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Microsoft Store keeps updating the same apps

Microsoft Store keeps updating the same apps in Windows 10

The built-in Microsoft Store is a marketplace for downloading apps. The Microsoft Store app in Windows 10 helps you download or update your apps. But at the time it may not work properly due to a damaged Windows Store Cache. […]

Slow download speeds for Microsoft Store

Slow download speeds for Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Microsoft Store is turning to be the hub for applications for Windows 10 devices. It even serves as a source for Movies and TV, Books, buying hardware directly from Microsoft and more. While downloading is usually smooth, if you are […]

Fix Microsoft Store error 0x80131500 on Windows 10

The Microsoft Store is an integral part of the Windows 10 operating system. It is the distribution hub of various applications like Facebook, Netflix and more. Microsoft is looking forward to making it a hub for not just UWP applications […]

Fix Error 0x80070426 for Microsoft Store and Windows Update

The error code 0x80070426 is another Windows 10 error that is applicable to both Microsoft Store and Windows Update. The error for Windows Update states- “There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and […]

Fix Error 0x80240438 for Windows Updates and Microsoft Store

The Error Code 0x80240438 can occur for both Windows Updates and the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. This is because the delivery mechanism for both is interdependent and common. This is the reason that many Windows Update and Microsoft Store error codes […]

Fix Error Code 0x80090016 for PIN and Microsoft Store

Error Code 0x80090016 which a user may receive on his Windows 10 computer could be while creating a PIN or when using the Microsoft Store. There have been reports of the Windows 10 Login PIN failing the users to sign […]

How to disable Xbox One video autoplay in Microsoft Store

When you’re busy finding your favorite game and happen to find it, you see a description page alongside it. The page details the contents of the game and shows a trailer. It contains extracts from the game, often used for […]

How to use Wish List and Shopping Cart in Microsoft Store

With Windows 10, Microsoft aimed to build an operating system that shared a core that would let the user experience the same type of features across their different Windows devices at the almost similar time. This means that with the […]

How to gift Apps and Avatars from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft is working hard is the background in making their Microsoft Store a central hub for everything. While that is a work in progress, they are also making these features more usable. For Games on the Microsoft Store, they already […]


Fix Microsoft Store error 0x80072F30 Check your connection

Microsoft Store error code 0x80072F30 occurs if the Store is unable to launch successfully or fails to connect to the Internet. It could occur due to a stopped Windows Update Service, a corrupted Windows Store cache or due to the […]

Fix Windows 10 Store error 0x80073CF9

Windows Store might be one of the most used applications on Windows 10 – but it does come with its share of problems. While Microsoft has been trying to improve upon it with every update, users still report a lot […]

Using Install on my devices feature of Microsoft Store

If you use an Android phone, you must know that you have an ability to install any apps from the Google Play Store to your Android device directly from the webpage of Google Play on your PC. Well, Microsoft is […]

This product needs to be installed on your internal hard drive

The Windows Store app, while crucial was never completely bug-free. Microsoft kept bettering upon the experience with every simultaneous update, however, some issues remain. One such case is with the error – This product needs to be installed on your […]

How to download APPX from Microsoft Store

Gone are the days when Windows Store users were allowed to download XAP or APPX files manually for offline installations. With the introduction of Microsoft Store, Microsoft discontinued the option. Now, users are only allowed to install applications from the […]

Acquiring License error in Windows Store

Fix Windows Store Acquiring License error on Windows 10

If the Windows Store on your Windows 10 is stuck at the Acquiring License stage, here are a few suggestions that may help you fix the problem. This typically happens when your operatimg system is unable to get the lcensefor […]