Use Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to Create Installation Media or Upgrade PC

Along with making the download of Windows 10 ISO file, Microsoft has also made available Windows 10 Installation Media Tool. This Media Creation Tool helps you download Windows 10, and provides the best download experience for customers running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Windows 10 Installation Media Tool

To download the Windows 10 Installation Media Tool, visit and scroll down till you see two purple Download Tool Now buttons.

The Windows Media Creation Tool will allow you to download the Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft, without having a product key. You can use it to clean install or Upgrade to Windows 10. It can be used to download the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Home N, Windows 10 Home Single Language, Windows 10 Pro and  Windows Pro N.

The tool includes file formats optimized for download speed, built-in media creation options for USB & DVDs, and allows for optional conversion to ISO file format. There are two versions of the tool available – a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version. Download the appropriate version of the tool and run it.

When you run the tool, it creates two directories on your system partition – $WINDOWS.~BT and $Windows.~WS. These folders contain the downloaded setup and installation files, and an option to resume the creation process if it fails.

When you click on it to run the tool, you will see the following screen asking you if you want to Upgrade this PC now or Create installation media for another PC.

Use Media Creation Tool to Clean install or Upgrade to Windows 10

If you click on Create installation media for another PC, you will see a screen asking you to choose the media to use. You may use a USB Flash Drive which is at least 3 GB, or you can create an ISO file, which you can burn to a DVD later if you wish. I chose to create an ISO file.

3 Media Creation Tool

In any case, once you click on Next, the downloading of Windows 10 will start.

4 Media Creation Tool

The tool will then soon automatically start creating Windows 10 media.

6 Media Creation Tool

Once the ISO file is ready, you will see two options. One is to open the location where the ISO file has been saved and the other to Open a DVD Burner software to burn the ISO to disc.

Windows 10 Installation Media Tool

I chose to open the ISO folder and run the setup file inside it to perform an in-place upgrade of my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

The upgrade process went smoothly, except for one thing…

Something happened when installing Windows 10

I received a Something Happened error screen. I closed the screen and restarted the setup. It worked, and I was able to smoothly upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

8 Media Creation Tool

If on the other hand, you select Upgrade This PC in the first screen, as mentioned above, and click on Next, you will see the following screen.

2 Media Creation Tool

Select your Language, architecture, and edition and click Next. The upgrade process will begin directly.

TIP: See this post if you receive any Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Errors.

Our next post takes you through a screenshot tutorials which shows how you can clean install or Upgrade to Windows 10, using Windows 10 ISO file you created here.

This post will show you how to install any version of Windows from one USB flash drive.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Igor Ruckert

    I’ve already downloaded and upgraded to Windows 10, the install files are sill in C: rool folder. Can I use them (Install.esd) to create a installation media, or must I download the entire thing again? (slow connection, that’s why I’m asking)

  2. You need to download and use the tool.

  3. If I sometime might have to reset my device, updated from 8.1 to 10, what OS version will I get than? Again 8.1 or 10?

  4. The Factory Reset would take you back to the original OS that came installed on your device. Using Reset this PC via Windows 10 Settings app would reset Windows 10 back to Windows 10 settings only.

  5. Thank you for feedback. I’m a little confused because the Windows 10 app informs about a possible return to 8.1 only within a month from now.

  6. That is the Rollback feature. More here: It will take you back to the Windows 8.1 with Update installation you ran.

  7. Alberto Gorin

    I made copies in to dvd rom memory stick I even save the Media Creation in to dvd.i even saved technical beta versions

  8. ??? ???? ?????

    please help i get this after the setup download

    setup couldn’t start properly please repot your pc an try running windows 10 setup again

  9. gng

    maybe your computer don’t have the original virgin of windows ..

