Windows 10 Installation, Update or Upgrade Failed Errors


  1. The fix for 80240020 says to delete the contents of C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload, which raises the question “Why are these contents there?” I have no idea and nobody is telling me, but what if it contains error codes or some conditions that need to be resolved before Windows 10 can be installed correctly? In fact I’m getting the message from Microsoft the “We’re validating Windows 10 for your PC” and to wait until it’s “ready for your PC” which suggests that they’re working on an update that will work with my particular hardware.

    I think I’ll wait. Why upgrade a system that works and is stable?

  2. re: 80240020: The fix suggested here worked for me without a hitch (although I found out about it on another site). I note that the Microsoft site still doesn’t seem to be endorsing it as of 5:30 a.m. EDT.

  3. I have a fast, quad core, modern PC with lots of disc space and memory. it ran 64 bit Windows 7 SP 1 with hardly a glitch. So i decided to take up the offer of the free Win 10 upgrade. A preliminary check showed my PC and “Apps” were no problem. I did a clean up and checked for any malware twice – all clear. So i go for the install. Everything went smoothly, until I realised that none of the new apps had been included in my upgrade and that the Start button and App store do not work at all! As far as I am concerned, I am left with a partially working PC and the whole thing is just another Scam! It is not “easy” to upgrade, because when all the stages have been gone through – much of the promised improvements are not there. Neither are there urgent or easy to obtain answers from Microsoft (I expect they are not concerned) despite considerable testing with their “insiders”. I am not alone either, forums are filling up with people with similar problems from attempting the “easy” upgrade to Win 10! If I persist, i will one day get some computer speak advice that will require ME to fix THEIR problems. (Can you imagine Vauxhall advising you how to adjust your car’s engine management system?!) Or i would probably be better off ditching this rubbish and going back to Win 7, which not only works better – but looks better. A poor show after so much pre-hype! I will not be recommending Windows 10 to anyone!

  4. Something Happened!

    In a nutshell I have tried all the published ‘resolution tricks like Locale and clearing out temporary file, changing from ssd to hd and even changing graphics cards. I still get Something happened when installing from USB drive at 37% through the install.

    However I can do a clean install which means the HW is fine. So come on Microsoft I have spent best part of 24 hours trying to sort this and there is a fundamental error which I can not get over. Surely there must be a log or similar so one can investigate where it fails… not just Something Happened!

  5. The software distribution is where Windows Holds the update files to upgrade or update the system. The plan is to execute these files once the device reboots (it can’t update while the system is on because they are being used while you are logged in). Removing these folder contents may/ may not resolve issues but its a good choice in case the internet was the source of a bad download installation. If the files downloaded incompletely – the execution will fail everytime. Re-doing the windows update may fix these problems.

  6. While that may be true, it still does not explain the meassage I get that says “We’re validating Windows 10 for your PC”. If it needs a folder cleaned out and a restart, give me THAT message and I’ll follow those instructions, even though one would think a common occurence like this would by now be completely automated

    It’s unbelievable to me that, from an IT viewpoint, Microsoft doesn’t begin the upgrade process by deleting whatever is in the folder in question. That’s just standard operating procedure when running jobs, if you can’t do a restart from the last checkpoint.

  7. My PC Showing Upgrade-Available but when I click on “OK, lets continue”, Its unable to update and showing working on it since three hours, Any suggestion? I am using Windows 7 home

  8. screen resolution problem occurs in my laptop. I changed screen resolution 800*600 to 1366*768 then i shut down my laptop and restart screen resolution is changed to 800*600 . How can i fix this problem?

