How to change Language, Time, Region, Locale settings in Windows 10

Time and Language Settings in Windows 10 allow you to set or change your system Date, Time, Region, Language and Speech settings. We have already taken a look at the Windows 10 Personalization Settings, Privacy Settings Network and Internet and the Update and Security settings. In this post, we will show you how to set or change the date and time, language and speech, Locale settings, manually on your Windows 10 PC.

Change Language, Time, Region in Windows 10

windows 10 Settings

Windows 10 Time and Language Settings

Open the Settings app and click on Time and Language to change the settings in your PC to get the Windows shown below.

Date & Time

The settings here are quite simple here as the main overview has it all. You can set the time to adjust automatically or change it manually. Do not forget to select your Time Zone according to the country you live in.

How to change Language, Time, Region in Windows 10

Although it is turned Off in the above image, you may want to turn on Adjust for Daylight Saving Time automatically. In most of Europe, local time is moved forward by 1 hour in Spring and moved backward by 1 hour in Autumn. This happens around March or April and ends in October or November. This practice is called Daylight Saving Time.

Turn off Set Time Automatically and you will be able to change the time and date manually, via the following setting box which opens, as soon as you set it to ‘Off’. However, setting it to set time automatically is always recommended.

Windows 10 Time and Language Settings

Windows 10 lets you change the Date and Time Formats too. Scroll down and click on ‘Change Date and Time Formats’ and this is where you can select, which day your week will start, whether it will be Sunday, Monday or any other day in the week. It also lets you select the long or short date and time format.

Windows 10 Time and Language Settings 5

The Related Settings, Additional date, Time and regional settings take you to the Control Panel where you can change the language, region and date and time of your PC in the old classic way, you used to do in the previous versions of Windows.

You can also opt to Show additional calendars in the taskbar.

If you want to see two different clocks for two different countries and time zones, you can set up multiple clocks. Click on Add clocks for different time zones.

Windows 10 Time and Language Settings 8This will open a new small window where you can set a new clock for a different range and time zone in your PC. I have selected an alternate clock with the time zone of Singapore and see my taskbar now displays two clocks, one of Indian time zone and other of Singapore Time Zone.

Windows 10 Time and Language Settings 7


This is a pretty straightforward settings panel where you just have to select your country or region so as to get the local content.


You can also add a new language just by clicking on Add a Language. 

Click on any language and set it as your default typing language.language settings windows 10You can also download the basic typing for the selected language or can add a new keyboard just by clicking on Options. language


In this section, you can adjust the Speech settings of your PC. Choose the language your PC speaks, select the tempo (speed) of the speech and also select the default voice for your PC. Windows 10 offers Microsoft Mark Mobile (a male voice) and Microsoft Zira Mobile (a female voice).

You can also preview your voice before you make your selection.

The Microphone tab lets you check the Mic for speech recognition. Just click on Get Started and follow the instructions to set up your Microphone. speech

This is how you can change or adjust the Time, Date, Language and Speech Settings in your Windows 10 PC.

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    when i click on the download in ( Basic typing) 12M it said ( something happened… we cant installing features) whats wrong any ideas please?

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  2. Run (press
    Windows key and tap r key, let both go, then paste the
    following) control.exe /name Microsoft.DateAndTime and hit OK.

  3. Easier: Run (press
    Windows key and tap r key, let both go, then paste the
    following) control.exe /name Microsoft.DateAndTime and hit OK.

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