Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter for Windows 10 from Microsoft

Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter for Windows 10 from Microsoft will troubleshoot and fix all issues and problems you may be facing after having upgraded from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 to Windows 10. Microsoft has released several automated solutions to fix Windows 10 problems, and this is just one of the recently released one’s, which has been updated to address Windows 10 apps problems.


Windows 10 Store Apps Troubleshooter

The problems being faced are varied. For some Windows Store apps are not opening. Some are unable to download, install, uninstall or update them. And then there are others for whom the Windows Store itself is not opening or is even missing. Microsoft has even released an automated online tool to fix Windows Store not working issues.

While resetting the Windows Store cache or re-registering the Windows Store apps solves most of the problems, if such manual troubleshooting steps do not help you, you may want to download and run this troubleshooter.

This Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter for Windows 10 will scan your computer, identify the problems and attempt to fix the issues automatically.

Click here to download it from Microsoft. See this post if you receive a Windows Store Cache may be damaged error after running Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter.

While Windows 10 has been working fine for many, some have been facing several problems and issues. Do let is know how the experience has been for you and if you faced any problems, how you managed to resolve them.

UPDATE: Microsoft has released this new troubleshooter and fixer to address specific issues pertaining to Windows Store apps not launching, on Windows 10 having multiple user accounts. Take a look at it too.

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  1. Shrutika Javkar

    My Windows 10 store shows me a blank screen when I open it

  2. Suzanne Abbott

    my apps are all pending when you update but never download….

  3. BC_Birdie

    my windows 10 store opens then closes right away

  4. pan nat

    mine won’t even open

  5. pwaldo

    This doesn’t work either. The app won’t run. It does nothing. Every app I click on in Windows 10, the “trial period has expired” I click on the Windows Store and an “image” appears and fades instantly. Microsoft has turned this licensing and signing in, even to play bloody Solitaire into an infantile regressed, fixation. Come on you guys grow up. Your paranoia over digital rights management has turned into a mad obsession that is sheer effrontery for your non-commercial users. Microsoft insists on treating its subscribers like potential criminals. Give it a break – put more fibre in your diets.

  6. Benjamin Conradie

    I am getting errors as well – mine says something went wrong on our end try again later …. and later is always the same error…

  7. Navank singh

    My to

  8. Amit Hazra

    1. Guys just go to “C:UsersAmitAppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe” (change ur user name, mine is “Amit”) and delete the cache.

    2. If it doesn’t works or if there was no cache then check ur time and date and Time zone.

    The second one worked for me 🙂

  9. farid


  10. farid

    any soulution for this probleme in windows Store in windows 10 @{Microsoft.Windowsstore_2015.25.5.0_x64_8wekyb3d8bbwe?ms-Resourrce://MicrosoftwindowsStore/Resources/StoreTitle}

  11. Garrett Bigelow

    do you mean delete the folder named LocalCache?

  12. Jack

    Mine is like this too

  13. Thelma Stagg

    I have got the same problem.

  14. sarah

    this is becoming a pain.. one thing after another

  15. Virtual BFF

    I use the Insider Preview and after the latest upgrade to 160402-2217 on Build 14316.rs1 the MS App Store icon on my taskbar is invisible and when clicked it gives a quick blue screen and closes, I tried 2 MS fixes for APPs and APP Store and it says it cannot fix, any suggestions beside restore? I have finally got to the point where I am super happy with my settings and applications and dont want to lose the programs I lost keys for prior to the W10 upgrade on W7 🙁

  16. Ellis Hillinger

    This isn’t working for me because the problem is with a corporate system that doesn’t log into Store, and therefore has no account. How do we run this tool in this environment?

  17. James LaBarre

    DOES NOT WORK. It starts to run, then says “Microsoft Account Required”, yet, as is typical for Microsoft, is too STUPID to ask for account information. And if you happen to try to run it under a Microsoft login, it ***STILL*** gives you the same error. What a bunch of maroons they have at MS.

  18. Sujil Sadhanandan

    my mail and calendar not open

  19. Shel Dyck

    the tool just spits back a cache may be corrupted message. not fixed. worthless.

  20. Megan Barr

    This happens with mine too, except every folder is empty except for 2 files in settings…
    I’ve tried every CMD, Repair system, and “trick” I’ve found so far. Nothing has worked. :'( Even my ‘weather’ app stopped working and that was working just fine the other day, until it decided to quit working 4 hrs later while I was at work..

  21. Bubba Nonya

    I recommend buying a Macintosh. Since I have bought one I no longer have Windows 10 issues 🙂

  22. Ahmed Abd Elfattah Ahmed

    my win 10 store is not download any thing

  23. Lachlan M Kent

    Yeah I am having the same issue with windows store, everything I attempt to download or update says Error, see details when I click details it says Something unexpected happened the error code is 0x8007006D9 what the crap is this all about anyone have a clue?

  24. Kevin FitzGerald

    This little program saved my bacon.

  25. Kathryn Munro

    ever since updates have been downloaded computer takes 4mins to do a restart.

  26. Rodrigo Cremaschi

    (Replace YOURUSERNAME with your username, of course).

  27. QuedsPlays (QuedsPlays)

    I recommend you throw that pile of shit in the garbage. Macs are way worse than any windows operating system.

  28. Thanks to this article!

  29. SineDie

    Here is the truth about Windows Store: it stinks. It’s buggy. It downloads MSI files with no installer.

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