Microsoft Support : Phone Number, Live Chat, Email ID, Useful Links

Where do you contact Microsoft Support, if you face problems relating to Windows, Office or any other Microsoft software or service? This post will list down some useful resource links, phone numbers, and email ID, from where you can receive help from Microsoft.


Before you begin, I want you to know that this site is owned by me and is in no way affiliated with Microsoft. I have only listed the various ways you can contact Microsoft for help and support. You will have to contact them directly.

Microsoft Support

Microsoft offers support to all customers using its products – and this takes different forms.

  1. Microsoft Customer Service and Support is available to help you with questions about Microsoft products and services. In this case, a Microsoft representative will help you locate the appropriate resource or team to answer questions. This is meant to be used if you have general customer service questions
  2. Microsoft Technical Support will provide support options and locate the appropriate support team to resolve technical support issues, which you may be facing. This may include self-help support or assisted support.

To begin with, you can visit this page, mention your country and select the product for which you wish to receive support.

Windows 10 users can use the Contact Support app.

Microsoft Support Phone Number

You can contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support on the following telephone numbers, Monday through Friday, 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM Pacific Time and Saturday and Sunday, 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM Pacific Time:

  • In the USA, (800) MICROSOFT (642-7676)
  • In Canada, call (877)568-2495
  • In India, contact 0008004402130
  • In UK, contact 0800 026 03 30

You can get the Microsoft Support telephone number for your country here – and check out the local timings too. Before you begin, its a good idea to keep the name and version of the product you are using, the product identification number or the product key ready. Microsoft representatives will determine the warranty status of the product. The links at the end of this post may help you collect troubleshooting data.

The Customer Service number for Microsoft Corporation in the USA is 1800 102 1100. The Global Customer Service phone numbers for all countries have been mentioned here.

Microsoft Support Chat

You can also contact Microsoft Support by email and chat. If a Customer Service Agent is online and available for a chat here, you will see a message to this effect. If not, you will see Instant Chat: Customer Service Agents are OFFLINE message, on the right side. You may then try and visit this page for Chat support. You can also receive Remote Assistance Support from Microsoft.

You could also use the services of Microsoft Answer Desk, a live paid Tech Support site, to chat with a Microsoft Support executive.

Microsoft also offers a Virtual Support Agent. See if it solves your issues.

Email Microsoft Support

If the Customer Service Agent is offline and if you have any general questions about Microsoft products or services, you can use this form to email Microsoft. They will contact you back via email.

Useful Help & Resource Links

If you need solutions and are willing to search for them, you can do so here on Microsoft Support. Sure, you will always find a lot of tips and troubleshooting tutorials for Windows, here on TWC too.

The Microsoft Support Official Twitter Account is @MicrosoftHelps.

If you need Paid Support from Microsoft, you could try Fix It Center Pro, an automated diagnostic portal to help you resolve your issues.

Support for OEM products

If the question pertains to OEM products which you may be using, you may be required to contact the Computer Manufacturers directly. These links will help you:

But If you purchased a Signature PC from the Microsoft Store, you may call 877-696-7786.

Have Microsoft call you back

contact microsoft

To chat, have Microsoft call you back, or to schedule a call, you can visit Microsoft here.

Windows 10 Support

Microsoft has made it easier for Windows 10 users to contact Support if you face any problems while using the new OS. See how to use the Contact Support app. There are other ways to get help for Windows 10. You can contact Microsoft Customer Support at Phone Number 1 800-642-7676 or You can now also give or take Tech Support remotely using Quick Assist in Windows 10.

You may want to read these links which may help you when seeking help and support from Microsoft:

  1. Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool in Windows 10/8/7, is used by Microsoft Support to help diagnose Windows problems.
  2. The Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool facilitates the gathering of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support issues. This information helps diagnose problems in the software quicker and provide solutions.
  3. Microsoft Easy Assist allows a Microsoft support professional to remotely connect to your computer and help you solve a problem. Using a secure connection, the support professional can view your desktop and perform diagnostics and troubleshooting steps.

Remember, Microsoft will never contact you on their own, for any problems you may be facing with your computer or Microsoft software and services. And in any case, you will never receive a legitimate call from Microsoft or its partners to charge you for computer fixes. If you do receive such a phone call or an email, stating that they represent Microsoft and proffer help, you can be sure that its a scam! Never give out any details or access to your computer.

NOTE:  Please do not trust anyone who promises to help you or anyone who mentions his email ID/contact details in the comments below. If you have a question contact Microsoft directly or search for it here on this site by clicking here. You may be able to find a post about it.

This post will interest you if you ever need to give Microsoft feedback about some of its products and services.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Diane P Morin

    I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7. I have two problems: #1 The plug-ins I need for certain web pages keep crashing, I have no idea how to fix these.
    #2 Java keeps sending me an update note but when I go to the program, I can never download it!

  2. mao

    I have a dell laptop with windows when i try to re-start the system it does’nt let me in..can u help me?

  3. mao

    hi…diane p morin..
    the best things u hv to do is shut down the system and restart again..

  4. Mical Goodwin

    someone is claiming to be from microsoft and wanted my ip (564564321) they had said that my computer was calling them with an error .

  5. Ignore them and do not give them any information whatsoever. 🙂

  6. Bah

    make them boot into your virtual machine and enjoy the fun

  7. Jeanine

    Hello !
    I a laptop with windows vista home premium, and I have this problem and I tried tuneup utilities 2009 and system restore.

    Runtime Error!

    Program C:Program Files…
    An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library
    Please contact the application’s support team more information.

    thank you !

  8. chandrasekaran

    internet explore automatic close open the particular website

  9. Peggy Maddox

    Microsoft has shut me out of my email account and I finally got a number to call and I got someone who hung up on me and then i went to someone I couldn’t understand. I have done everything suggested on the account and it still won’t let back in. Frustrating!!!!!

  10. Manohar Naidu

    I have a HP Laptop with original os Windows7 Home Basic 64 bit now i want to upgrade from 7 to windows 8.1 how to upgrade ,i already hava a preloaded os home basic if i want to upgrade to 8 any payment of money charged or not help me

  11. april

    ok my dad today got this call and hung up on them. He then called Microsoft and they took over his computer and charged him $400 to clean up his computer and a 5 year contract. Again he called I feel he may of called a fake number does this sound legit??

  12. Cheyenne

    Hello, i want to issue a complaint for not being able to talk to an actual person. Can i please have a number that doesnt connect me too a robot? Thanks.

  13. Tr?n M?nh

    Help code active

  14. cathy smith

    Hello, Get Premium help from computer geeks,
    Call 1800 924 4927 now and connect to the technician instantly

  15. tobi

    pls i need window id activation code

  16. loiseau thiery


  17. Nash

    Printer Icon keep on Missing in Devices & Printer. Win 8
    already disable firewall and antivirus program


  18. Moses Kipkemboi

    I bough a hp 15-r001sia laptop running windows 8. The problem is, it cant play pc games. I have tried downloading graphics addapter but the problem isn’t solve.
    Anyone who knows what might be the problem pleas step ahead and help me.
    contact me at;

  19. Yokoo Sparo


  20. Aman

    i have dell desktop with windows 7. i have one problem my computer local disk symbol is red signal

  21. Rob

    I have a microsoft wireless 5000 mouse. I need help downloading its software.

  22. Arnold

    hello , i cant get into my email , they keep telling me that my password is incorrect , but i know my password is in fact correct , how do i resolve this problem ? i need to get to my email , my email address is … Can you help me please ? Thanks .. Arnold ..

  23. Doris Gilbert

    microsoft does not provide an email address so I can contact them by email. Its easier for me to do so then to call. I Prefer it that way, why is it that microsoft wont allowed us to email them?

  24. You could use the form provided by them. It has been mentioned above.

  25. Doris Gilbert

    I can not find any forum above? All I can see is, links to so called answers.. I have searched for hours for an email and a forum. can you (since you can view this forum) show me here where it is at? (cut n paste)

  26. bassam mousa

    a problem outlook express is a outbox mail

  27. taralainee

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L75D-A7280 that is running Windows 8. I set up a pin # to log on to my system. I also installed a password manager which encrypted ALL my passwords, but mainly my live account has an encrypted password. Someone went on my computer and eliminated the pin # option. Now it keeps asking me for the password (which is encrypted) and I can no longer log on to my laptop, or my e-mail, or my alternate e-mail, or any other account! help! How can I restore the pin # option???


