How IT administrators can troubleshoot Windows 10 upgrade errors

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  1. I wonder whether I am reading it late or on the correct date of release of this article is NOW, today!

    This computer from which I am posting this is OK for and after upgrade which is from 7

    But I have (had a second one) another computer with 8.1, and another user id, it used to complete 75% of update if my memory is correct but on rebooting after 75% it used to display some upgrade impossibility and start going back to 8.1 always.

    As NOW that computer is in a different location, I don’t know the correct status.

    All I know is that it is still working with 8.1!

    Each upgrade was only tried by me whenever I used to go there, as I am using computers for a long duration than the present user, … daughter!

    On enquiring she tells me that the 10 upgrade offer button that appears at the bottom does not appear any more, though upgrade offer was accepted during its validity time!

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