  9. I am upgrading from Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 to Windows 10 using the Media Creation tool on a laptop that meets all the system requirements. The setup works up until driver installation (total 71% installation). When the installer restarts the PC, a blue screen appears with the error “attempted execute of no execute memory”. It does this twice then automatically reverts back to windows 7. Ive tried the standard suggestions of remove anti-virus, clean boot, memory check, disable lan, wlan, bluetooth. ive removed java, c++, .net framework… all to no avail. All drivers and windows updates are up to date. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  10. None of the “fixes” I’ve seen on line have worked for either of my Lenovo Laptops. My desktop updated with some struggle. One Lenovo is win7 home, the other win7pro I did all the things suggested in the various forums out there to no avail. When I decided to use a downloaded media creation tool I was never asked if I wanted to do an update or clean install, as all forums indicate. I stopped at that point. Clearly things are not too clear. (oxymoron)

  11. I am running WIndows 10 upgrade on my HP LapTop currently on WIndows 7 SP1. I am stuck on the screen that has rotating circle with message ‘Working on it’ for over 2 hours. What is going on? Please help.

  12. Thanks for the response. Before I clicked on “OK Let us continue” button I had noticed that it is supposed to take 10 seconds to complete verifying the system information. But it is still running with message “Working on it..” for over 3 hours. Should I let it run for as long as it takes?

  13. Check your laptop Hard disk LED activity. If its blinking,flickering..showing some activity..let it continue. If no activity or glowing stuck w/o flicker then can stop.

  14. Thanks for the suggestion. LED light seems to be flickering continuously. I am wondering what is taking this long. Real update process hasn’t even started.

  15. Hi. How did u solve ur 80240020 error code? mine keeps showing upgrade failed and the error code appears every single time… tried removing files in SoftwareDistribution/Download but it doesnt help.

  16. Mr. Khanse,

    First, thank you for your time and effort on this forum both past and present. I too have received error codes.

    But, to my knowledge, I shouldn’t be getting an upgrade to Windows 10. Not yet anyway. I have Windows 8.1 on a Dell laptop and I want to go to Windows 10 but I was wanting to wait for 2 or 3 months before upgrading as they said we have up to a year.

    I never reserved a copy even though I have the icon that says “Get Windows 10” (I still have the icon).

    Yet, in my Support Assist module (again, on a Dell laptop and Dell Support Assist is run by PC Doctor) I received a notification that an update failed.

    When I went to investigate it said “Upgrade to Windows 10 Home” Failed to install on 8/9/15. The error code was listed as 8024001E.

    I hit the “Fix It” button in the Support Assist module and everything ended up being green and “fixed” per that module.

    Then, on 8/11/15 I received another failure notification. It said “Upgrade to Windows 10 Home” Failed to install on 8/11/15.

    The error code listed this time was 80240020.

    Earlier today, the same error code and messages appeared. It failed again on 8/12/15 due to error code 80240020.

    As I stated above, I don’t know why my computer is even trying to upgrade to Windows 10. I didn’t want it now as I wanted to wait for issues and bugs to be worked out, at least many of them as I know software patches and updates are always ongoing.

    How or why is my laptop trying to update to 10? Also, I’m now leery of trying to upgrade, in say two more months because I now have very little faith that it will load properly due to what is now happening.

    How many other times will it try to upgrade and fail? Daily? Every other day? Would this go on for months and months of it trying to upgrade?

    Again, thanks for your time.

  17. Yes, I can understand, this must be pretty stressful – so many error codes! I suggest that for the time being you set your Windows 8.1, to ‘Notify you when to download and install Windows Updates’, via the Control Panel. This way you can choose which ones to download and install, and which one’s to not – and when.

  18. I have error code 0x80070570-0xB0003 not sure what to do for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated/.

  19. lol fck this sht, after hours of downloading I had an error during installation, so I started the update again AND IT DOWNLOADS THE 3GB FILES AGAIN WTF

  20. I have received this error in the process of upgrading my Windows 7 Professional to the new ‘free’ Windows 10 update.

    So, whilst updating. It worked until I got the blue screen of death, and repeatidly recieved this until I was not able to even log in. I was forced to reset my settings. An error came up that I was able to conquer over finding some feedback on a microsoft help page.

    However, now my PC will restart, then does the windows logo and goes to the Windows 10 Installing screen and is on 64% and then it crashes almost immediately and just repeats this process and doesn’t go anything past 64%. I do not know what to do, and I cannot even access my computer any more and this makes me very frustrated and even more upset as this laptop device was the last gift my Dad ever gave me before he died. And now thanks to this update corrupting, I cannot even use this computer as it will not even get to the log on screen.