    I lost some very important contact a few years ago when live was introduced. How can i get them back? is it possible to at least get back one message to retain that contact?

  29. If you know your address at that time try to sign in, if you have forgotten the password you will have to go with all the rigmarole of changing it, one reason why I use Gmail


    well my email address has never change since i opened my account in 2002 so is it possible to get back that one particular
    contact i lost?

  31. Like I said I don’t know I use Gmail ask Amand on here 12 years before you bother seems rather long

  32. Philip Coggin

    I need help with skype. It has deleted my user name with 600 of my clients.

  33. Mathew

    I have MS Windows 8.1 FORCED ONTO ME by Automatic upgrade option of MS !!! Now the SCREEN in 8.1 MELTS in between giving the appearance i am PLAYING An APP online !!!

    I had windows 8 from Jan 2013 and this worked ok till December 3 2014, when i was forced to upgrade to 8.1 by its own self !! I had in the past year KEPT DECLINING FOR THE UPGRADE !!
    !!! WTF MS !!!
    MS Tech support is only voice and there was none for text chat too .. I could not get any email id of them if at all they have one in tech support … anyone who can help pls email

  34. Could it be malware? Please full-scan your PC with a good antivirus software

  35. marty

    I cannot send or recieve emails on my outlook e-mail account…I keep getting POP 3 or SMTL server Errors…Help?

  36. Dhiman Saha

    I have a Hp laptop but when I am clicking Google Crome it will start work(opening) after more than 5 to 10 minutes latter or more than that.Please help me out from the great trouble as soon as possible.

  37. mj

    Beware of Internet Virus Scam: Last night, my daughter was surfing on her laptop and a site she was on gave her a sudden warning that she had gotten a virus and to contact Microsoft at a 1-800 number to solve the problem. My husband went down to look and called the number. About 10 minutes later, I head downstairs and he hands me the phone because I am the one who is more knowledgeable with computers (sad really because me in comparison……I don’t know much either). I thought he was on the phone with our service provider.
    Long story short, we gave them access to our computer, they put the fear of god into us about people getting our banking information and that we needed lots of extra security at a onetime payment of $450.00 and both our network and antivirus would be safe for 5 years guaranteed with unlimited tech support. Then, they asked me to pay by credit card. I became very nervous…..logged onto my PayPal…..then panicked and told them I would call back. But it was too late. Because they had access to my computer, they saw the credit card number. I called my bank and I cancelled my card. The bank said I was very lucky because the hackers had already verified that my credit card number was good but nothing had been put through yet. I know we did the wrong thing but it’s amazing how vulnerable you can feel when you have no clue what to do. I was lucky that it was on my daughter’s laptop that contains no personal information and not mine. So, share this with your friends and family if you can. It can happen to anyone and it happened to me last night!!! 2014-12-27

  38. wendy

    will you be offering compensation to xbox 360 users for how often they cant use it. we have paid you our subscription.

  39. tasha

    hi I have a hp laptop with publisher 2013 on I am trying to print of an a4 page that is split into two, however when I print the invitations are in the middle of the a4 page, how can I get them to cover the whole page

  40. Raza ullah burki

    i have already installed window server 2012 R2 and now i want to install hyper-v
    i search the setup of hyper-v but i can’t find only the hyper-v setup
    plz tell me the proper send method of hyper-v tool or software

  41. Shania

    I have a windows 7 laptop and for some reason the screen is black after I log onto my user, I can see the mouse and I can hear sounds just don’t see a white screen , help please!

  42. Trevor

    i have windows 8 and everytime i try opening a app it just minimizes and wont open even the store

  43. Trevor

    I have windows 8 on my laptop and since i updated windows all of my apps wont open every time i try they minimize and wont open even the app store does this. How do you fix this?

  44. 2DCube

    I bought Office Home & Office a couple of years ago, I only created a Microsoft account to download it for my Mac. Since that time the MacBook has ceased working and I don’t have the key for MSOffice. Sadly I’ve been locked out of my account because I don’t know what the password is. Having spoken to Microsoft over the telephone they keep telling me to fill in the security questions to gain access which is absurd as I don’t have any activity on that account and the bank card I used to purchase the software has since been changed for a new one. You couldn’t make it up! I’m aggrieved that I can’t gain access to my account to get the details of the Office purchase so that I can move the license to another machine! It was over £100!

  45. Kapsona

    Most of my preinstalled Windows 8.1 applications are unable to access the internet, like weather, facebook, maps etc. While the pc is connected to internet and the internet explorer working normaly.

  46. M.K.Akhtar

    Dear Sir,
    Good morning

    I myself Mohammed Khursheed Akhtar, working at Strategic Planning Department of King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, We need Strategy Execution Software to install in our department which may support in the following functionalists:

    Ad hoc Analysis
    Ad hoc Reports
    Balanced Scorecards – must
    Budgets and Forecasts
    Consolidated / Roll ups
    Dashboards – must
    KPI – must
    Quantitative Analysis
    Qualitative Analysis
    Strategic Planning – must
    Work Flow management and so on.
    Could you please advise me you have any software application which serve our purpose for above mentioned functionalists listed must.

    I shall be ever grateful to you.


    Dr.Mohammad Khursheed Akhtar

    Strategic Planning Department -SPD
    Under Vice Presidency for Development
    King Abdulaziz University
    P.O.Box 80200, Jeddah 21589
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Office: + 966 640 0000 ext. 69186
    Phone: +966 501 073 490

  47. steve

    my nokia phone asks me to verify email address and wants to send a code but the email address it puts up is misspelt. how do I correct it

  48. ERIC

    Guys you can write to also leave your name and number. They fixed my issues on my windows, installed protection softwares for $149 and its running great. All my problems were solved.

  49. ERIC

    I had the same issue.. write to leave your name n number.

  50. Jason

    I have been suspended from xbox live but I haven’t done anything wrong so can you help me to be Unsuspended? Thank you

  51. Pratik

    i have windows 2007 and i m facing windows update issue .

  52. Izzy

    My email account has been blocked for over a month now, i got advised my microsoft that i could log back in on the 24/02, its 25/02 and i still can’t get in. Help?

  53. Haden

    I have a Toshiba with Windows 8, I have forgotten the password to my administor account, what do I do? PLEASE HELP

  54. The Google Man

    get Google chrome xD

  55. sathi

    When windows 10 update to Microsoft Lumia 535

  56. Sivasankar

    i just want know shortcut key for to go front page( Ex we usually using backspace to go back page, again i want to go previous screen means front page what is shortcut for that)

    Guys Advise on this

  57. Rhona

    I have Windows 8 and i accidentally deleted all my photos, and they’re not on my Recycle bin.. is there any way to I recover them? Thanks.

  58. akhil

    i have purchase Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM,

    only 28 days but this is not working this time pales help me

  59. Suresh

    i had created an Domain ID,and the log got generated as 4720 at 10:42:45 am.

    And the log generated as 4726 user account is deleted at 10:42:51am
    And one more log generated as 4722 as account us enabled at 10:43:32am

    I had not deleated the ID,then how the log got generated ?
    Please help me

  60. Steve

    Anyone use It tells me to contact live tech spt at 1-877-238-0436, that the web page found suspicious activity on my computer… far I can see this is not the tech spt number. Have to control-alt-delete to get out…. Any suggestions??

  61. Narinder Singh

    hello, option in the 8 windows, “remove everything and reinstall windows” will also remove other drives data or not ?

  62. Dibyendu Pradhan

    My self is Dibyendu. I have already purchase a
    Lumia 535 phone on 14th March-2015 but today 1st April-2015
    my phone Display is not working and i have already visit service center. They
    are take my phone and inform me that i will be get my phone after 30 days and
    also they not give any others phone for use. So this is a very poor experience
    for me. Microsoft service and there service center service is very poor.

