Windows Store not working in Windows 10 – Automated Fix


  1. Not work. The Microsoft Photos application don’t update, and does many faults in the Reliability Monitoring… In the registration database is a CurrentVerion/REG-SZ/6.3 .

    In REG_DWORD isn’t possible 6.3…

  2. Windows 10 has been a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!!!! I am on a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. First I lost the web cam, then the store, then the apps, constant video driver re-corrects. Bing??? Seriously??? cant do a wsreset, redownloaded the lenovo easy cam driver 100 times, nope, gone. skype – not today. video conferencing?? not today. Windows 10 = Microsoft vs Google. TOTAL BUII$4iT. Not cool at all Bill. Get it together. Loved 8.1. Would even rather Windows 3.1 than this fiasco I AM NOW LOCKED INTO

  3. Windows 10 is worst ever. Its my 3rd time to do the reset because some
    apps not working. Photos, Apps Store, Start Button. Fuck windows 10.

  4. Didn’t work for me either.. I get the same error each time wsreset runs “Invalid value for registry” Strange because the store works fine for the other user on this PC.

  5. So I did it – the store comes up for a little while longer but still crashes so basically this did not help. this is starting to get on my nerves because my daughter has w10 and she has no problems with it at all so why do i. this is crazy annoying and the fact Microsoft still did not fix this problem is even moreannoying

  6. Same problem. No access to Windows Apps Store, Photos and a few other apps for a week now. Tried deleting Photos and reinstalling Apps package using instruction elsewhere but this did not work.
    Tried this solution but got the error message:

    X ms-windows-store:PurgeCashes

    The application cannot be started. Try reinstalling the application to fix the problem.

    Guess I’m going to be resigned to never using Windows 10 apps – until I buy my next PC!

  7. my problem is that it comes up with an error message when launching the windows app store i just logged in like normal it was working fine yesterday i had another problem that i could not press the windows button or any thing that pops up a side bar like the calender change time or check network settings but i just log in and one of the apps i regularly use would not load then i notice that the windows button was working and the app store was corrupted but then ny apps started working and the app store is still corrupted

  8. I FIXED THE PROBLEM NOW. One of the first things i did when getting my laptop was turning off automatic updates. after i saw the problem i did a system restore, that fixed it temporarily but the problem came back. but after turning on automatic updates and updating my computer and restarting the store works fine now.

    this might not help everybody, but hopefully some.

  9. I agree with all below. Window 10 is a nightmare, does not work, #*@&%. Unlike others wishing for 8.1, I want XP back. Anyone know how to overcome the MS vs Google issues? Most of my, non MS apps don’t work. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. This fix (original Post) addressed issues pre-Threshold 2 Update. Since “T2: Judgement Day” the Powershell script that used to re-register the App Store and re-install the Win 10 Apps actually makes things worse. Resetting Win 10 (always fun) does not fix the issue. Welcome to Windows 10 — where we are on a super, extended beta release. If one of the reputable windows repair utilities finds an answer, I’ll post it here. In the mean time, if you’re able to roll back to your original OS without headaches, I would do so.

  11. The thing is the store not only updates the apps for u, but it updates the store itself as well. for some reason when u don’t keep them up to date they don’t function well. so keep on automatic updates and run the updates that ur computer was supposed to run automatically.

    Again, won’t help all but hopefully help some

  12. lol. I have thesame problem. I have been up all night, frustrated trying to find a solution unil I read your comment. All I could do was laugh

  13. No wonder Windows 10 is free!! Can’t believe I gave up windows 7 for this! They can’t even make their own Store work.

  14. Here’s what I tried and it astonishingly worked!

    My Store app was having problems updating several apps, error 80070003, and each of those apps would blow up and die when launched, including, amazingly the freaking Windows 10 Calculator app, which you can’t uninstall easily. So I tried the following command from PowerShell: ( for more info see )

    Get-AppxPackage *windowscalculator* | Remove-AppxPackage

    It gave me an error saying a file wasn’t found, and in the error text it gave me another command to see the log, which I executed. It said to look in this folder:


    I had to 1) take ownership of this folder, then 2) give full access to the “Trusted Installer” user (Security tab) so that windows update wouldn’t completely break!

