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Fix error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 during Windows 10 Upgrade

The error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 is a Windows status code for CBS_E_NOT_APPLICABLE, which essentially means that an update requirement is missing or the files that are already installed are already of a higher version than the ones that are pending. […]

How to perform Windows 10 In-place upgrade

How to perform Windows 10 in-place upgrade

There are several ways to upgrade Windows 10. You can use Windows Update service to download the feature update, or you can create an ISO, or you can use the Media Creation Tool. The last one helps you perform Windows […]

How to get the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

How to get the Windows 10 v1909 November 2019 Update

Microsoft will start offering Windows 10 v1909 November 2019 Update soon now, and I am sure that most of you must be looking forward to installing it as soon as it is made publicly available. This post shows the various […]

Windows 10 Upgrade error codes

Windows 10 Upgrade error codes and solutions

If your Windows 10 Upgrade has failed and if you have noted down the error code, then this post offers some basic solutions to troubleshoot & resolve the problem. We have seen how to troubleshoot Windows 10 Installation & Update […]


Fix Windows 10 Upgrade or Activation error 0xc03f6506

Many home users tend to get a computer that comes installed with Windows 10 Home. Since Windows 10 Pro offers even more features and utilities than Windows 10 Home, many prefer to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. […]


Fix Windows 10 Upgrade error code 0xc7700112

If you receive error code 0xc7700112 while trying to upgrade Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, then this post offers a fix that may help you resolve the issue. This error code may appear when you […]

8007001F - 0x3000D

Fix Windows Upgrade Error Code 8007001F – 0x3000D

When upgrading, if the Windows Setup fails with Error Code 8007001F – 0x3000D, then technically it means that there is a problem with the user profile migration on the computer. The exact cause in technical terms is: The installation failed in […]

Error 0x800f0900 on Windows 10

Fix Windows Update Error 0x800f0900 on Windows 10

When trying to update or upgrade Windows 10 using Windows Update, if you encounter an Error 0x800f0900, the problem is probably due to some corrupted files that are on your system. The chances are that the Windows Database may have been […]

0x8007002C - 0x400D

We couldn’t install Windows 10 0x8007002C – 0x400D

When trying to install Windows 10 or upgrade Windows 10, you may get an error which says ‘We couldn’t install Windows 10, 0x8007002C-0x400D‘ with a detailed error message as ‘The installation failed in the SECOND_BOOT phase with an error during […]


Error 0x800F0923 on Windows 10 during Upgrade or Installation

While upgrading Windows 10 if you see Windows Upgrade or Installation error 0x800F0923 on your Windows 10, know that it is because a driver or other software on your PC isn’t compatible with the upgrade to Windows 10. Here is the working […]