  63. Dibyendu Pradhan

    My self is Dibyendu. I have already purchase a
    Lumia 535 phone on 14th March-2015 but today 1st April-2015
    my phone Display is not working and i have already visit service center. They
    are take my phone and inform me that i will be get my phone after 30 days and
    also they not give any others phone for use. So this is a very poor experience
    for me. Microsoft service and there service center service is very poor. i want to share my experience to all my friend through Social network.

  64. Subir dey

    Hello Sir, I am Block by GPEDIT.EXE…….. Now I can not open any program. Now how can I remove GPEDIT.EXE.? Plz, help me………… as soon as posible…….

  65. Joe

    16 upgrades just got downloaded. Since then my computer is running on slooooow time. What happened? Can I delete the upgrades?

  66. Muralidharan Shanthi

    Support Team,

    i m using a windows 7 professional 64 bit and also windows 8.1 in same hard drive. when windows booting there is some option which windows you want like that… By mistake, i m deleting the windows booting, Using ms config-> boot-> select windows 7-> Delete.. Now, window automatically loaded to windows 8.1. i cant find my booting menu on windows start up screen. How to recover these errors.. plz inform a solution.


  67. Muhammad Imran Ali

    I have Microsoft Lumia 535 having windows 8.1 , I want to ask can I update it to the windows 10 , when available……..???

  68. Taryn Robinson

    this is literally hell. i have tried every avenue to try and get support for my windows phone. this is the second time my phone has frozen up like this, as a loyal microsoft/windows user i am disgusted. apple/mac here i come. this is ridiculous

  69. denise deboer

    I can not get into my account because there is no way for them to get a code to me what do you do???????

  70. jay pfahl

    Hi I have windows 7 ultimate 2009 installed. When I use my computer and go to word pad in Accessories and click on open it automatically opens to the libraries/ documents page. I have another drive that all my info is on it is E, I would like this program [wordpad] when asked to open, that it show a file in drive e automatically instead of Libraries/Documents . How do I change it from where it wants to open to where I want it to open?

  71. Sushwanth Reddy

    hye hello i had hp windows 7 igot problems while starting computer like windows is not ur genuine like msg plz tel me about this problem

  72. Michelle Kyo

    You can try to contact Microsoft Windows Answer Desk at 866-425-8809 M-Su

    5am to 9pm PST

  73. Michelle Kyo

    Microsoft Windows Answer Desk can definitely help you with your issue. Just contact them at 866-425-8809. Business hours: Mondays-Sundays 5am to 9pm PST

  74. Michelle Kyo

    You can contact Microsoft for this specific issue at (855) 425-8761. They are open 24 x 7.

  75. Michelle Kyo

    Microsoft Windows Answer Desk can definitely help you with your issue. Just contact them at 866-425-8809. Business hours: Mondays-Sundays 5am to 9pm PST.

  76. Michelle Kyo

    Or if you want a paid support from Microsoft, you can contact Professional Support (Technical Router) and they will help you in creating a case so that a support engineer will work hand in hand with your issue. Call them at 1-800-642-7676. Most of these queue are open 5am – 9pm Pacific at minimum, 7 days a week.

  77. Michelle Kyo

    Did you turn on the 2 way verification step?

  78. rajesh

    I have hp laptop with 64 bit win 8 OS. I m using dongle for internet, my data pack empting very fast, even when i do not search any thing or even i donot open any browsers.

  79. juzzy paul

    im having problem logging into my email dont have any second email on it just my contact number but phone number is change i provide information as much i cant on the recovery form still said not enough information

  80. juzzy paul

    been trying 4 a month 2 get my email back..old email id is this email is on my google account youtube account aswell..

  81. David Cassar

    my account was blocked by Microsoft citing that somebody was trying to hack it.i have filled many forms to them but they are saying that the info is not enough.I was even given 3 different codes which do not work and I cannot access my emails which are very important to me due to work and I may loose an important court case due to this fact.what can I do?????myemail is

  82. Cymro Ambyth

    exactly what has happened to myself around the same time. Microsoft password recovery and it’s associated pages are not worth a cent. just cannot get any help. had to borrow somebody else’s laptop to try and get help.

  83. Rajesh Shetty


  84. judy bundi

    I have a window 8 sony computer the windows have shut down everything I can’t use the computer.The windows error message is onbthe screen the cursor not moving at all I need help plz.

  85. Boyca Sanghvi

    I’M having an acer laptop windows8 and the problem m facing is that i m not able to download any app form the store as when ever i try , it asks for the current password that i don’t remember .
    and more over i can not even update my laptop to latest windows.
    please help,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Ravi

    Where is Microsoft service Center in Pune I want to repair Microsoft Lumia 535 which bad phone made by Micosoft

  87. There is one on FC Road, behind the petrol pump, near Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk.

  88. salmam

    I have a email in ps4 and when they whant to check email and he does not exist in microsft soo I want to sing up soo the tell me the email is reserved what!!?

  89. Rizwan Ul-Hassan

    I am thankful to the Microsoft Team who prioritize the solutions of problems for their users. I had have a problem with Activation Code for my Lumia 710, which is resolved in few moments by the Microsoft expert rep.

  90. narendra chowdary

    when i am changing date in window7 error message is coming you do not have permission to perform this task please contact your computer administrator for help
    please help!!

  91. oliver4

    I have a Toshiba that is clogged by a Windows Live Mail error that is stopping all attachments all photos and all other means delivery. Can’t be fixed as non supported .

  92. Ahmed

    can i reactivate windows 8 on my laptop after reinstalling windows 8 by it’s recovery drive?

  93. Dharmendra Gautam

    My account has been temporarily blocked and i entered a correct mob. no. for received a verification code but verification code no receive, please help me my email id :

  94. usman ghani

    i’m using win 8.1 pro on inspiron 3542 and i have a problem that my WIDOWS STORE apps have stopped working, when i start them they straight away go to upper left corner of the screen, this problem again occur when i get access from the upper left corner, please help me solve my problem ….(

  95. jane torrance

    hiya, my mum cant access her store to download anything as she has forgotten her password, she’s tried everything and it’s not letting her make a new one?

  96. jane torrance

    Can you email me on, please

  97. arun sathesh

    hi i facing error code 8007001f, help me

  98. khubaib

    i have dell inspiron 1440 and windows 8.1 pro build 9600 i want to activate my window. but when i click on activate it says that windows can not activate try again later please tell me what i do???

  99. Rajendra Dube

    Hii sir good eve,

    I am rajendra dube and I want help regarding MCP provisional certificate.Actully I have done certification for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Window Vista 70-620 my MCP ID is 6324431 but my new employer want provisional certificate wherein there are details of Prometric center ID mark in subject date and all. The problem is the mail id and password register during exam is not accessible. How can I able to get it so that I can save my job because I show him the coloured certificate but he said I cant believe merely certificate they may be not original

  100. krishnarjun rao

    Recently I purchased ASUS X205TA laptop(eeebook), it came with 32-bit Windows 8.1, I tried to run one 16-bit application, I got a message Windows need to download some files like NTVDN to run 16-bit applications, it tried some time and finally came out of the downloading process and gave message stating it could not find required files.
    Please help. Thank you.

  101. Gagan Mahal

    hey …. please please please tell me how to fix the brightness issue on HP pavilion g6 i5-3210M as its really affecting my eyes .. I’ve been searching the solution almost everywhere but none of it worked. I am facing this problem since last 3 months and still I am unable to figure this out.
    Also is SMARTSAVER has anything to do with this brightness issue…
    I’ll be waiting for your reply on

  102. Karen Lowrie

    Just had a phone call from an Indian lady, saying she was from Microsoft, telling me my computer is going to crash, didn’t know what she wanted as put the phone down on her, very difficult to understand, does anyone know was this a scam?

  103. Yes it was a scam. Microsoft will never call you.

  104. Sohaib Ahmad

    original windows 8.1 professional was installed in my laptop but unfortunately i deleted it and installed a copy of windows and registered it by KMSPICO. Now please tell me how can i get my product key back??

