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Your Phone Windows 10

How to use Your Phone app in Windows 10

Microsoft has invested a lot in both the Android and iOS ecosystem. One of the efforts made is Your Phone app. Its a built-in feature in Windows 10, which brings notifications, the ability to reply to them, receive and send […]

Office App Windows 10

Let us take a look at the Office App in Windows 10

When using Microsoft Office, one of the biggest challenges is to view all your recently accessed documents in one place. It can be a Word document you were working on or a presentation you accessed on your email. On top […]

Precision compass

Best free Compass apps for Windows 10

This is the generation of travelers, explorers, free birds, and bloggers. People want to explore new places on their own. They don’t want the interruption of a travel guide or a team of strangers. This is why the dependency on […]

How to use Video Editor app in Windows 10

I love simple things, and Windows Movie Maker has always been one of my favorite video editing software. I know it’s very basic with just a few features, but then again, it’s free and very simple and easy to use. […]

Windows Calculator

Best free Calculator apps for Windows 10

While the in-built Windows 10 Calculator is excellent, it definitely isn’t the best option. If you need a simple calculator for simple calculations, the in-built calculator would be a pretty good option. However, third-party apps are easier to use and […]

Reset or uninstall calculator

Calculator not working on Windows 10

The calculator is one of the basic apps in the Windows 10 operating system. It can be extended to a scientific calculator, and that makes it very useful. However, some users have reported that the Calculator app doesn’t work on […]

Update graphics card driver

Netflix keeps freezing on Windows laptop

Netflix is one of the leaders in the online video streaming market. As it expanded across platforms, the company launched an app for Windows 10 systems. However, many users have reported that the Netflix app keeps freezing on Windows. If […]

Use 3D Builder app

How to use 3D Builder app in Windows 10

In the past few years, Microsoft had been big when it comes to 3D and Mixed Reality. The 3D Builder app from Microsoft is one such classic example which allows one to build, view, personalize, and print 3D models. There […]

Advanced options for Netflix

Netflix app volume remaining at 100%

The Netflix app on the Microsoft Store is one of the most downloaded apps for Windows 10. However, at times, users have reported that they are unable to change the volume of the Netflix app. It stays constant at 100%. […]

Brave Order

Best Real-time tactics games for Windows 10

Real-time tactic games are games which focus on known tactics to gain the upper hand in the play and win it. Unlike real-time strategy games, the focus is not on the individual player for real-time tactic games. Real-time tactics games […]

Netflix Error Code U7353

How to fix Netflix Error Code U7353

Netflix has changed the way we accessed the content. The world’s most popular video streaming service is all set to replace the cable and inspire a lot of people to cut chords. The best part about Netflix is that a […]

How to uninstall Calculator App on Windows 10

Windows 10 ships with many useful apps like the Calculator app. However, we rarely use the ones for which we already have better alternatives installed. Example, if you have a good Calculator app alternative installed, there’s no point in keeping […]

Ninja Warrior Sword Fight

Best free Stealth Games for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store

Stealth games have been one of the most innovative niches in game technology. Stealth means concealing identity and trying to be invisible while completing your mission. It could be anything from hiding while attempting to escape prison to creating aircraft […]


Best apps for Freelancers and Professionals for Windows 10

As a freelancer, I spent most of my time on the computer. While freelancing offers freedom, I depended more on my computer for growth, entertainment, and interaction. Thus, I thought of compiling this list of apps for Freelancers on Windows […]