    Some help would be very much appreciated.

    Please get back to me ASAP.

    – My kindest devastating regards, Dale Dundas.

  21. hi. Im having the same issue and it has continued daily. everyone I ask says to do this and that but no one seems to know WHY its doing it or how to actually FIX it! ive done everything to remove windows 10 related updates and folders from my computer but it hasn’t stopped. im wondering if you or anyone else ever figured anything out or if you just did what the admin said which doesn’t explain or fix the problem?

  22. Hi there,

    I upgraded from windows 7, all went smooth to the image of the beach by the cliff. Then, it’s all got frozen. The only action I can do is forcing the shutdown. Bios works fine, W10 works when safe mode is enabled. So it’s definitely not a hardware issue. Did the upgrade twice, reset the pc, everything. To no avail.

    Any ideas guys ? I’m downloading w7 again… sob

  23. i download the windows 10 in my laptop and going to install it as i accept the terms and conditions it starts configuring and show a dialog box that ” your computer restart several times” laptop get shutdown but at the time of restarting self someone press the power key and starts the laptop and the installing get failed the files are still in laptop but i cant reinstall them would you please help in this situation.

  24. I am trying to upgrade Windows 7 HP laptop to Windows 10 manually over the internet. It took about 3 hours to download and it has been installing for over 12 hours and seems to be stuck on item 147 of 213. Has been on 147 for about 5 hours. Seems to be churning. HDD light comes on momentarily 7-8 times per minute but no progress seems to be taking place. Any suggestions?

  25. Could anyone help me out here please? I have an Acer Aspire laptop currently running Windows 7 and have tried installing Windows 10 onto it multiple times, but when it’s copying over my files or installing the features etc. this window comes up with an error message stating that something wont install properly and so I click the “Ok” button and it reverts back to Windows 7…

    I don’t think it had an error code and I don’t know what to do to make it work. Hopefully someone can help me work this out…thanks

  26. The best advice I can give someone fooling with this is to look up Linix why waste more and more of the time in your life diddling around with something that has so little thought and care behind it…. I am really glad these people (micorsoft) donn’t make airplanes – can you imagine?

  27. I’m trying to upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1. Here is what happens. I download Windows 10 and it begins the upgrade process. After Windows 10 got to about 99% installed the installation reboots. After the reboot, the screen goes black for a bit and then revert back to the previous operating system, Windows 8.1. Windows then displays an error code 8007002C-4000D. Can anyone offer any advice as to how to a fix for this?

  28. total meltdown. Well done Microsoft for totally screwing up a quick and functional computer. I decided to upgrade my windows 8.1 to windows 10 thinking I would benefit from the latest software and the latest security. I prepared for the worst case and imaged the C drive and created a recovery disc to access this image. I backed up everything, I even downloaded the 64 bit windows 10 to a memory stick. So now I was all set. If the worst should happen I could either revert back to windows 8.1 via the recovery disc and drive image or move forward and install windows 10 manually as I had extracted my product key for windows 8 before proceeding.
    Big fat wrong! None of these backup procedures work. The windows 10 on memory stick began to install windows 10 but stopped giving a message that drive partitions were not in the right order and aborted. The recovery disc allowed access to the c drive image on my external drive, ran for 5 plus hours and did nothing. It should have re-imaged the c drive to allow the original windows 8.1 to boot.
    I am now running a very old machine which takes several attempts to boot up. My main computer has been sent away for repair and re-imaging to factory settings of the hard drive. (cost £50) If I want windows 10 installed it will cost a further £20. My advice: If you are happy with your computer don’t bother upgrading and if you feel you want the latest windows, let the experts do it for you. I followed every advice given for this upgrade and now have a useless computer. I have consulted with friends who say that many problems have been encountered with the so called windows upgrade. It seems that if you completely wipe your hard drive and then load windows 10 there is no problem, but if you try and upgrade from windows 7, 8, 8.1 there are many issues.
    Please be aware that if you follow the Microsoft nag to up grade you may find yourself without a computer for some time. I run an online business so this is a major issue for me. I am running an older computer with windows 7 at the moment but I am now looking to buy a new laptop as a back up because Microsoft keep selling us disfunctional software.
    If you are happy with Windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1, I would suggest ignoring the Microsoft nag to upgrade!