  10. Sting32

    if I download the HOME 64 bit ISO, wil it also upgrade the PRO? (am going to assume 64 bit only of course) because I have downloaded both HOME and PRO to 2 thumbdrives (bought in a 2 pack of 4gigs each) they are identical and you cannot write on them. I did with a Sharpie permanent, but it wiped off onto fingers, but didn’t realize that either until now. they got tossed into a drawer, (kingston DTR G2’s) and now I dont know which one is for which OS, all I know is they are both 64 bit versions.

  11. Marcia Butler

    I was too impatient and upgraded via the media creation
    tool. The install was a breeze, and no problems. Everything was
    going fine until I decided to have a login PIN. Once I changed to this my
    computer lost much of its function…system functions. I can click on the
    start menu, but none of the choices will work. I can use my internet, and
    all my MS Office etc, but much of the system stuff seems dead. I have
    read many forums and so has my son and so far no one has posted any problems
    like this. I have tried system restore back to the day of install, but it
    didn’t resolve this issue…but I no longer have my login PIN I am back to the
    password. My son suggested it might be a driver problem since I didn’t
    wait for Microsoft to give the green light. Any help or suggestions you
    have will be greatly appreciated. I have been thinking about reverting back to Win 7 and waiting for Microsoft to tell me when to upgrade. Is this even possible?

  12. Marcia Butler

    If I choose Reset this PC will that be like a factory reset and wipe out all personal stuff? Or will it reset only the system files?

  13. When you Reset Your PC, all personal files will be removed and settings restored to default values.

  14. Andrea Dolan

    My daughter has the same problem you describe. Let me know if you find a solution, please. Thank you,

  15. Marcia Butler

    Will do! Hoping HappyAndyK will have some ideas!!

  16. Yes it could be Drivers… Try this…cant say it will work – but no harm trying 😛

  17. Marcia Butler

    Thanks for the ideas. I will try them after work and let you know.

  18. Marcia Butler

    I tried all 3 ideas that you suggested + windows updates, to no avail. I still can’t really access most of the windows options. I can however use my browser and my own programs such as MS Office, Quicken etc. I know Reset this PC is an option, but I am gonna hold out for a fix first. Its a lot of work building my workable computer !!!

    I can use windows explorer. I can click on the start menu, but when it opens all the options are like broken links. None of the live tiles do anything. It just seems like something is missing. If I right click on the desktop I can choose any of the options…like personalize, but then none of the options work. I can however find a picture and right click it to set as wallpaper and that process works.

    I thought I would tell you a few of the quirks I am dealing with. Maybe something will make sense to you???

  19. Marcia Butler

    I did try these 3 fixes and no difference. What I am now wondering is this…I am considering rolling back to Win7. If I roll back to Win7 will I ever be able to go to Win10 again? I have since downloaded the ISO file and wanted to try installing it again in the near future. Any suggestions?

  20. Hyphen

    I have just put the media creation tool on windows 10 download, as stated above and chose Upgrade this PC what should I choose when it asks which edition I want as stated above in article , as now I have windows 7 home basic , can I choose windows 10 pro? IS it your own preference what you want or you will only get Basic windows 10?????

  21. Joey van Beek

    When it’s done with making media for windows 10, the progam shuts down, it happened 2 times. And i have Windows 8.1

  22. Piyush Rochwani

    What to do if after resetting my pc its showing g inaccessible-boot-device?

  23. Subroto Biswas

    Sir, Im trying to create bootable USB media but its fails. after its download process completed and starting media creation process then its shows “Something happened”. How can i fix it?

  24. victor

    I installed windows 10 from the ISO file sitting on the desktop of my PC. Can I make a backup copy of windows 10 by simply copying ( i.e.burning) the ISO file, still sitting on the desktop, into a DVD/

  25. abhishek raju

    my windows is not activated . tool ask for product key. and idon’t know my product key..what should i do???

  26. Michael Kelley

    Stop pirating software.