    Now I was able to look at the folder and all the files in it. The before mentioned log said a certain file was missing, so I copied a very similarly named file and hoped for the best. Then, I ran the command again:

    Get-AppxPackage *windowscalculator* | Remove-AppxPackage

    This time, the file seemed to have a double “.xml” extension (go to Control Panel | Folder Options and check “Show File Extensions…” so you can see them – this should be the default on every Windows system!). So I changed “.xml.xml” to “.xml”.

    On a hunch, I went to the Store app and went to downloads and tried the Calculator app’s update one more time, and to my astonishment, IT WORKED!!! And the app no longer crashes at launch. Of course, several other apps still had the same error, but it seems the AppRepository folder contains important update information files, and the programmers who wrote it are utter idiots.

    Apparently the Store app in Windows 10 is a buggy piece of crap. *I* would never let my own code out the door with such massive, widespread errors, and after being in use by so many people for SO long.. Microsoft should hire some better programmers, for god’s sake!

  15. From an elevated Powershell, try this command: “Get-AppxPackage *windowscalculator* | Remove-AppxPackage”

    If it doesn’t work, it will give you a very specific command you can use to see the log, which will point you to the right place. I ended up taking ownership of a folder and hacking some files. The magic seemed to be fixing a “missing” file that had somehow gotten an erroneous “.xml.xml” extension. After that, the Store’s update started working for that app. See my comment above this for a detailed description of my steps. 🙂

  16. Are you on Insider updates by chance? That’s pre-release stuff pretty much next to alpha code, beta at best, very buggy.

  17. I found corruption in the TrustedInstaller folder which I was able to hack at and fix. See my long comment for lots of details. Bottom line, turn off Insider updates, that early beta stuff!

  18. I have tried this ‘fix’ where you hit the purple run button twice now. It didn’t work. I am not a computer geek and don’t know how to fix this. I’ve lost Microsoft Store, apps, games Cortana (Canada) everything is messed up. And Bing??? Don’t get me started… 🙁

  19. hey! could i get the other command? i think thats my problem any other try to fix my store and app from starting up doesn’t work

  20. DAAAMN ive tried literally everything to try to fix the store/app crashes ive even contemplated clean installing windows but thats so much work man you know. i have no idea how to fix this. all i want is to download iheartradio and the photos app. windows 10 has been more of a hassle than anything. so many hiccups

  21. I lost my Microsoft Office 2013 programs after the update. Same problem when selecting the Office program Icon or trying to open a MS Office file – Error Message.

    After much frustration and reloading the program, I discovered that the Windows 10 upgrade changed the program to “Run as an Administrator.” The fix is to go to the Program file folder and select the MS Office files (e.g. WINWORD, EXCEL, etc.) and then run “Trouble Shoot Compatibility”. Select “Trouble Shoot Program” and then select “Program requires additional permissions”. You must save the results in able to run the program as an Administrator when selecting a MS Office file to display.

    Hope this is a solution for your problems.

  22. Face it Microsoft. EVERY APP in Windows 10 is garbage. Maybe if Bill Gates was not busy spending his billions of dollars he might be a little concerned that almost everyone is mad as hell at how bad Windows 10 is failing to be an OS that can be used, let alone relied upon

  23. not working. very disappointing microsoft. better i get back 8. it was working atleast. i recommend dont update to 10. its not a final product, lots of errors. we buy systems for smooth use, not for their trial run.

  24. FYI, for all that need to know there is a windows store troubleshooting utility located at this link:

    and when you run that it will give you the output of the error. One thing that never crossed my mind until just now and after running the troubleshooter is that all of these applications are Windows store based. Meaning all users need to be signed into a Microsoft account in order to access their builtin apps or even update them.

    I resolved my issue by simply adding a Microsoft login to my user accounts list in the “your email and accounts” tab under settings. You scroll down to the “accounts used by other apps” section and in there you must enter a Microsoft account. Hope this helps everyone that is still having problems!


  25. I have tried everything to reinstall windows store app nothing works did the cmd powershell resetting everything these guys have mentioned nothing works. that I cant get windows store installed on my computer. very frustrating why cant you make an easy fix to fix this problem that so many people have to get windows store and there apps back.

  26. used “fixwin for windows 10”, followed the suggested instructions and viola my windows store now runs. Thank you for this fix. I was at my wits end and you had many valid suggestions and you helped very much. Now I just have to find out why my windows defender wont update or turn on.

  27. microsoft store on my window 10 not working and is connected to the internet brower works find?

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