  105. Kay

    Have had a popup that said I had or could have a virus that could effect all my accounts. Called the number, got no satisfaction, was told they were in Oregon. Did some checking, the telephone number falls in the “Terror” rating which is very bad and was from the west coast of Africa. The number is 866-659-9301. If you have this happen and cannot find an exit, use Control, Alternate/Delete to remove the popup. If you would feel more comfortable, run a virus check to be sure.

  106. Mhabubur Rahman

    I am using windows 7 professional service pack 1 original. Today I have downloaded windows 10 using
    MediaCreationToolx64 software from Microsoft website. I have selected a folder
    for the ISO file to download in D Drive. I was not in front of my PC when the
    download completes. I have seen it’s downloaded up to 87% (when I last saw).
    When I came back I did not see the download software running in my PC. I
    searched in my D drive folder for the ISO file but it was not there. I have
    also checked hidden files but the file was not there also. On the other hand my
    C drive (windows 7 setup) gets full. I thought It downloaded into my C drive
    but I did not find it there also. What can I do now? in addition, I have seen
    white color windown 10 logo in my taskbar for 1 time and its not there right

    Please help me.

  107. I live on Moorea French Polynesia. Not listed on ‘Microsoft help’ page. They ask for my account and I have the e-mail right but the phone security # was changed here in Polynesia by adding two #’s on all mobile phones. This doesn’t match up with what’s on my ‘security info’ so I can’t get into my account to ask any questions. How do I contact Microsoft to regulate this problem?

  108. XaVier

    boot to SAFE-MODE. When LOGO appears press f8 to logon safe mode then go to to device manger, Then check display adapter…

  109. donna shimminger

    I HAVE A TOSHIBA i5 SATILITE CORE SOMETHING…but anyway. my email is
    I want it not to show my name when I send emails. I just want the cleovanni23@outlookk to show. How to I keep it from showing my first and last NAME? HELP please

  110. mohammed sabir

    i have a dell laptop with window 7.i want to reinstall the window but my window product key is lost. what i can do? please tell me any solution. nd how to find product key?

  111. sumerjit paintal

    Windows 10 upgrade has ruined my computer.first the screen fiickered and then the system went dead.

  112. Pat

    Windows 10 installed on my laptop a few days ago. I cannot stay online more than a minute or two without the screen going black. Microsoft Edge has message that the trial period has expired and I need to visit the Windows Store to purchase the full app. I tried to open wsreset.exe to get to the app store. Message that the application cannot be started and I need to try reinstalling the application. ????? Right now Internet Explorer is my default browser, but I can’t keep it on. Tried making Google Chrome the default browser, but can’t stay online long enough to do this. Even my HP printer is not working because of upgrade to Windows 10. Need help!


    my pc is show error 80240442 while upgrading windows 8.1 to windows 10 . can you please tell me the solution for this.

  114. Jeetendra Mondal

    I cant download app from store in my window phone limia 630

  115. Swati Verma

    i have a microsoft wireless mouse 1000 but i have broken the nano transceiver. I need a replacement for the same

  116. Billy Ames

    I have windows 10 free upgrade on my HP 15 stores up to 500GB of data but it came with windows 8.1 and I want windows 7 downgrade put in on my windows laptop i can work better with windows 7 then i can windows 10 or 8.1 and windows 10 takes up to much room on my recovery drive and my laptop and i need a legit windows 7 with a legit product key and for free can someone please help me and thank you

  117. Paul Michaels

    After Wednesdays 24 updates, computer won’t stay asleep? Any known issues with 8/12/2015 updates?

  118. ashin iqbal

    how to use pc internet in windows phone 8.1 via usb cable

  119. Radha Krishna

    heyy i had a problem that NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to
    restart. My os is windows 7 what should i do to resolve it?? Any one suggest me !!

  120. Ramesh Agarwal

    i want online chat support for upgrading win 7 to win 10. anyone provide me the link plz.

  121. William Gallagher

    Hi am hating Windows 10. I had Windows 7 home premium and an advert appeared from Microsoft for the free upgrade to Windows 10. Yes it may have some good functions and be quicker to load and shut down.
    But it is not so easy to access my control panel or documents and I have lost the sound to my television via my hdmi lead this is really frustrating. Originally I could click the start menu and my documents and photos and control panel etc would appear. I could click on the sound and then disable the usb sound and it would then enable my surround sound from my tv. This is now impossible even my headphones didn’t work originally when I plugged them in they synced automatically. I then had to set them as default for them to work but I do not get that option with my tv why not? It is not acceptable that you install an upgraded programme and it changes your settings I need to know what I can do to get my sound settings back to what they were in Windows 7 please.
    Many thanks
    William Gallagher

  122. dashty

    Dear to
    whom it might concern

    Am sporting and responding a person by the name of (Farhad Nariman)
    as others calling him the memory boy, what he can do is memorizes many
    different things in additions tremendous way more than a 200 digits in just a
    minute and recites them up to down and vice versa. He can reciting 100 numbers
    or words from last to first. He’s a shocking person farther more he’s very
    talented person in ordering and memorizing amazingly and he can also retain
    numbers and words in a different places I think he’s the world broken record of
    memorizer person he’s belonged to a person called Dario Donatelli from the
    united USA

    At the end I’ll like to set up a meeting or a phone call
    conversation through Mobil phone 00964-7824934778 / 00964-7510525877 or FB
    or skype

    Skype Name dashty fryad FB Name (dashty
    kaniwatmani HKN) or E-mail add (
    to view some of the video of this person I’ve mentioned & described
    above please see it through my YouTube account just type (dashty fryad)
    from YouTube and click on the video name
    farhad = memory boy.

    Thanking you kindly.

  123. R.P.Ranganatha

    There was a problem sending the command to the program.
    This error only windows 10 OS.
    Any word file open that time. how to resolve?

  124. Mark

    I signed on, (and paid $99.00), to Microsoft Answer Desk almost a month ago, (July 28), and it is now August 23rd. I have not been able to get through in ten tries. The wait times exceed 1-1/2 hours. I tried the call-back option only to have the call come in two hours after scheduled when I was not home. Chat has the same long wait times. Ridiculous customer service. Calling 800-642-7676 is fruitless. Maybe someone knows of a less used telephone number for tech support?

  125. Jake Taber

    I’m having trouble with my xbox live membership code

  126. sanjeet kumar

    I have Nokia lumia 925 mobile i am facing lot of problem by service team. He not providing good solution and not support to customer and now Microsoft not able to give regulation. So plz help ASAP

  127. Ray Charles

    I have a nokia lumia 520 and recently my primary microsoft account is not syncing and its having all my downloads and updates in the windows store pending. Ho can i get that resolved?

  128. Mukesh Saxena

    Microsoft Support Number 1 855 7707 790.

  129. Nadine Bailey

    I purchased an HP Envy H3L75AA desktop
    computer in October 2013 and wo weeks ago, I was forced to update the operating
    system to Windows 10. After this was completed exactly as recommended the
    computer would not work. I took to Best Buy to try to determine the problem and
    after paying $70 for a diagnostic it was determined to be the motherboard which
    will cost another approx. $400 to repair. I have tried without success to find
    a way to contact Microsoft. Needless to
    say that I am disheartened because we had no choice to upgrade and I now find
    myself without a computer which is essential in my household for work and

  130. ya mum

    what the hell is your support email!!!!!!

  131. Vivek Kumar

    i have dell laptop and i have upgraded it to windows 10 since then i am not able to low my brightness or high the brightness and also my mouse touch pad stops suddenly

  132. James Greek

    Hello everyone,

    Contentiously facing problem in your laptop or PC. Please Call 1-855-883-1117 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support Phone Number and get your issues solved quickly.

  133. Geet

    Hi I am trying to install office 365 and everytime receiving the same error message
    Error 1406:Setup cannot write the value Disableexceptionchainvalidation to the registry key SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentversionImageFileExecution OptionsLiclua.exe
    Could some one please advise. Already spent more than 10 hours to troubleshoot.

  134. Arapaho Warrior

    Thank goodness, I have a 2011 desktop which began w/Vista OS, then came Win7. I’ve gotten used to it and like it, I know where things are, where they’re supposed to be and more or less when something is wrong.

