How to use Contact Support app in Windows 10


  1. Hi Anand,

    I am on Build 10166 and it is not in my Store access. All I have for MS is Microsoft Premier Services. Is this Region/Location specific? I am in Alberta, Canada.


  2. Well right now, DOSBOX is malfunctioning ever since I installed Windows 10 and older games I have that don’t use it such as Deus Ex will begin starting up but won’t run and give error message. Such a pain.

  3. HI i recently updated my phone with windows 10 in lUMIA 1520. My handset stopped working and unable to download or update any application. Even when i turn on the phone and it says not for resale.It freezes after 5 second and handset gets stuck on call or any whatsapp. My email id is Please resolve my issue

  4. And one more thing which i want to know is my handset warranty is expired, Please let us know if u need any IMEI no too, let me know

  5. I have tried at least 20 times to upgrade to Windows 10, but it fails every time. KB3035583 hasn’t been run is the reason, but it appears as having been an update.

  6. Hi Anand
    Have a rather strange porblem with Windows 10. Computer starts fine, albeit loading slower than usual. Then, when I put in the password and enter, I just get a black screen. Nothing is working, not even the cursor.
    I had the computer on earlier, working fine. Then I left it for a while, and when I came back the screen was black. Started repair, but was told after it had done about 8% that it could not fix the problem.
    Any suggestion for how I can fix this?
    Jonn Mero

  7. Thanks Anand, At least your second suggestion recognises the problem. Now it is just to try. Cheers.

  8. I have a windows 10 upgrade. It does not work. I cannot log onto my account because its over 10 years old and god knows which user id and pw. none work. I want to fix windows 10 upgrade or get it off my laptop. pls help

  9. Hi, Just coverted to widows 10 but havinf a problem with incoming mail using outlook, where the fonts is very small and I cannot increase the size . I did sort out send mail etc. Please help. Michael M

  10. hi anand,

    i am using windows 10 pro and the problem is it is not getting any updates and apps are also not updating.when i press check for updates this info is coming….”There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x8024402f)”. I have tried many solutions.Please help me out with this one.I have even reset windows but still the problem exists.

  11. Due to an accident my Laptop is broken beyond repair. I bought a new Laptop and need to re-install my Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010. How can I re-install my Office Home.?

  12. Hi anand, am am facing a problem of ‘error code’ on my Lumia 520……. I can’t update my watsapp and other apps on my phone again……please help me!!!

  13. Dear Sir

    Good Day

    Refer to below message

    I was purchased Microsoft Lumia 540 in Nov. 2015 with scheme Rs. 300 cash back
    in every month for 1 year

    After 3 month cash back scheme is expired by Mobikwik
    mailed us that this scheme is expired

    Please resolved this issue


  14. Since installing Windows 10 I am unable to create documents in MSPublisher and/or save documents of information copied and pasted from articles on websites for from messages. When trying to save my work, the screen print fades and the status bar reads (not responding), the blue circle keeps rotating, but never completes the save, thus causing me to lose all the work I have done. Help!!

  15. why has a software thats meant to be a “brilliant” upgrade been created and so many people are having so much trouble with it???? and does windows 10 have keylogging??? windows is slowly losing peoples trust and patience

  16. hi, good morning. i am unable to type in ‘hindi’. i have selected the ‘ENG/HIN’ button on the lower right side. however when i type the key board doesnot respond properly. For example i press ‘h’ key and ‘p’ gets displayed.

  17. i have upgraded my operating system from windows 7 to windows 10 after continuous alerts from microsoft….since then my speakers are not at all functioning and faced very much difficulties in using my computer….please provide me the details how can i fix the problem…..

  18. Its not a genuine call. It some scam. Disconnect from the internet and scan your computer with a good antivirus software. And yes, take the PC to someone your trust personally.

  19. In Windows 8.1 about 2 years ago I purchased the Plex app
    on a Microsoft Account that I no longer use, but I can sign in to.
    Now I am using Windows 10 and a different Microsoft account.
    Is there any way to get the Plex app I already payed for
    to show as purchased in my current Microsoft account ?
    Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  20. Hello A friend I am tryin to help out Has a win 10 problem…he reloaded Win 10 and it updates and adds 20 gigs of updates and maxed out his small drive on a new Asus with 50 gigs of drive. Any thoughts why ?

  21. I have a download problem where it keeps duplicating, even the ones already in my download files will do this now. I have deleted all recent programs and have used virus program and malware programs that I have and it found a map program but it was deleted. What can I do?

  22. Microsoft shut down my computer! I received a Microsoft message number 2 that I had a virus in my computer and I needed to contact Microsoft support immediately. An Asian Indian from Las Vegas answered, then proceeded to attempt to sell me $179 protection package right then. He said Mcafee was not sufficient. His analogy of a guard outside my bedroom did not protect my husband or son was not applicable in the least. He said his name was Jerry and asked only my first name. I honestly did not have $179 or I would have been pressured to buy. Now my computer is jacked up- cannot even close programs or use off-line. Shame on Microsoft for such as unprofessional approach. I have a very bad taste in my mouth- especially after staring in the Microsoft products screen fir about 45″. My next computer will not be a Microsoft based one. Has anyone had any issues such as mine and what is a recourse?

  23. Hi I’m trying to turn on windows defender. When i push turn on i’m taken to user acct. control. Have to enter an admin..and password…But i put in my microsoft password and it’s the wrong password. Are these the same.

  24. hi i am facing issue with my hotmail login i ad fight with my friend so i need to change my security mail id but i believe he has already changed details so i am unable to login to my hotmail id

  25. I just found out my camera a sony cybershot DSC H 1 is about the ONLY cybershot that Windows 10 will NOT allow to download pics!!! WHY!? Is there anything I can do, right now I was to scream! I HAVE to be able to download my pictures! It is my business!!!

  26. HELLO AM ARUN I HAVE A WINDOWS PHONE 535 BUT APPS OR NOT DOWNLODING THERE SHOWING ERROR CODE 80070020 im changing date andtime but it’s not downloading please help me fast

  27. The Win 10 updates are unpredictable. I’m scared to death each time the automatic updates (which I can not disable) happen. After an update one of more installed software stop working and need re-installing. I have no viruses or cracked software. The last Win 10 update corrupted the MBR (Master Boot Record) on my 2 laptops and 1 desktop. 3 computers done the same update at the same time and having corrupted MBRs is NOT a coincidence. Microsoft owes $900 just for this damage alone. i spent $300 for each computer to have the drives removed and put new drives in so I can keep my data that was not corrupted in the old hard drives. The “reset Win 10” without losing personal data function in the advanced settings was not working on all 3 computers. Thank God I had 3 spare SSDs as a backup, but it is such a hassle going through the old hard drives and saving all the data in different locations. I’m switching to MAC and ditching everything PC related – PERIOD!

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