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Windows 10 was supposed to be a smooth rollout. The initial plan of Microsoft was to install a Get Windows App which was to check your computer if it is fully prepared to receive the Windows 10 upgrade. In a blog post, Microsoft said that the Get Windows App will not only try to fix issues but also notify you in case you have to contact manufacturers of your hardware parts. Only when satisfied, Get Windows App would have given a go ahead for upgrading to Windows 10. However, it also launched Media Creation Tool and made it public instead of limiting it to Windows Insiders. And that has caused a multitude of issues to arise for many. Anyway, help is at hand – 24/7. You can not only use Contact Support App in Apps under Start, you can get help live in any Microsoft Store for free.


Microsoft Answer Desk and it has a range of options for you to get help – most of the methods are free and for some high level problems – basically unlimited software support – they’ll charge you some money. I am covering everything I know about this Answer Desk in this post. But first, I will talk about my experience with Get Support App in a few lines.

Using Get Support App

When one of our readers complained about shutdown problems, I decided to ask Microsoft directly and went on to open the Get Support App. The app gave me three options: call, chat and visit Microsoft Answers. Since a long distance call was impossible and Microsoft Answers is an arrow shot in dark, I decided to go for a chat and the experience was good. I got connected to a CSE without any wait and the issue was resolved within minutes. I am including it just that so you know how easy it has become to contact the once unreachable Microsoft support.

Microsoft Answers Desk

Coming back to Microsoft Answer Desk, it is another step by Microsoft to provide you with help in all possible ways – that too, free in almost all cases, especially if it is related to Windows 10. You get the following options:

  1. Microsoft Answers (No need to use it when you can call or chat for free)
  2. Chat support (free for Windows 10)
  3. Phone support (also free)
  4. Get help from a nearby Microsoft store (free in almost all cases)

With all these Microsoft Support options available, you won’t have to jump from one forum to another anticipating someone might help you regarding your Windows 10 issues. Of course there are some known issues about which Microsoft may not be able to help straightaway, but for other issues – like upgrading to Windows 10 – each channel is just as perfect.

Get Windows 10 Help & Support from a Microsoft Store

I am not including chat and phone support as you might already be acquainted with the modes. And since Microsoft Answers is post your issue and wait for days for someone to respond, it will leave it out as well. Until few days back, the hold and wait times were longer but it seems Microsoft has added more CSEs so that your wait time is reduced. As said above, I was able to contact a live representative as soon as I clicked on chat support using Get Support app.

Coming to Microsoft Stores, they have trained and knowledgeable personnel who can help you with various things associated with Windows 10. All you have to do is to fix an appointment (so that you don’t have to wait) and go to the store with your device. The people there will resolve the issue for you. Not only that, they will also help you with upgrading to Windows 10 in case you are not able to do it yourself. They won’t charge anything for things as simple as upgrading the OS or troubleshooting it for some petty issue.

Paid Support for Windows 10

There are six cases – three for software and three for hardware issues – listed on the Microsoft Answer Desk that will make you pay for the support. But these are more of generic issues and a kind of insurance.

Under software assistance, the following are paid support for Windows 10:

  1. Assure Software Plan: Costs $149 for software maintenance, virus removal, PC tune-ups and personal training
  2. Premium Support Software: You get one-on-one support session with a Tech Support personnel and the support costs $99 for an year
  3. Virus Removal: This too costs $99 for an year and is limited to malware protection and malware removal

Coming to Hardware paid support for Windows 10, Microsoft gives you the following options:

  1. Microsoft Complete Accident Protection for Surface 3: This will cost you $ 149 and is more like insurance for your Surface 3. It provides accident coverage for your device and unlimited support for all software that you use on the device
  2. Microsoft Complete Extended Service Plan for Laptops: It is same as the above but is applicable to any type of laptop. For $129, you get accident coverage and unlimited support for software
  3. Microsoft Complete Extended Service for Xbox: Again, an accident coverage and unlimited software support – costs $69

Though the paid support is more of insurance cover with unlimited support for software, the best method is to visit the Redmond store to get your issues fixed. If you do not have time to visit a store physically, phone and chat support are best. And going by my own experience, I can say that Microsoft Support has improved and you can get to talk to Support easily within minutes of dialing or clicking on chat mode.

Check out Microsoft Store web page to know more about the support for Windows 10 options. This post shows additional options on how to get help in Windows 10.

If you do not want to go through all that, you always have the option to post to our Windows 10 forum where you can get support on as many issues as possible.

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  1. Martin Klier

    where can I find the apps I dwnloaded on my PC??

  2. Arun Kumar

    There should be an option called My Library when you click on your image next to search bar. It shows all apps that you downloaded.

  3. lund

    my keyboard cannot function properly with the windows 10, help????

  4. Martin Klier

    Sorry, but there is no Image of mine…

  5. Arun Kumar

    Could be damaged driver. Press Win+Break to open Device Manager (you will see link in left pane). Under keyboard in Device Manager, uninstall whatever it is showing (like PS/2 keyboard device etc). Then click on Actions menu and select “Scan for hardware changes”. It will take a moment to reinstall keyboard driver. If Scan for hardware changes is not available, make sure you have clicked or selected something in the Device Manager list

  6. Arun Kumar

    It should appear when you log in using Microsoft account. Towards top-right, just before search bar.

  7. lund

    Thanks, its working @Sir

  8. lund

    thanks….it works

  9. Joao Soares

    Can i create lan to play multiplayer games with my brother ? in windows 10, i cant play any games in local network 🙁

  10. You can easily create a peer to peer network if both computers are running Windows 10. That should enable you to play multiplayer games. If you have an Xbox Live account, you can play online multiplayer games with anyone connected to the Internet. There was news that new subscriptions of Xbox Live won’t be charged on Windows 10. Haven’t tested it yet but you can give it a try.

  11. Nabin biswas

    how can i get update of widows 10 ?.now i am using windows 8.1 i want to update it on windows 10.

  12. Huw Alderman

    Hi I have 2 issues ,I would like to upgrade from xp to win10 ,what do I need to do also I need to get win7 64 bit in english to reload win7 64bit in chinese as our tech guy has left and he was chinese and we cant read chinese so as it was a pc for our band its quite hard to access help

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