    I’ve had the Win10 icon sitting in the notification bar for weeks, which I assume it will remain until I either download 10 or they just do it for me.

    Regarding some of the privacy issues coming out of 10, they are blatant, its as if it were an OS designed to make the User as naked as possible to MS and beyond while these entities are increasingly opaque.

    I’ve no illusions though I’m certain the same key logging malware/? used in 10 is used in 7, 8 and 8.1, no doubt the same is true of every entry made, site visited, critical comment re: the ruling politically elite regardless of version used. Don’t know probably would sleep better not knowing what else we provide them given no camera or microphone.

    I’ve looked at Win10 and it seems there’s always another yes/no to click if you give permission to analysis your voice, watch you, even in pitch black dark, etc and I just think the idea of the 2-in-1 is a waste. Choose tablet or notebook. Touchscreen on a notebook/laptop is goofy and wastes money. I belief this is nefariously intended but no doubt many if they’ve read, stopped already and are writing naive, meaningless replies.

    I love how w/increasing urgency I am reminded to reserve my spot for the free upgrade in OS. Recently removing the carrot and bringing out the stick. If not soon reserved, it’ll cost ~$120 + web fees (?)… Okay.

    Obviously, they’ll ultimately get people to cave when they stop supporting anything but 10. Makes me want to punt the PC all together.

    Real life story: Wife called support upon installing 10 and had numerous issues. As she discussed and requested validation for certain practices, the Rep/Tech/whatever replied, “Well, is there something you’re trying to hide”? My wife, pure as the driven snow but quick witted, replied, “Well, what are you looking for? And just b/c I draw the blinds at night does not imply I’m up to no good b/c people can’t stare through the windows at me. Rep replied w/silence.

    It’s amazing what we’ve been coerced, accustomed to giving away under the guise, “well what do you/what do I have to hide”? It doesn’t matter. It’s the law protecting us from the overbounds of government we give away either knowingly or not.

    Now I see why MS doesn’t really want to talk to people.

  135. prakashchandra jha


  136. prakashchandra jha

    i have hp laptop with windows 7. i have one problem .i have internet connection again and agan time and date update show why if i select internet time then working .
    so help please

  137. Tony F

    Microsoft Project Professional

    Last year I purchased Microsoft
    Office Professional 2010 and in the same bundle I also purchased Microsoft
    Project Professional 2010, including a Product key.

    I loaded both programs
    onto my HDD and it turns out they were counterfeit.

    So I immediately contacted
    Microsoft to tell them about this, I gave them all the details of the
    transaction including the Product key which had occurred on eBay.

    Microsoft then very kindly
    activated my software.

    Note; this user has now
    been removed by eBay

    Microsoft Office Professional
    2010 has been running continuously without a problem.

    But then over the weekend I
    wanted to use Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and as soon as I opened it up
    I got the alert message “this product is not activated” and a big red band
    across the top.

    I was horrified, so
    yesterday I thought I will phone Microsoft to explain to them about the
    previous transaction and the fact that they only activated Microsoft Office Professional
    2010 and did not activate Microsoft Project Professional 2010 as this was in
    the same package / purchase, this is even after me giving them the Product key.

    1 HOUR and 55 MINUTES
    later on the phone I was no nearer to a resolution.

    I got passed from advisor
    to advisor each one with a different title, and each time I relayed my story
    telling them everything and including the product key.

    Eventually I was asked did
    I have a Microsoft Account [which I do] but I fail to see why a Microsoft
    Account should be needed to rectify a problem caused initially by Microsoft who
    did not activate both programs as was discussed initially.

    So my question is as

    How do I get my copy of Microsoft
    Project Professional 2010 activated without another two hour phone call?

  138. Reiyn

    I have been searching for a way to send an email to anyone on the Live Support team about my problem with the Family Safety program. First, I can’t find it mentioned in the help site. When I finally found what seemed to be a link to a form to email someone my problem, the site wasn’t working.

    I have been having problems with Family Safety. First, it has been trying to log my children off many hours before the set curfew. (For example, tonight my son’s computer was shut off at 6pm, and his curfew is 12am.) I have the time allotment set at Unlimited. There is no reason for it to be shutting off early, and nothing fixes it. i have tried repairing my programs, removing the child and then re-adding them, changing the times and then putting them back. In the end I had to turn off the screen time option, so his computer would allow him to log back in.

    Second, all the children on my account are having issues with restrictions while watching youtube videos. I understand the usefulness of having the restrictions, however it is restricting them from videos that are completely fine. (Minecraft videos for example) I tried turning off the restrictions, and it still restricts them.

    Third, I have been looking for answers and there are people talking about these same problems going back to 2012 (earliest I saw). I find it amazing that after 3 years this hasn’t been fixed. Technology is supposed to be evolving and improving, but in this case we’re going backwards. I have to ask you (the people who are designing these programs, testing these programs and then “fixing” these programs), would you sell this product to your mother and be proud of your accomplishment? I am leaving this here because I can’t find anywhere to send my questions. You have so removed yourselves from responsibility and customer service that I have to wonder if anyone actually cares, or if you are just trying to line your pockets with my money.

  139. MollyBD

    After downloading crappy Windows 10, which throws me off the Internet, one tech person through chat took control of my PC and spent two hours deleting viruses, and malware, which DID NOT solve the problem. I’m still thrown off the Internet after 15 minutes. After paying a $149 yearly fee for premium support, I could no longer access the Chat option. So, I called the number and a woman who could barely speak English answered. I COULD NOT understand her so I hung up. Called back again and got a guy who also could barely form words in English. He offered to help me on the phone, but I can’t imagine spending two hours on the phone straining to understand what this guy was saying. WHY CAN’T YOU GET TECH SUPPORT PEOPLE WHO CAN SPEAK ENGLISH?!?! And is there any way I can get back my $149 subscription cost, which obviously I won’t be able to use. This has convinced me to switch to a Mac.

  140. Patricia Harlow

    A friend of mine has an older Toshiba with Windows Home, but her security system expired…her computer is now full of viruses and will not even download a new security system. I wanted to help by crashing it and installing Windows 7 Professional, which I have. Trouble is, the disc I bought was listed as “no box, but new.” When it arrived, however, it clearly says “used.” Is there someone at Microsoft to whom I can send the product key for verification before I crash my friend’s computer?


    Sir/Madam when i was bought my HP laptop it was come only with single partition name “C” and recovery partition name “D”. with genuine win 8.1. I create more two partition from drive “C” name “E” and “F”. The upgrade for win 10 is ready to install, my question is this is it possible to collapse all drive after upgrading to win 10 because it was come with only single partition.
    Please help me.

  142. Muneeswar Ch

    Dear SIr/Madam,

    i Muneeswar past two year i using D link DWM-156-3.75G HSUPA Adapter. present Windows 10 os using in our System(lenovo G580). problem is once D link is open it Show message This app has been blocked for your protection. for more information contact the administrator. This problem occur Yesterday (25/09/2015). please intimate Relative vendor. kindly Solve This problem and intimate us how to Solve this problem.
    my Mail id :

  143. murugesh

    I need to install windows server 2012 r2 in dell optilex 3020 desktop …so i need to know how many lan cards require for wan and lan configuration with in desktop

  144. pradeep

    my mobile is lumia 532. i can’t down load waatsaap in my mobile

  145. danielle King-Leeds

    i have a 2010 vaio laptop and it i think went the though the windows update and i lost every thing my photos, music and documents. i want it all back. i hate this windows 10 crap!
    can anyone help me?

  146. Jack Johal

    I am a end user.

    I have Chinese MS Office installed on my tablet can I download a English language pack to correct this

  147. Elhadi

    after i downloaded windows 10 my arabic emails read as garbage ..small little boxes instead of letters!

  148. Karamjit Maan

    Satya Nadella,
    C.E.O. Microsoft,

    Subject: Regarding Billion $ social media app.

