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The server did not register with DCOM within the required timeout

Sometimes after upgrading your Windows OS, the System Logs under Event Viewer may display the following error message: Event ID 10010 error – The server did not register with DCOM within the required timeout. What does this DCOM error message signify […]

SearchUI.exe goes from Suspended to Running to Not Responding

The SearchUI.exe file manages the search feature for Cortana. Many users have reported that the feature stops responding within minutes of booting into the Windows 10 operating system. You cannot use Cortana’s search feature if this file is problematic. SearchUI.exe […]

Fix error 0x80246019 for Microsoft Store and Windows Update

Microsoft started building an application platform with Windows 8 and later with Windows 10, they upgraded it to UWP. They built a unified store to make it an easy pathway for the users to get safer and more modern applications […]

Fix Unsupported video type or invalid file path error

Some servers don’t have an associated MIME type to support MP4 files. As such, they fail to play MP4 files. To correct this, you’ll need to configure the MP4 MIME type in IIS. This tutorial walks you through the process […]

Cannot load management console

Cannot load Management Console in Windows 10

Trusted Platform Module or TPM is a specialized chip used for security, and encryption of user private data such as Fingerprint, Facial data and so on. It also comes with a Management Console, and if you cannot load the Management Console, […]

Empty or blank dialog boxes with no text

Empty or blank dialog boxes with no text in Windows 10

Dialog boxes are used in Windows to send messages to us. However, if you receive empty or blank dialog boxes with no text in Windows 10, it’s very annoying. It’s going to be tough to choose between Yes and OK […]

Something went wrong while trying to turn on Spatial Sound

Something went wrong while trying to turn on Spatial Sound

If your Windows 10 computer supports Dolby Atmos, and you want to use it on the Home Theater, few settings have to be changed. However, if you get an error Spatial sound isn’t working, Something went wrong while trying to […]

Windows Photo Viewer can't display this picture

Windows Photo Viewer can’t display this picture

Sometimes when you open an image or a picture in Windows Photo Viewer, it displays nothing. Instead, you will see an error message “Windows Photo Viewer can’t display this picture because there might not be enough memory available on your computer“. […]

Disk Cleanup is stuck on Windows Update Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is stuck on Windows Update Cleanup

The Disk Cleanup Utility is a handy built-in tool which can help to restore hard disk space. It can remove temporary files, old Windows files,  Thumbnails, Delivery optimization files, Windows upgrade logs, and so on. Now if run the Disk Cleanup […]

Windows 10 Night Light not working

Windows 10 Night Light not working or wont turn on

Windows 10 Night Light is a great feature which helps consumers to use their computer for a longer duration. It makes the screen color warmer which is especially helpful when you work in the dark or at night. That said, […]

Makecab.exe running at startup & consuming high CPU

At times the makecab.exe process causes high CPU usage in a system and slows it down. Users have reported that the Process Monitor shows multiple instances of the makecab.exe process. So, what is the makecab.exe process that is running on […]

NTOSKRNL.exe error

Fix NTOSKRNL.exe high CPU, Memory & Disk usage problem

NTOSKRNL.exe file is a kernel image that is responsible for many systems based processes like Hardware Virtualization, Process, and Memory. Among these, it is also responsible for compressing the old pages of memory which reduces the overall amount of memory […]

Fix Template_fields error in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Word is widely used around the world, and that’s because it’s the best there is when it comes down to word editing and processing. Despite being the best in its field, the software isn’t free from faults, and […]


How to fix error 0xc000000e on Windows 10

Recovery Error code 0xc000000e, Your PC needs to be repaired, indicates a hardware failure or an incorrect drive configuration, and may be accompanied by different error messages like: A required device isn’t connected or cannot be accessed Required device is […]