Fix Windows Store apps crashing, by performing Clean Uninstall using PowerShell


  1. Hope you can help me I have completely reinstalled my windows RT 8.1 a couple times and still have the problem involving games. When the tablet goes to sleep it will not wake up. But if I close the game and do a wsreset it is fine and will awake. Is there anyway you can run wsreset all the time before it goes to sleep?

  2. I tried the method above but it didn’t fix my issue. I was hopeful that the script would fix Solitaire Collection. for the life of me I can’t figure out how that game, which was working fine, got messed up just by running the GetAppPackage registration command. All the other store based apps work fine.

    I’ve tried taking ownership of the folders where this game installs, uninstalling, restarting and reinstalling the game, your methods here, reregistering all the apps again, and again. This game just won’t load, shows the frame and the name then closes instantly. If anyone has an updated approach to tackle the apps crashing on startup issue please explain how or link me to a site that can help.

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