    I am Karamjit Singh from India, i have a social media app idea which can turn into billion US$ business. But to develop that app I don’t have good skills of any computer language also I don’t have enough money that I can built it from other app developers. I guaranteed you like my idea and everyone in world use this app. I hope many people forget about facebook. If you help me we will make this app very soon. If you don’t someone else help me to built that app. Now all things depends on you. I have good hopes from you, that we will work together in future and give a awesome app to world. I know you definitely like my idea. Also give me some good offer before someone else so I can disclose my app idea with you.Hope we help each other. Deeply sorry if I wrote something wrong because my English is not too good. Waiting for your answer. Please give me a chance to take my dreams into reality.

    Thanks for giving me your precious time.
    Karamjit Singh,
    E mail.

    Mob No. +91-8872480185

  149. jitendra choudhary


  150. jitendra choudhary

    i have hp probook laptop in this there is a problem with wifi it shows limited connection so how can i connect my laptom to wifi

  151. Michael Forsyth

    Hi i can not remember my password to get in my laptop (windows 7) can anyone help?

  152. Sani Gandhi

    hello all
    m useing windows 7 ultimate
    i want to make live desktop icons
    can u plz any guys suggest me ?

  153. Mariska Erasmus

    Hi. I have a Acer laptop with Windows 8 but now i can’t change any of my settings due to my windows that needs to be activated. I have treid everything, but nothing seems to work. Help please 🙂 Windows Activation

  154. anthony vallance

    hi I have a Panasonic viera smart tv I opend skype on it with my name and password but none of my contacts are there can anyone help

  155. Devina

    I cannot access my email (hotmail) According to Microsoft someone is apparently using my email. But the problem is that I created this email address years ago and the number I have provided was Mauritius Number which I do not use anymore (I can give them the Mauritius number though as i remembered it)
    They asked me to fill a form which I did yesterday about recent emails I have sent; subject line; folders i have created etc. I am very sure that I have provided the right information but still microsoft team said I have not provided enough information. I have filled the form again; (with same information because I know they are right).
    Is there any way to contact information. I am happy to provide more information; all my account researchgate; linkedin is associated with my Hotmail.
    I really need to get access to my email; I would say I have some much information about my thesis stored ; i have provided the same email for all my application.
    Please help

  156. Maureen Wilson

    I had a page pop up on my husbands pc today…They claimed that hackers were trying to get bank info etc. and to call Windows Support @ 1-855-999-8134…a case # was also included in the message. Is this a legitimate Windows Support number?

  157. Dale Pasell

    I am locked out of my hotmail email account and no matter what info I put on the form they won’t let me in! I can’t talk to a human being apparently. Help!

  158. amresh kumar

    windows 8.1 problem

  159. Surjeet raghu

    In my computer Windows 10 is running very slow and I also can’t open store. Please help me how to solve this problem. Please send me help quickly as possible… thanks….

  160. Jenifer N

    I forgot my password to my email & I can’t access the two security questions I have, what do I do 🙁

  161. Marie Therese fam

    I have an outlook account that I have set up more than 10 years ago. it was hacked recently and I was denied access. The problem is the contact number on the account is no longer in use, because it is a Kuwaiti number and I no longer live in Kuwait. And I cannot remember most of the answers to the questionas in the verification form because as I mentioned I setup this account a very long time ago. I need to regain access to my account and I have no idea how.

  162. randy

    microsoft can go to hell and i really hope it does, they just blocked my account which i had since i was 15 years old lost all my emails all my information, you suck microsoft

  163. michael Shukare

    I don’t know what happen to my laptop…..I can’t find my organization emails and my Skype account on the desktop. kindly help me on how to retrieve emails and my Skype. thanks

  164. dawn

    my email password has been changed but not by me I have filld out all the forms on the Microsoft website but iam told I have not provided enough so now told set up a new email I don’t want a new email I need help and advice please

  165. Patricia Boatwright

    Just received a call from Atari Noir 1-919-303-4478 saying that someone was trying to put corrupt files on my computer. They asked for my license number. I told them I would look into it and hung up .

  166. Jamie L Thompson

    Hi… What the Number to Windows Live email support (uk) as I cant find it an I cant do the forum questions as I was hacked an the hackers have changed all my info I really need that account back as I have important emails in there. Please Help, Thanks
    Kind Regards
    Jamie Thompson

  167. Debbie Robel Fredrickson

    I have had a message for weeks telling me I need to restart my PC to fix a driver and I have been doing so but It is still not fixed!

  168. You might need to uninstall that driver…

  169. imran

    very poor service from microsoft

    as purchased my handset lumia 540 with imei no.358608066127901 on 14th nov 2015 my mobikwik offer is not working.when calling helpdesk customer care support is null.its really disgusting where customer is not heard.make sure if such a poor be the service ahead in future,customer will really lose their hope as i have lost my hope.s o, plz take notice off and try to give solution and result


    mobikwik id email


  170. Winnot always

    Windows live mail in windows 7 too many problems that I am unable to solve. can someone help me please?

  171. Ananais Brown

    I can’t get my windows 10 to load on my computer what is the problem I have a 8.1 system it should work

  172. Linda Dust

    I have a problem i am on windows 7 Trying to upload windows 10, the problem is i will not upgrade please can you help me,Tried to up upgrade to 8.1 had a connection problem mine was verified ok tried another net work, same problem.
    Please advise

  173. vaishali desai

    How to work windows application switcher ? Means how to work Alt+ Tab..

  174. Liz Downa

    to all that use beware of this scam if you receive this email do not open it

    Jones, Emily K. message says won. this email states that you have won a new laptop computer and a thousand us dollars. it goes on to say that they got your email from microsoft and to contact another email address for your prize.

  175. lily king


  176. nana

    hi, i been hi jacked…..i need my email. plz fix this problem

  177. Avinash tiwari

    i am updat my lumia 630 8.1 into windows 10 but its very bad experiance with me my hand set is hanging and its lock what i m doing i dnt understand.

  178. Thomas Allan Mahoney

    any one know about gabe aul. doubt youll sue. but microsoft should see tis

    Gabe Aul 2:12 AM (15 minutes ago)
    to me


    I wish I could respond to emails personally, but with Insider Preview I just don’t have the time. Please use links inline below to get help or additional information on the Windows Insider Program.


    – For PCs running Genuine Windows 7/8 – these machines qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 10 through Windows Update. (You can also do a media-based upgrade though the Microsoft Software Download site:

    – For PCs not running Genuine Windows 7/8/10 – you can purchase Windows 10 at your local retailer or at online retailers like Microsoft

    – Find out how to install the Insider Hub on your PC here when using the final release of Windows 10. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the instructions):

    – If you haven’t already tried Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview, you can still get it here: Visit How to use Windows 10 Mobile Preview for helpful tips and tricks to get you started:

    – Download the latest developer tools (including Visual Studio 2015):

    – The Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation edition is available for download:

    – Send us feedback and report problems through the Windows Feedback app.

    – Get the latest preview builds by keeping your PC and/or phone plugged in and turned on.

    – Follow me on Twitter ( for news on the latest Windows Insider builds and for other updates on the Windows Insider Program, including special events, activities and other Insider benefits, follow us on Twitter @windowsinsider.

    Note that this is an unmonitored alias.

    You may update your Microsoft contact preferences at

    Microsoft Corporation
    One Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA, 98052

    mooglebuddy . 2:18 AM (10 minutes ago)
    to Microsoft

    scammer i complimented you. i never have had scams in my gmail before. so i said good job. now go away


  179. chotu

    I have Hp pc didnt format help me

  180. Tulsidas Varma

    i am having problem in windows 8

  181. William

    I’ve got that same call 3 times today

  182. divya

    Microsoft pls update all application ..i want video show ..really me not happy becz still some app not ther in microsoft..

  183. Sameer Karur

    I have been searching other forums and I see others who have mentioned this same problem, but I still cannot find a fix. I have not found any solutions that work so far.

    The situation is that I upgraded from win7 to 10 and I have a basic “local administrator account”. When I go to my account settings and try to click on “Sign in with a Microsoft account instead”, nothing happens (there is a brief background window that flashes and then nothing happens).

    Similarly, if I try to login to the xbox one app, it also says that it could not sign me in. If I click on the “sign in with a different Microsoft account”, it presents me with the option to “choose an account: Microsoft account”. When I click on that, again nothing happens at all.

