Microsoft Windows Store not opening or closes immediately after opening


  1. I’ve tried all that, it still doesn’t work. The error code is 0x80004002. Can you help? Thankyou 🙂

  2. I tried all of those but they haven’t worked… I’m not getting any error, it just won’t open… It loads for about 5 minutes until it goes back to the start screen

  3. Nothing worked. WSReset.exe gives error saying ” ms-windows-store:PurgeCaches . The Application didn’t start.”

  4. Hello i just upgrade my windows 8 to 8.1 and whenever open windows store it says date and time settings are incorrect and that i shd change them at pc settings meanwhile my time and dates are correct what do i do?

  5. Tried, but getting an error message saying that I need to Refresh the computer, but the computer is running fine. Just the App Store is not.

  6. Did not work. I get ms-windows-storePurgeCaches The application cannot be started. Try reinstalling the application to fix the problem.

    I’d LOVE to just be able to reinstall the Store. Apparently I can’t, though.

  7. Hi Anand,

    As Vismay reported, this occurs from both CMD and PS as Admins. I saw a tweet earlier from some ?one? that indicated MS is having serious to fatal problems on there Store Servers. I suspect that is what the problems are. Maybe with your contacts you could verify.


  8. I just delete the users having problems and recreated the user profiles. Don’t interrupt the setting configuration and they can launch the Store. Activate the hidden administrator and use that to create the profiles first and make sure the new users can run Store before deleting the old ones.

  9. I just delete the users having problems and recreated the user profiles. Don’t interrupt the setting configuration and they can launch the Store. Activate the hidden administrator and use that to create the profiles first and make sure the new users can run Store before deleting the old ones.

  10. On Windows 10 Try this. Open/go to
    Replace with your user name. Delete the contents.

  11. thanx so much much i tried everything didnt think something as simple as the clock had anything to do with the win store app on win10, my clock was 5 minutes fast that was the problem all along thanx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Puck this shiiite. All the store does is quickly flash a window in the background (so I know it’s doing SOMETHING) and then it quickly disappears. I’ve tried WSreset.exe and got the same stupid error message that everyone else gets. I ran it with elevated rights. I work in IT, I’m not incompetent, but at some point we shouldn’t be expected to fix their shit for them.

  13. If Windows Store apps not opening in Windows 10, after you upgraded from Windows 8.1 / 7 then this post will show you how to fix the problem quickly.

    You will have to re-register the Windows Store apps. To do this, type the following in a elevated PowerShell window and hit Enter:

    Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”}

  14. i also have all the tricks to open an window office, i also updated to win 10 but sill stuck to same issue showing error code 0x80072EFD

  15. Mine doesn’t work either. Error code:0x80072EFD Please help. My grandmother has shuffle party, and it is the best game ever!

  16. OMG!! This helped!!

    Press Cortana Search and type in “Internet Options”.
    Select the “Internet Options” which opens up “Internet Properties” window.
    Under the “Connections” tab click on “LAN Settings”
    Uncheck “Use Proxy server” option and click on “OK”

  17. I tried all day to fix my windows store app. I ended up resetting windows. When I changed my time to central time I saw that it was off by 2 hours. I manually changed it the correct time and my store app started working again. Something so small but such a big pain in my…

  18. i already tried that. but evrything I click an app in the windows store it will crash and close. what will i do?

  19. I had the same problem after installing build 10547. The problem for me was Kaspersky Internet Security blocked my store. I went to Tools, Trusted Application mode, and noticed Kaspersky blocked the store. I clicked on Allow and suddenly the store opend and everything was working again.

  20. Clicking on the Store App with Windows 8 gives a blue screen with the shopping bag for a few seconds then it reverts back to the Apps page. Other Apps work. Can anyone help?

  21. I changed from Windows 7 to 10 and I can access the web through Chrome or Edge but onecloud or Store cannot. I keep getting the 0x80072EFD error. the diagcab only orks with Windows 8 or 8.1, I have checked the date multiple times and it is correct, I have disabling proxy server and that doesnt work either.

  22. ive tried it all and all app on my desktop pc doesn’t work anymore help me sick of it windows is shit

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  24. Is your server down or what? A lot of the apps that seem dependent on an outside server also seem to be down.

  25. I’ve tried everything from reset and shell commands and this is the only solution that has worked. Thank you soooo much

  26. I am very upset and angry. My computer worked for years on windows 7 without any problem. After that Microsoft offered to upgrade it to Windows 10, it worked for about two weeks and than many applications just crushed. When I tried to contact Microsoft, they asked for money in order to fix the same problem they caused. Now they offered the program “Reimage Repair”, but only after I downloaded it, they asked for money. It is a good way to make money, but I find it very un honest.

  27. (this is a copy and paste from another post)

    I FIXED THE PROBLEM NOW. One of the first things i did when getting
    my laptop was turning off automatic updates. after i saw the problem i
    did a system restore, that fixed it temporarily but the problem came
    back. but after turning on automatic updates and updating my computer
    and restarting the store works fine now.

    this might not help everybody, but hopefully some.

  28. I figured out how to reinstall the broken windows apps. I ended up recursively taking ownership with the Administrators group of the C:Program FilesWindowsApps folder, then I ran a simple script to reinstall all of the apps:

    Get-AppxPackage -allusers | foreach {Add-AppxPackage -register “$($_.InstallLocation)appxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode}

    I ended up doing this because at the moment, resetting and refreshing my pc weren’t options due to a recent W10 upgrade (thank you 10586) and I’m away from home and didn’t have my usual resources. I had the same issues where creating a new profile, time zone, wsreset, and sfc tricks didn’t work. I hope this helps others. I don’t know if the taking ownership of the windowsapps folder did the trick, but I’m sure if the script doesn’t work the first time, then you can test it out for yourself. I had to look online for a recursive ownership powershell script to take care of the windowsapps folder.

  29. How i will bring to run the WSReset.exe as a administrator.

    when i run it. its show me an Error like this ms – window – Store; purgecaches.

    Plz help me.

  30. when i open the windows store, it brings up the blue screen with the windows logo on it for about 1-2 seconds, then it closes. I tried all the above solutions and nothing is working. pretty annoying. I have a surface pro 3, very disappointed to have these problems.

  31. Everything’s fine with my laptop. The date and time is correct , the proxy server was already unchecked, and WSReset.exe is behaving in the same manner. Whenever I open it, it’s just loading and loading, it worked perfectly well somedays before, but I don’t know what happened. Please help me. My laptop already had windows 10

  32. Permissions might be missing from C:program fileswindowsapps.
    At least that’s what happened to me. Had to copy permissions from c:windowssystemapps.

  33. This is a bit necro, but will this method work with setting it up on Server 2016? I was able to register the packages, and the app does the crash on start thing. The splash screen comes up and then crashes on all metro apps I have set up on the system. Essentially my assumption is that this would be no different than setting these packages up on an LTSB system.

  34. Thanks a big bunch. The second method worked. I looked at a bunch of pages trying to figure out how to load it, and this one finally worked.

  35. hi sir this is p praneeth reddy i did what is given there bu tit didn’t open sir.Sir please help me out

  36. I had tried all the possible ways to fix but it didn’t work. I tried first the command prompt method then powershell method then uncheck the proxy server and also the time and region . Is there anymore method to fix my store which displays a message “server stumbled” how can i fix this pls pls help me .

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