  27. Sandbox Gamer

    Same here

  28. Rohit Sharma

    Cool…. I changed my Hard Disk to an SSD and Windows got activated by itself…

  29. dany hog

    Hello sir. I am having the original version of Windows 8.1 which came as OEM with my Dell Vostro. I did a terrible mistake instead of upgrading I downloaded Windows 10 iso and mounted as a drive and installed. And now Windows is asking for Product key, and i am not able to activate. Later only I came to know that I should have selected the option “Upgrade my PC”. I really want a solution. Please help

  30. You will have in fresh install Windows 8.1. Activate it using the OEM key and then upgrade the activated Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and ensure that it too gets activated.

  31. jesu raja

    i am getting this below problem any one having solution for this help me please


    what to do is it come that something happened? if i restart the pc would it be converted from windows7 to 10. plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Chris Malan

    I chose the ‘Upgrade this PC now’ option. After the very long download it gave me the same ‘Something happened’ message you had. Surely MS saved the downloaded files somewhere. It’s not in the C root directory. Any idea where it may be to prevent this long-long download again?


  34. Chris Malan

    Further to my previous post: I ended up downloading the .iso file. Again, there was an error message. Searching revealed that this was because the partition on which Windows resides is not set as the active partition. It’s a Linux dual boot computer used belonging to my wife. Even she uses Windows just for Amazon’s Audible books. So I set the Windows partition as active. Installation now goes further, but stops and tells me Windows cannot determine if there is enough free space. There is 308GB free on the Windows partition. Further searches reveal I have to delete the other partitions. That’s not going to happen. Decent software should be able to take into account that it is not going to be installed in the active partition and that there may be many partitions on the disk. It can even come up with questions after detecting the different partitions. In the immortal words of Cliff Barnes of Dallas fame, MS can put Windows 10 where the sun doesn’t shine.

  35. Christos

    8007000? error?

  36. Christos

    product key?halloooooo

  37. Christoph Ruys

    I tried to create a USB flash drive after I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in order to be able to perform a clean install afterwards. It however fails every time with error code 0xC180010B – 0xA0019. I’ve searched for solutions but did not find out what is going wrong. Anyone has advice ?

  38. Brian

    What if I have windows 10 and chose upgrade this PC will all my personal files be lost? thanks!

  39. Yes I get the same problem. and i can’t install sql server, i got message that windows update service doesn’t have online access to the microsoft and when i click on power, there is no sleep button there.
    How can i solve it?

  40. Adam

    the tool is not where the link takes you… so could anyone help me please

  41. There is a blue button at that web page. Download Tool now.

  42. Adam

    Which button is it?

  43. Ethan Powell

    hello guys im having a problem with the tool. Im trying to install it on my flash drive which isn’t the problem ,but when I try to select the edition it doesnt show windows 10 pro (on my current system I have the pro edition) and I really would prefer the pro edition for my new rig. Can someone help me??

  44. samaj bhadndari

    i have upgraded the windows 8 to windows 10, but i got japanese lanuage in my system as my dynabook is from japan despite i have added english language pack via control panel

  45. George

    Hi i used my usb to create an installation file for another pc,i thought it was just going to create the file but instead it also deleted all the fies that were in the usb,is this process reversible? Please help

  46. HowdyTheCowboyPig

    You WILL be able to reinstall, as long as you have a CD where you can burn the ISO onto.

  47. HowdyTheCowboyPig

    You just made your device unable to boot (start the OS), meaning you need to reinstall windows via a CD – or, technically any medium (USB Drive etc.) that can install Windows.

  48. HowdyTheCowboyPig

    Naturally. Burn the IOS onto a disc, for example. Windows 10 has a native way to backup your PC tho.

  49. HowdyTheCowboyPig

    Good job on trying to protect your pirated shitpiece, mate.
    Just buy a legit Windows.

  50. HowdyTheCowboyPig

    Possibly Windows didn’t see the OEM on the HDD but figured it out on the SSD?
    BTW right click on the start button (button with the windows icon)->System then scroll down and you will have the option to check your PC whether it’s activated.

  51. Zahid Nazeer

    I am having trouble to install an app using .Net Framework.I troubleshoot that problem and i got this error.Error code: 0x800736b3. Can anybody solve this problem.i have searched this problem on google and i tried to install missing files but i can’t.

