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Public Wi-Fi Login Page

Public Wi-Fi Login Page not showing in Windows 10

If you happen to visit Airports, Hotels, Shopping Malls, or Coffee places recurrently, then you might have used the public Wi-Fi’s available at these places. These public Wi-Fi’s are normally of two types – Paid and Free, but they have […]

Fix Failed to play test tone error on Windows 10

If you see Failed to play test tone error while testing your speaker or headphone, here are some solutions to fix the problem. People often use the test tone to check the right-left balance of speakers and headphones. But, if […]

copy paste not working

Copy and Paste not working in Windows 10

The Copy and Paste feature in Windows is one of the most basic often-used features in the OS. But for some reason, if you find that it is not working normally as required, then this post will help you fix […]

vpn Error 0x800704C9

Fix VPN Error 0x800704C9 on Windows 10

Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a network technology used by masses of internet users to create a secure and encrypted connection over the internet. Additionally, VPNs are used to bypass geo-restrictions to gain access to any blocked content over […]

VPN Error 691

Fix VPN Error 691 on Windows 10

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an important online tool that helps in enhancing your online privacy and security. Although VPN tools are great, it comes with its own set of problems which can cause lost VPN connections and error […]


Fix error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 during Windows 10 Upgrade

The error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 is a Windows status code for CBS_E_NOT_APPLICABLE, which essentially means that an update requirement is missing or the files that are already installed are already of a higher version than the ones that are pending. […]

What is VPN Error 789 in Windows and How to fix it?

What is VPN Error 789 in Windows and How to fix it?

Most of us use VPNs to stay unidentified and protected when surfing the web, while these software’s are great, they come with certain limits. Very often, Internet users encounter various issues while trying to use this safe connection, and regardless […]

The shadow copy provider had an unexpected error (0x8004230F)

Before making any changes to our PC, many of us first create a system restore point. This practice ensures that the system files and settings return to an earlier point in time without affecting personal files, should something go wrong. […]

Windows 10 Hello errors 0x801c004d or 0x80070490

Windows 10 Hello errors 0x801c004d or 0x80070490

When you try to add the PIN method to Windows Hello on a Windows 10 PC, you might receive and errorcode 0x801c004d. Again, at other times, if you try to use your existing PIN, you may receive error 0x80070490 – […]

Fix NVIDIA GameStream not working on Windows 10

Fix NVIDIA GameStream not working on Windows 10

NVIDIA GameStream service allows a user to stream games from your Windows 10 computer to other supported devices. These supported devices include the NVIDIA SHIELD devices. Some users have reported that NVIDIA GameStream is not working on Windows 10. This […]

Windows could not configure one or more system components

Windows could not configure one or more system components

If you receive an error message, Windows could not configure one or more system components, while installing or upgrading Windows 10, then this post will be able to help you. Some of the users have also reported the following error […]

Turn OFF Airplane mode

Windows 10 is stuck in Airplane Mode

Some users have reported a weird issue with their systems where their Windows 10 computer gets stuck on Airplane mode. They are unable to deactivate the mode. This, in turn, means that they are unable to use the internet. The […]

Disable Enable Drag Drop Windows 10

Can’t drag and drop files or folders in Windows 10

The Drag and Drop feature in Windows 10 is used to move or copy files or folders from one location to another. If for some reason, it stops working, then performing some of the primary functions becomes difficult. If you […]

Update graphics card driver

Netflix keeps freezing on Windows laptop

Netflix is one of the leaders in the online video streaming market. As it expanded across platforms, the company launched an app for Windows 10 systems. However, many users have reported that the Netflix app keeps freezing on Windows. If […]