  29. I’m having trouble as well, this is my 3rd go & the screen is black with the windows pix in the middle & it’s been like that for about 16 hours. I’m not getting a error sign tho. Feeling frustrated right now ?

  30. I’m starting to think the same. I’ve tried 3 times. My granddaughter said get it nanny you’ll love it. They use windows 10 at school, But getting it is another story…. i tried again last night & still waiting my screen has been black with a pale blue windows sign in the middle now for about 18/19 hours & still nothing ?

  31. Computer went through windows 10 upgrade then got error message 0xc000000f. I have a Toshiba satellite c660 laptop Windows 7, now my computer only comes up with this error message and I cannot recover it. Please can anyone help I do not have Windows 7 disc or a recovery disc. Desperate Tracy

  32. All of the above relate to “Something Happened”. In my case, I click “Upgrade”, then “save” then “run”, and then nothing happens.

  33. My problem seems to be unique. I went through the whole upgrade (didn’t want to, but hoped it would solve a sound issue I was having). Now the OS isn’t really working. I cannot access many things (like the start menu). This is how I am using my computer: after inputting my user password, I get a black screen. With CTRL ALT DEL I get task manager to open, by asking the FILE menu to RUN A NEW TASK I can get into my computer files. Then I can actually open my desktop (although all the icons aren’t there), and open Chrome. I can also open my MS Word and other files. There are many programs and processes that won’t open, however. The errors I am getting are OLEACC.dll (most common problem) and ODBC32.dll (sometimes right after the previous). A couple times I got 0x80070057 . Usually I try something, get asked if I want to let a program change my computer, get the error code, and get booted back to the black screen (back to open task manager and then the other windows are there, too).

    I am fairly computer literate and have tried a lot of things. I can’t get into device manager, so I cannot do anything from there. Holding down SHIFT when restarting allowed me to get a bunch of options (advanced and not). Most of them wouldn’t work. And, just for kicks, my computer reset with Win 10 WITHOUT giving an option in Recovery to go back to 8.1 (I would in a freaking heartbeat). My only recovery point is the post Win 10 failure point (the black screen point). I have tried to run command prompt things such as SFC /SCANNOW but it wouldn’t finish the process. I am worried that at any point my computer could just fail (house of cards with all my prodding around). I’ve been working on this for most of the past 24 hours except when I was sleeping, and I am about to tear my hair out.

    Can I just try to reinstall Windows 10? Is that possible, and if so, how? Making a USB copy of the program is an option, but would require me going out to purchase an empty USB (where?) and I happen to be on the road in Tibet (making all this more stressful as now I cannot get my VPN to work, hence I am not able to get in touch with all my gmail and FB contacts that include computer savvy people who might have an instant fix for me).

  34. hi…my lappy shutdown due to incapable battery as the power went off
    and as i switched on my lappy it is asking to download it again..
    so please help as i dont want to redownload the downloaded files..

  35. that’s it with Microsoft, this is disgusting, I’m keeping my old laptop with windows xp on it just to run my old t trusty Visual Studio 2005, for my every day use I’m moving to MAC yes MAAAAC for hell sake, i’ve been an iPhone user for years, it just makes a lot of since to me, despite, or because I’ve been a windows user since windows 95 i’m finding it just a pain in neck, that’s what it is, and Microsoft support is horrific when existing….

  36. Three attempts to upgrade Windows 7 Professional to 10 – all proceeding smoothly and ending at 99% of installation completed then it sits for hours……NOTHING. No messages, no prompts, NADA. Maybe I should take this as an omen? I would have been happy to have received some sort of error message that at least gave me a clue why it couldn’t complete that last 1%!

  37. On my computer when I upgrade it says:

    “Please turn off your antivirus and try again.”

