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  1. There should be an option called My Library when you click on your image next to search bar. It shows all apps that you downloaded.

  2. Could be damaged driver. Press Win+Break to open Device Manager (you will see link in left pane). Under keyboard in Device Manager, uninstall whatever it is showing (like PS/2 keyboard device etc). Then click on Actions menu and select “Scan for hardware changes”. It will take a moment to reinstall keyboard driver. If Scan for hardware changes is not available, make sure you have clicked or selected something in the Device Manager list

  3. It should appear when you log in using Microsoft account. Towards top-right, just before search bar.

  4. Can i create lan to play multiplayer games with my brother ? in windows 10, i cant play any games in local network 🙁

  5. You can easily create a peer to peer network if both computers are running Windows 10. That should enable you to play multiplayer games. If you have an Xbox Live account, you can play online multiplayer games with anyone connected to the Internet. There was news that new subscriptions of Xbox Live won’t be charged on Windows 10. Haven’t tested it yet but you can give it a try.

  6. Hi I have 2 issues ,I would like to upgrade from xp to win10 ,what do I need to do also I need to get win7 64 bit in english to reload win7 64bit in chinese as our tech guy has left and he was chinese and we cant read chinese so as it was a pc for our band its quite hard to access help

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