    I get the same results if I try to turn on Cortana– when she eventually asks to connect to a Microsoft account, I click “sign in” and again nothing happens (here again I sometimes see a brief window flash in the background but I never get a login screen.

    Last but not least, I get this same result if I try to add a Microsoft account to the Mail App in Win10. As soon as I try to click to add an Outlook/Hotmail account, it flashes and nothing happens. I am able to add other types of accounts to Mail (google, etc). (Oh, and if I try to login to the Microsoft Store I also get the same login problem as described).

    I’m really bummed b/c I cannot use a lot of features in Windows 10 and I have no idea how to hook into a Microsoft account.

    Things I have tried: I run windows updates constantly just to be sure, I have rest my “clock” and time settings repeatedly, I have made sure my location settings are turned ‘on’. I have tried turning all of these things off and then on, then rebooting and checking for updates…still no way to login to Microsoft account :/

    any ideas? thanks in advance!

  184. Eunice

    Hi, I had one issue here, which is, I holding few outlook accounts, but all the email are lum to my inbox,how can i split out the email, so the emails wont go into one inbox?

  185. Shine Loo

    how can i find a customer service live chat or email for solution my hotmail password ?

  186. Jemma

    Please call me, I need help with my computer 0203 033 2477

  187. Not one way from above is functioning for me. I need the help of a German speaking support staff for SBS Server 2011. The Exchange part has lost the license information after an automatical update. The Server is placed in Munich and I’m at the Philippines for this reason is the phone support for me not reachable and not one of your other ways to contact the support is not working! You can destroy each company on this way and with this kind of savings.

  188. Doris

    same problem, only I got reach a human to talk with

  189. Krystal Taber

    My challenge is with the address book in outlook. I am attempting to create single labels and envelopes using MS word. Which I know how to do that but, in my address book my formal names are not loading into Outlook address book correctly. I have tried manually typing and CVC export (export only gives option of “full Name”). I need to know how to save a complete name and then put it into mailings in MS word, e.i. Mr. & Mrs. David T Collins. It keeps saving, exporting out & filing as Mr. Mrs. & David Collins. As you will see it moves the”&” and drops the middle initial. I have also tried changing the “file As” Display name. I have even tried to make part of the name company and changed the “file as” “display as” again. Nothing works!

    I use the address book for mailing purpose I need the formal address to be complete. Also my
    informal addresses are also dropping the middle initial when in mail merge. I do know the trick if you click on “Name” in Outlook the fields will populate, all fields are completed correctly.

    I am so confused. I have read everything I could find for the last 3 weeks. I have exhausted my options. Please help or tell me a different address book I can use and print mailing from MS word with.

  190. Cliodhna O'Sullivan

    I have a Hp laptop and I got the windows 10 update at the beginning of the week ever since I can’t get into my laptop because it’s telling me my password is wrong even though I’ve changed it at least 4 times now ! Someone please help ! Its vital for college work

  191. Camille

    I received an email from myself and I didn’t send it. It’s actually an email that I need but I didn’t send it. It’s so strange. I use Outlook by the way. Does anyone know what’s happening here?

  192. I have a toshiba Portege running W7….my back space key diSplays the Extended diplay window (like for prjector) how do I sort that out….I have formatted and reinstalled windows buh same problem.

  193. Thomson Al

    Thomson Al
    I can no longer wipe free drive space of a specific drive by erasing the remnants of deleted files, but leaving existing files intact This is due to and I quote:- “This feature has been removed due to significant changes by Microsoft to the Windows NTFS file system causing critical data safety concerns”.Please advise what action action I should take, and what product Windows or other,I should go for.
    I am running Winows 7 on a Dell PC..

  194. joe

    I got a phone call from a man saying they work for Microsoft and my computer is been hack the telephone number they call from is 201-768-4886 a man with a heavy accent.It’s a scam so beware.

  195. joe

    maybe is the the same guy that call me its a scam Microsoft should find him and put him away he took $ 200.00 from me the first time now when he call I tell him go f—-yourself.I hope Microsoft and the police can catch this guy.

  196. joe

    Fake Like I said I got a call from a guy claiming that he works for Microsoft took over my pc and claim to have fixed charge me $200.00Then he call me again and wanted 300.00 for a three year contract.The number is area code 201-768-4886 if you see that number hang up to be fool by this guy.Next time ha calls Iam going to ask where he is located and he will get a lesson from me two broken legs.

  197. joe

    That’s what happen to me so I cancelled my credit card and change all my passwords and user names on my bank accounts and all my pc’s that’s what I recommend to you. Change your password and user name asap every pc in the house not just the one it happen to.

  198. joe

    I hope Microsoft is reading this forum and does something with the authorities to stop this people posing as Microsoft employees and ripping people off their money.

  199. joe

    Scam SCAM hang up is this the tel number calling you 201-768-4886? Scam Scam now the guy is going to call you too.

  200. Alberto G. Filho

    Hey someone there at Microsoft. You MUST give as a option to decline upgrading to Windows 10. I don’t want get rid of my Windows 7 Professional and this annoying pop up to upgrade to W10 does not stop. Now the system is always trying to download this crap on my laptop. I don’t want this piece of crap on my computer. Same way as Vista, W8 or any other piece of crap.

  201. Alex Osei

    My HTC windows phone 8s is requesting for a phone activation code while trying to log in with my microsoft account, i contacted HTC but says i should contact microsoft.How do i activate ny phone

  202. Pritam Doari

    I recently installed
    windows 8.1 in my new Lenovo Idea pad 300 15isk 80Q7 . it working properly few
    days . but today windows 8.1 take few updates after that my battery didn’t
    charge even though it will plug in to the power adapter for a long time . after
    removing the power adapter it completely shut down only it can run when
    adapter it attached . please solve the problem ASAP so that i can use it .

    I even tried to
    uninstall and reinstall the Batteries driver and also microsoft ACPI-Compliant
    control method battery drivers . But still no result .Please help .

    Note: And also Microsoft
    Composite battery driver is not showing in my Driver manager .

    Note: and the below red
    battery charging light is continuously blinking .

  203. skywalker

    Hi, I am updating windows 8 to windows 10. my query is that I have product key for windows 8, what will happen to the product key when windows 10 is updated?

  204. Cha

    Where can I get the email address for their technical support?

  205. marian furu?

    I have problem with win 10.

    When I want to open any window (files, settings) it’s disappeare. I can see it on the task bar but i can’t see on the desktop.

    I will be gratefull for some help.

  206. Richard Thomas

    I received an overnight Windows 10 update a few days ago. It knocked out my Wi Fi software and disabled all my e-mail accounts. I see a few others are complaining too. Does anyone know whats going on?

  207. Frank

    I am trying to activate Windows 10, which I received as a free upgrade from my previous use of Windows 7. What is the activation key for free Windows’ 10 upgrades so I can activate it? Any answers are appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.

  208. Angry person

    Fucking pissed off went to sign in to my outlook account entire password and username next page says I need to verify my account don’t have them numbers no more so do it online got send a code put code in now you WANT bank details for a fucking Xbox iv NEVER had so now I can’t get in to my email account to send me job application off. Call Microsoft get passed around 4 different people for NOONE to help me that’s fucking great.

    WELL DONE MIRCOSOFT you soft cunt

  209. mamun hasan

    i have a samsung laptop with windows 7.i have aproblem .my computer update working stop.please help me.

  210. Jacqui

    Microsoft, I said no. I did not want your stupid Windows 10. No means no, I think you have an issue with understanding consent. Unconcious people dont want tea and I did not want windows fu*king 10!! Thanks for fuc*ing my laptop.

  211. Gurney Halleck

    How do I stop MS from constantly bombarding me with ‘upgrade’ to W10? I’ve already tried it, it’s shit. I don’t want it, I want them to leave me the **** alone!!!!!

  212. Gurney Halleck

    Stay with 7 – it’s better & don’t go near 10 with a bargepole….

