Microsoft Windows Store not opening or closes immediately after opening

You may or may not be a regular user of modern apps which are available on Windows Store on your Windows 10/8.1, but at times, you might want to check out good apps available on the Store. What if you find that the Windows App Store is not opening, loading or working, or closes immediately after opening, and it endlessly makes you wait with a loading animation? Well, there are few simple solutions you want to try to fix this problem.

Microsoft Windows Store not opening

The images may be of Windows 8.1, but the procedure is the same for Windows 10.

Windows Store not opening

Before you go through the recommended solutions, make sure your Windows PC qualifies these basic requirements:

  • You have enabled UAC (User Account Control)
  • You have an active internet connection to connect to store and download apps
  • Your PC’s minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768
  • Your Video card driver is updated

1] Adjust your date and time settings

Having an incorrect date/time settings is the most common yet unnoticed thing. To adjust your date/time settings follow these steps:

  • Search for and open “Date and time”.
  • Select the “Change date and time.”
  • Adjust the correct date and time by clicking on “Change date and time” time
  • Also, adjust the exact time zone depending on your region

2] Disable Proxy Connection Your proxy settings might be stopping your Windows store from opening. Follow these steps to disable your internet proxy settings:

Windows Store not opening or closes immediately after opening

  • Search for and open “Internet Options”.
  • Select the “Internet Options” which opens up “Internet Properties” window.
  • Under the “Connections” tab click on “LAN Settings.”
  • Uncheck “Use Proxy server” option and click on “OK”.

3] Run the Windows Apps Troubleshooter

When this App troubleshooter is run, it automatically fixes some of the basic issues that might be preventing your Store or apps from running – such as lower screen resolution, incorrect security or account settings, etc. Please also see the new Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter for Windows 10 from Microsoft.

4] Clear Windows Store cache


  • Press Windows key + R to open run box.
  • Type WSReset.exe and hit Enter.

By doing this, all store cache and corrupt settings are reset, and your Windows Store shall open normally. This post details the Reset Windows Store cache feature.

5] Reset Windows Store

Windows Store not opening or closes immediately after opening

If Windows Store is not working properly, open Windows 10 Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Locate Microsoft Store > Advanced options > Reset.

Windows cannot find ms-windows-store:PurgeCaches

If you receive an error – Windows cannot find ms-windows-store:PurgeCaches. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again, you need to reregister the Windows Store app by running the following command in an elevated command prompt window:

powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRoot\WinStore\AppxManifest.xml

Read: The Server Stumbled – Windows 10 Store error.

We hope the solutions mentioned above helped you overcome the issue of Windows Store, not opening.

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