How to Reset Windows Store apps in Windows 10 via Settings


  1. Appreciate this post very much! I am Windows 10 insider and read your blog everyday. Have gotten many good tips for Windows 10. I have many of your blogs set as bookmarks in my Chrome Browser. This tip today on resetting Windows Store apps worked well for my Feedback Hub app. I felt that this app was not working right since other Microsoft insider blogs had mentioned new message to insiders via Feedback Hub.But I did not see one until I used your tip and reset Feedback hub.

  2. I just had the Windows 10 Anniversary update and it has not gone well at all and now all the apps in Microsoft store won’t work and had to uninstall Microsoft solitaire games and re-install and nothing has worked and I cannot get Microsoft solitaire to re-install because of this message ‘You’ll need a new app to open this – ms-windows store’ message and it is driving me nuts trying to fix it … and I have tried everything … I got a feeling that the anniversary update did not install correctly as all I got was a black screen and then 5 hours later it had updated successfully….I have wasted a whole afternoon trying to fix this bloody thing

  3. I have 3 windows 10 PC’s on a net work and store will not work on any of them. resetting changes nothing. the app flashes and nothing happens. I have not been able to use Microsoft store for a 18 months. Done every update. Only fix appears to be purging all date and reinstalling window on all PC’s which would take a very long time and i dont wish to do. Mostly because it would be rewarding Microsoft for such an incredibly stupid problem that after 18 months is simply unfixable for the average user. Their loss.

  4. My windows store cache is corrupt. I can’t find any way to fix it. Resetting the app as described here did not work. I even tried reinstalling windows, but the installer hangs trying to install some driver. I can’t do a clean install on this machine.

  5. Reset the app and again the store home page pops up and gives me hope and then crashes to error Code: 0xD000000D

  6. nice. a lot of my apps were working cranky. thanks for the tip. however, this doesn’t work on my calculator app which is also acting weird. i can’t even run it anymore.

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