How to disable Automatic App Updates in Windows 10

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  1. Graja Greenbeans

    for windows 10 home users that option is greyed out.
    is there any way to get around it? perhaps disabling a service?

  2. Windows 10 Home edition does not have this feature, and they may see the option greyed out, currently. If you disable the Windows Update service, it will disable both Windows Updates as well as App Updates, and that is why it is not recommended by us.

  3. Graja Greenbeans

    you are correct sir, thanks!
    would be nice to decide what and when i want to update, because: i like to check the reviews and see that the devs have not mistakenly introduced a terrible crashy bug; and also because my old laptop slows down to a crawl when trusted installer starts running in the background :-/

  4. Tyler

    What about registry options to disable the automatic updates?

  5. rjcuk

    They’ve added the option back in for Home users now if you’re on the latest build πŸ™‚

  6. Michal Blana?

    Omg you mst be so good!

  7. Fred Whitney

    Alternative is Linux Ubuntu or switching to Apple.

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