Windows Store apps not working? Repair Windows Apps in Windows 10/8

The Windows 10/8 operating system offers an easy way to repair the Windows Store apps, should they not be functioning properly. If there is some problem with any app when you click on an app to open it, you find that it simply crashes and closes down, and you get to see the start screen again.

Windows 8 apps not working – Repair WindowsApps

This time, however, you will see a small ‘x’ sign on the bottom right side of the Tile, indicating that something is wrong with this particular app. It could be for a built-in app or even a third-party app. If you see this, it is quite possible that there was some problem or error when an app package was first installed. Sometimes, just waiting on the start screen for 5-10 minutes is known to resolve the issue automatically. If this does not help, check for updates if any, and download and install them.

This app can’t open & needs to be repaired

If it does not help, click on it again. This time, it will display This app can’t open message. To exit, you may click on Close. To repair it, you should click the Go to the Store link.

You will now see a message stating that This app needs to be repaired.

Clicking on Repair will repair the app. Effectively, the app is re-installed with all it defaults settings intact.

Once the app is repaired, you will see a notification in the top right side stating that the app was installed.

Windows 8 apps not working

Now if you try to open the app, you will see that it opens properly.

TIP: Windows 10 users may Reset Windows 10 apps via Settings.

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  1. Pranav Man Shrestha

    How to repair all the apps at once?
    And, after clicking “install” they work well, but the respective apps are showing in the pending list of windows store? What should I do?

  2. Ramizraza Sheikh

    i have the same problem.
    Initially It worked well. After activation. the metro apps were unable to connect to internet. Else it work fine in Desktop tab. mozzila, picasa, other working properly.

    How to resolve this problem . I want internet to be connected in metro apps also.

    please send me solution through mail..

  3. Mark

    But why on earth does this need to be done so much?! I’ve had my Windows 8.1 tablet for a week, and have already had to repair Flipboard once and Microsoft’s weather app three times! In one case, simply trying to access the weather app when internet connectivity was not available was enough to ‘damage’ it somehow. The modern UI does not seem like a very robust system!

  4. jen

    when I click on the close button it does not give me an option to repair. I can’t find a way to uninstall it either.

  5. SomeRandomGuy

    I need help! my store app is not working right. it is small and I can’t really see the shop. what do I do

  6. Adeel

    Got to run as administrator and type WSReset, it will reset windows store cache.
    Good luck!

  7. fufu

    My windows 8 music app opens and when it’s trying to sign in it just closes the app

  8. Kcim

    What if the store app wont work and the This App Needs to be Repaired wont show up

  9. taki

    what if i cant open the apps and it keeps telling that “this app cant open with the version of windows”

  10. ISD

    The Windows firewall should be on or set to automatic. Make sure that it is not turned off.

  11. Rambo Odingah

    my Windows 8.1 apps, including “Windows Store” keep shutting down as soon as I open it. how can I resolve this. Pls help

  12. zombie554496

    i tried it but still it says it needs to be repaired please help

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