  52. sreeharsha hanumanthu

    I brought windows 8 in July of 2013 with my Samsung laptop. And later I came to know it can’t be dual booted. Actually I have to work on Linux OS for my research things so in order to dual boot my system I lost the windows 8(it was crashed they said) and by the time when I lost my OS it was upgraded version i.e. windows 8.1. And one more thing I don’t remember it was professional or ultimate. Is it possible now to get my windows back and also Is there any chance of making it dual booted. Please guide me. Note: I am using same PC.

  53. Nikhil Malvankar

    After burning the ISO to disk can i use it to install windows 10 later when windows 10 wont be free to install like it is now?

  54. You will have to install it and activate it on your current device. Then you may go back to your old OS. If you do this, you will be able to install Windows 10 on the same device anytime in future.

  55. Nikhil Malvankar

    I had windows 10 installed but had to reset to windows 8.1 because of “start menu not working” error , so what can i do to make sure that i can have windows 10 for free later . i have been using the same Microsoft account .

  56. Since you had it installed, you will be able to install it on this same device later on when you want to.

  57. Nikhil Malvankar

    thank you

  58. Fareeha Kanwal

    greetings sir!!! my laptop ran out of battery while final installation of window 10 upgrade & now it prompts for OS error what to do plz guide me…

  59. That could be a problem. You need to know the exact error message that you receive. Then search here:

  60. Fareeha Kanwal

    it says You will need to activate Windows before upgrading but i know the problm is not the os but the interruption of unexpected shutdown . now i am downloading the upgrade again with media creation tool will it work for me ??

  61. J

    Is it already downloading anniversary update? Or still an older version?

  62. Tecknowlogee

    August 2 -#Win10AU

  63. DigiBlade

    The links for Media Creation Tool are not 1067! this is old MCT 10586!!! Dont Download!

  64. Manas

    i was asked to download windows media creation tool …but here instead of downloading one is asking permission to upgrade the whole thing…why it is so ???
    customers have data restrictions man…u must understand

  65. bXyJ3vW4SaYfPfh6

    4k high-dpi monitor fix yet? nah. we’ll completely ignore the problem for another 2 years. — sincerely (all the morons at microsoft)

  66. bXyJ3vW4SaYfPfh6

    4k high-dpi monitor fix yet? nah. we’ll completely ignore the problem for another 2 years. — sincerely (all the morons at microsoft)

    edit: for the numb nuts at microsoft that don’t know what the f I’m talking about, try installing windows 10 on a 4k monitor. You see the [next] buttons? NOPE YOU CANT BECAUSE THEY’RE HIDDEN! you see how the partition size window scales in parts but doesn’t in others? you see how completely and utterly stoopit this makes microsoft look when the problem has been around for more than 2 years and its not fixed yet? I mean this entire effing reet ard-makes-a-installer issue could be fixed by simply allowing the USER to resize the goddamn window. but f the user. why the hell wouldn’t you allow users to resize the installer window? ~sigh~ come on microsoft. ….waiting 2 years for this sht to be fixed. 2 years I’ve owned a 4k monitor. 2 years I’ve put up with this bulls hit.

  67. Abishek Guroong

    after its upgrade ….. can we use the installed softwares and apps in win 10 that we installed in previous windows……?????

  68. Abishek Guroong

    please answer it…..

  69. Yes. But the incompatible one’s may get disabled.

  70. Abishek Guroong

    when we make microsoft account it asks for a code….how to get that …???? please explain in detail…

  71. Jay Gruenwald

    Hello Anand. I downloaded Windows 10 on my pc running windows 7. It worked great! (I love Windows 10) After a few months, I had to reload Windows 7 due to a major infection. The install went well, and the pc is working fine with Windows 7. As I do not have a Windows 10 operating system disc, how can I get Windows 10 back on my pc? Thank you. Jay

  72. Bruce Lee

    I already have Win7 Ultimate before i was XP in the same machine. Upgraded to 7 and now i want to switch it to Win10. Is it possible.

