How to get Help in Windows 10

If you are facing problems and wondering how to get help in Windows 10, then this post lists some built-in support options, as well as Help Desk, Support or Community forums and websites options, where you can get help. Take a look at these options & resources.

How to get Help in Windows 10

How to get help in Windows 10

While you could download Windows Help Program WinHlp32.exe for Windows 8.1, Microsoft has decided to move most of Windows 10 Help online. So if you have any application open and you press F1 or Fn+F1, the local help may not be available. Here are the help options available to you in Windows 10:

  1. Use the F1 key
  2. Use the Get Started app
  3. Enable Tips via Windows Settings
  4. Use the Search bar or Cortana
  5. Use the Contact Support app
  6. Use Microsoft Answer Desk
  7. Request Email or Chat support
  8. Contact Microsoft Customer Support by Phone
  9. Follow Twitter account
  10. Via Microsoft Store
  11. Other ways
  12. Use TWC Search bar
  13. Use Quick Assist.
  14. Other useful links.

1] Use the F1 key

Clicking on the F1 key will normally fire up your browser, which will offer you Bing results about Windows 10 Help.

2] Use the Get Started app

Typing help in taskbar search will display the Get Started app in the results. This has a lot of help topics to get you started.

3] Enable Tips via Windows Settings

Make sure that you have opened Settings > System > Notifications & actions and ensured that the Show me tips about Windows is set to On.

4] Use the Search bar or Cortana

You could use the taskbar search bar or ask Cortana to search online for help.

5] Use the Contact Support app

Use the built-in Contact Support app to chat with Microsoft. Using it, you will be able to chat online with a Microsoft Answer Tech support staff. Using the app, you can also arrange a call-back.

6] Use Microsoft Answer Desk

You could use the services of Microsoft Answer Desk, a live paid Tech Support site, to chat with a Microsoft support executive.

7] Request Email or Chat support

You can also contact Microsoft Support by email and chat. If a Customer Service Agent is online and available for chat here, you will see a message to this effect. If not, you will see Instant Chat: Customer Service Agents are OFFLINE message, on the right side. You may then try and visit this page for Chat support. Use this form to email Microsoft. They will contact you back via email.

8] Contact Microsoft Customer Support by Phone

You can contact Microsoft Customer Support at Phone Number 1 800-642-7676 or at

9] Follow Twitter account

The Microsoft Support Official Twitter Account is @MicrosoftHelps.

10] Other ways

There are more ways to contact Microsoft Support via phone, etc., including for OEM support.

11] Via Microsoft Store

You can also get Windows 10 Help & Support from a Microsoft Store. This post also lists some paid options.

12] Use TWC Search bar

Search for your problem citing the specific problem you get or the error you receive using our TWC Search. Chances are high; you will see something helpful. If not, you may request us to develop a tutorial. If we can, we will do it. Else you can always request support from our forum members at TWC Forums.

13] Use Quick Assist

You can now also give or take Tech Support remotely using Quick Assist in Windows 10.

14] Other useful links

Here are some links that will help you take the first step in resolving your Windows 10 problems:

  1. Windows 10 Problems, Issues with solutions and fixes
  2.  Windows 10 Support and Solutions. Try these Universal Guru Fixes
  3. FixWin for Windows 10 is a portable freeware that allows you to fix and repair issues and annoyances, with a single click.

You may want to read these links which may help you when seeking help and support from Microsoft:

  1. Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool in Windows is used by Microsoft Support to help diagnose Windows problems. When you contact Microsoft Support for any help, the support professional will give you a Passkey. You are required to open the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool and enter the Passkey. You should know this beforehand.
  2. The Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool facilitates the gathering of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support issues. This information helps diagnose problems in the software quicker and provide solutions.
  3. Microsoft Easy Assist allows a Microsoft support professional to remotely connect to your computer and help you solve a problem. Using a secure connection, the support professional can view your desktop and perform diagnostics and troubleshooting steps.

All the best!

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  1. SeppWinkler

    It is a big disadvantage that MS and other companies are leaving old help files that are very useful in situation when the problem disables internet connection. I know situations, when I had to use another computer with functional connection to find solution how to solve problem on another computer. It is annoying.

  2. Sorry this is maybe a wrong post to ask but can you tell me how to stop automatic updates in windows 10?

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