is delayed, it could pose a threat to the system, and thus such issues need to […]

SSL Connection errors

How to fix common SSL Connection errors in your browser

An SSL connection error is a very common one, and if receive any of these common SSL Connection errors in Chrome, Edge or Firefox, follow these solutions to resolve the issue. Many a time the issue can only be rectified […]

LoadLibrary failed with error 1114 on Windows 10

While working with some graphics intensive applications like video rendering software, or games like PUBG or Fortnite, something in the background can get messed up, and you might get an error saying, LoadLibrary failed with error 1114, A dynamic link library […]

Unable to write PROCMON23 sys

Unable to write PROCMON23.SYS? Here is the fix!

PROCMON23.SYS is a component of the SysInternals Process Monitor which is a monitoring tool for Windows which can track Registry changes, DLL changes,  and thread activity in real time. It can also track the complete boot process. The details of […]



When you visit a website which uses HTTPS, it also offers an SSL certificate to the browser to verify its identity. While it does have a lot of things inside it, one thing it includes is the URL of the website. In […]