  73. Jess Smith

    Hi. I am running windows 7 right now but have forgotten my administrative password and can not work out how to remove or change it. If I upgrade to windows 10 will I need the password to begin with or will it all be wiped

  74. Alex

    No, it would have been possible if you upgraded in late July as Microsoft gave you a year to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to 10.

  75. Alex

    It wont be wiped, but you can run Windows in safe mode, run the hidden administrator account and recover your account from there. Good luck

  76. VINAY B U

    using the media creation tool x86 i tried to upgrade win7 to win10, all steps are done but for more than 2 hrs it is showing getting updates and checking for updates,
    what to do?

    thank you

  77. Antony Small

    Hi I want to reset my pc but my windows 10 is an OEM version will I have to purchase an other Windows 10 OEM before I reset

  78. Tim Tomlins

    I have a computer with only 1 SSD that is failing. I used Jelly Bean Keyfinder to extract my windows activation code. I’m at work now, so not sure, but I think the original OS was Win7 subsequently upgraded for free to Windows 10. When I use Media Creation Tool to load windows on a new HDD which Edition should I select Win7 or Win10? Will my activation code that was provided for Win7 work to activate Win10?

  79. Dj56

    hi, I have two computers w7 updated w10. one of them I did a clean install of w10 with the media creation tool, iso file, dvd. very satisfied, no bloatware hp and so. can I update the other computer with the same dvd? or do I have to do the whole thing again on that computer?
    thanks in advance.

  80. Kang Tri

    I have Windows 10 .iso format from third party. Can I use it to upgrade my current Windows 7 using MediaCreation Tool without download directly from Windows host?

  81. John

    I don’t see the 2 purple download now buttons. I’ve also downloaded the ISO and put it on a USB flash drive. Can’t find the Microsoft media creation tool

  82. I see a blue ‘Download Tool’ now button there. that’s the one you click on.

  83. Blood Titan

    If I want to upgrade from Windows 10 Pro 32-bit to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, what do I choose? I only see Windows 10, Windows 10 N and Windows 10 Home Single Language

  84. Peter

    PC will not boot into Win10 ater Upgrade to Creators Edition.
    1 Day old PC, X99, 6 core CPU, 32GB RAM & SSD fresh install of Win10. Last night Windows did the Windows 10 Creators Update v1703. All went fine with the upgrade with the Creators Update, rebooted back into Windows OK. Started Blizzard to run WOW (which had been running fine before the Update), message came up telling me my new PC was not powerful enough to run program. I rebooted & Win 10 Creators Edition will not start at all, Windows logo & spinning dots for a while & then blank screen.
    I just used the Media Creation tool on a USB key today, how do I know whether it is Windows 10 v1607 or Windows v1703 version on my USB. I need to repair a failed v1703 upgrade.

  85. Peter

    Sorry but I beleive you will need to do a fresh install. I am in the same situation with my Win 7 Laptop that had Win 7 32bit when I received it.

  86. Tony Kean

    no they will not be lost
    you can choose whether to keep personal files or start from beginning when updating your Windows 10 PC

  87. James D

    Non of these options have worked for me the system always fails to install updates, or I get the no changes were made error. Have tried bookable disk and USB. As of this time I am unable to install any updates or reset my pc.

  88. Dianajewh Hoffmantjm

    Go to google search “Vanskeys” to get windows 10 key.

  89. Dianajewh Hoffmantjm

    Go to google search ” vanskeys . com ” to get windows 10 key.

  90. Biju Nair

    facing same issue

  91. Raja Aziz Ahmed

    Hi, My laptop dell 5558 with win 10 has windows problem. its not booting and I have data in it. Would someone please help to protect the data. Thanks

  92. MR2

    I have a Windows 10 ISO and I want to create a USB media for installation. Is it possible to use this tool to create that media from an already downloaded ISO file?

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