  38. I just had the installation failed failed during safe OS boot error . I had my external USB HDD drive connected. I will try it again without the USB HDD connected .

    This PC is dual booting the regular anniversary update win 10 on metal and windows insider test builds on an SSD (both internal drives. )

    The SSD is the one that failed to install the latest windows test build and reverted back to what it had …maybe the bootloader got confused with a USB HDD connected and one of the restarts failed to boot to the SSD and complete the install .

  39. reply to self :

    Disconcerting the USB hard drive fixed my windows 10 install and hanging error above and the new windows 10 14955.rs2 test build rolled in on this SSD in maybe 15 or 20 min.

  40. I keep asking why Microsoft hasn’t done something about the issues everyone seems to be having with their product Windows 10 – My problems haven’t been fixed by the two Microsoft Level 2 technicians I’ve had ‘help’ from. I am currently using a laptop with no inboard memory of my files (they are on an external Hard Drive. I can’t Update W10 because they can’t update the system reserved partition – I can’t even find the system reserved partition on my solid state hard drive. I used AOMEI wizard to find hidden partitions, it turned up 10 partitions no none of them were the SRP – Brilliant – Not – another day another struggle I am having serious issues with the latest Windows 10 upgrade – Microsoft hasn’t been able to solve the issues – my SSD has been partitioned into 5 partitions – one of which was titled unallocated – Windows 10 (Microsoft) message “We (Windows 10) couldn’t update System Reserved Partition”
    I have tried to make this partition Merge with my primary Acer (C) drive but it wouldn’t merge.
    I tried to reduce the size of this partition to allow the windows 10 update but it wouldn’t reduce
    I have changed the name of this unallocated partition to (D) and activated it (now an active partition)
    Because I was unable to see a partition called ‘System Reserved Partition’ I used the Partition Recovery Wizard to search my SSD – the results showed the following:
    0. (ESP) – – fat 32 – 80.00MB – primary – EFI Bootset.Boo
    1. (Acer) NTFS – 445.48MB – – Primary – no files – (Files are stored on an external hard drive)
    2. (Boot) NTFS – 3.01MB – – – – Primary – System Volume
    3. (Boot) NTFS – 3.01MB – – – – Primary – System Volume
    4. (Boot) NTFS – 3.01MB – – – – Primary – System Volume
    5. (Boot) NTFS – 3.01MB – – – – Primary – System Volume
    6. – – – – – -NTFS 831.00MB – – – Primary – look elsewhere for info?
    7. (Boot) NTFS – 3.01MB – – – – Primary – System Volume
    8. ——–NTFS – 5142.25MB – Primary – look elsewhere for info?
    9. (Boot) NTFS – 3.01MB – – – – Primary – System Volume
    Having used the Partition recovery I selected each of the partitions to understand what they were and what they contained by way of data etc.
    When I selected ach partition I was able to find the information on the right of the list above but the message below also appeared.
    The Selected Partition Overlaps With Existing Partitions, Please re-select.
    Apart from the ESP, Acer, partitions the only information I have is that I have lost 6 ‘Bootable NTFS -System Volume Partitions’ and 2 ‘NTFS Partitions’ that apparently overlap with existing Partitions.
    I am utterly at a loss to know what to do now –
    Microsoft have had a Level 2 technician assisting me with the issues I have with my Laptop but until this hard drive issue is resolves I fear they will not be able to upgrade/update Windows 10 for me – I have a system restore pendrive but the update can’t install.
    I have also got an EDS – ISO conversion USB (whatever this does??
    I still do not know where my ‘System Reserved Partition’ is – it doesn’t appear to be in the list above (unless misnamed) I do not know what to do –
    I have also contacted the SSD supplier and am awaiting a response to my question
    Can you help me to sort this hard drive so it can take the Windows 10 upgrade/update?
    Thus is beyond a joke.

  41. Tried an in-place upgrade on my Windows 10 to fix some errors. But just before it should reboot (99%) the update window apperas and a small “Installation failed” dialog apperas. No explainations or anything. Any idea anyone?

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