  213. AZartist

    my computer uploaded Microsoft 10 yesterday and after a couple hours I went back to windows 7… I really hate Microsoft 10 for a couple obvious reasons : 1)no shortcuts to websites able to be put on desktop 2) cannot have more than one tab open or window open 3) calibration to enlarge screen does not work – it jumps to 200 and will not allow lesser calibration and really anything you have to calibrate does not work for size … I looked all over the internet for solutions and found some for size of text enlargement but the short cut to desktop is a definite deal breaker for me. I often put shortcuts to websites or pages on my desktop while I am working on a project for quick reference and then will delete later when no longer needed. I did not seek the upload and planned to change to Microsoft 10 in the last week it is to be offered free, however, I will not look into the apple system – since Microsoft 10 is so user non friendly

  214. ang

    fake- I got similar call. They can get into your computer and place a virus… they go into your computer and do nothing… hang up.

  215. Roger Jetter

    WHY must Microsoft FORCE Windows 10 on me…??? WHY MUST I have it…WHY MUST you commandeer my PC…I like Windows 7, don’t want to change…!!

  216. guri

    i have windows phone lumia 640 and i have a problem about reset protection recovery key because i install windows 10 then i installed windows 8.1 again with recovery tool with my PC… i made everything on my account to give the protection recovery key however mobile not working and i cant make next steps about installing windows on my phone… i understand that first of all i must add my device on my account but i forgot it before i stardet installing windows and now i cant add my device on my account because i cant use my mobile… how can i solve this problem with alternative way? please help me thank you foretell and sorry for my broken english…

  217. Tim

    Windows 10 Cooked my DVD/CD player on my Dell Laptop, so I re-formatted the PC, and reloaded the original windows 8 that came with my Dell. “Anyone who try’s to give you something for free, has another motive with-in its content!” Win 10 is a piece of CRAP!!!!!!!!!! (ps- Who’s going to buy me a new DVD player?)

  218. Mohammad Shariq

    It is asking for update of Windows 10 almost daily…I get pissed with this notification…and system has become very slow and network issues are coming…earlier once I updated it for windows10 but then, internet was stopped working with windows 10…and it was mention to me that it was not compatible….what to do??
    I have sony Vaio.

  219. tharambwa

    i have a nokia lumia 635 which i bought online,my problem is i didn’t see that it was network locked,how do i get the unlock code for my phone

  220. no drugs

    got call from 800-255-1411 telling to sit at my computer cause it’s in danger of losing my data. Told him really idiot Microsoft doesn’t make house calls.

  221. Jane Steuwe

    I keep getting a “can’t connect to windows service….” Made a call to Microsoft but unless I pay it seems like I am on my own. Would like to know to know the serious nature of message before I pay anything and is this something I can fix on my own?

  222. Which Windows Service? Can you tell me the exact error message that you get.

  223. sharafudheen

    i want to know more about server2012 and requirements.. can u share me that ..
    because im a student .. i want to create a seminar

  224. husna

    hi .. I have a problem in sing in app store application and cant sing in and download any app .. but in web its work .. I want in app store application ..??

  225. Angelia Lowerison

    I have a laptop and it’s working on Windows 7
    My screen has turned black in the background and on the right bottom corner it says build 7601 this copy of Windows is not genuine can anyone suggest how to fix this please

  226. Ricky MacIntyre

    Where is a customer service rep that can help me with my personal email address? It’s been so long since I created my email so alot of the info is abit rusty to me, but I did list all my resent sent email subjects among other up to date information. They replied back saying it’s not enough info when they are the ones that are making me change it. I know my damn password, but cant use my email! Help?!

  227. Abi

    hi. i had sony vaio with windows 7 home basic. i upgraded to windows 10. it was working well for quite some time. however now a ‘activate windows’ message appears on the right bottom corner. i tried activating it with the win 7 key but it doesnt work. please suggest me what to do ! please get to me in my email.

  228. Carol Colclasure

    I have been locked out of my account for NO REASON. I am traveling abroad and Microsoft now thinks someone else has accessed my account and wants me to change my password. I DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE MY PASSWORD!!! This is incredibly irritating as I cannot even talk with a representative without being told to log in…which I cannot do because I have been locked out. How asinine. I AM REQUESTING HELP FROM MICROSOFT IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  229. Wayne Morris

    I’ve upgraded from 7 to 10 three times and every time get a different set of problems. What really has me angry is being intimidated into upgrading to a “work in progress” by Microsoft putting a “If you don’t you’ll have to pay a lot of money” into the equations. I’m not a damn lab rat. I have a business to run and spending hours on end upgrading, trying workarounds, rolling back and then doing it all over again.

    Note to Microsoft: Get it right before threatening user with fines if they wait for a finished product. Take the time limit off until you have a functioning system or admit that it’s there to allow you to experiment with everyone’s time.

    I, for one, will not upgrade again until I have some assurance of an end to compatibility issues that seem to change on a daily basis.

  230. Carol Colclasure

    I have been locked out of my Microsoft account for no good reason. I am a student travelling abroad and logged in through another computer in Spain and now I cannot log back in and it’s asking me to change my password. I DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE MY PASSWORD! Please allow me access back into my account as this this highly irritating.

  231. Arlette Hgraux

    I do not really need help, at least not just yet, although you and most other competent people at Microsoft would strongly disagree.

    I signed up in the group of early volunteers to test Win10, until I read that I would loose most owner prerogatives on my computer. That is when I disconnected STAT, and I became one of the hard core dissidents. I am still plodding happily with Win7 because I like its format and its tolerance of user blunder. Since I take the trouble to build my own tower [Yes, really!] I am not gong to be dictated by the software I will use with it.

    I was so looking forward to a fresh start when in fact Microsoft was taking us back in the dark (Middle) ages of servitude. I will go to Mac before I do that! Nothing wrong with Mac, I just “grew up” with Windows so I can work by quasi automation and with a display that I like. It makes life easier all around. I am a scientist so I am not afraid of change and progress; I am very concerned about loss of privacy and ownership.

    When Microsoft stops dictating to its users, I will be first again in trying Win 11+ as long as one is treated with the respect due to a client and a user instead of a peon being forced-fed. I bet that note will never be seen on a computer screen, but I had to speak up for myself.
    Consider it done.


  232. wayne

    when setting up windows 10, I made a typo error in my email address and now I want to correct it with the correct address. how?

  233. Dennis Bangham

    I bought a legitimate copy of Windows 7 several years ago for my home built system and did one original installation only. I have not updated anything on this computer since then. I have the product key sticker on my computer and have never reinstalled the operating system or let anyone have access to my product key or software disk. I tried to update to windows 10 but get the response that my product key is blocked by Microsoft and talking with support they tell me that the product key has been pirated.
    I feel that the fact, that my product key was used by someone else and without my permission and no notice from Microsoft, that this is Microsoft’s fault. This is a for one computer use product and why Microsoft lets others use my product key is concerning. The fact that Microsoft expects me to buy another windows 7 copy when MS does not protect their customers, shows Microsoft does not give a crap for its customers.
    Since I cannot get any satisfaction from Microsoft support I guess this is just a place for me to vent my anger at being screwed by Microsoft.

  234. Dennis Bangham

    Your product key was likely pirated. Microsoft seems to allow random folks to try random keys until one works and the person with that key is out of luck and expected to buy another copy of windows. I guess it is a way of increasing business by forcing people to keep repurchasing their old product. In the future try Ubunto or another operating system.

  235. mike

    Update received Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center update for Windows 10. Now my Microsoft Laser Mouse 8000 does not work as it is not supported. Any way you could update the software to include the mouse driver?

  236. Robert Schwade

    I have a Samsung RF510-S02US laptop, I was trying to upgrade it to Windows 10, when in the process, it messed with my BIOS, and now its says “System Resuming”, and then it boots into Windows 7. But Now i cannot get into my BIOS at all, as the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor tells me that I cannot upgrade to Windows 10 because my “processor is not supported(NX)” So that is what i have going on, Im thinking ill have to order a Factory Restore Disk from Samsung, that might run me like $40-$50, so was looking to see if you guys had any good ideas for me to save me from having to do that. Thank you all, and have a great Sunday.

  237. Sathish

    I have created MS access linked table manager databse for Outlook email databse
    However am not getting Email categories in my databse
    Can anyone help me to get the field

  238. Ngallendou

    I wish that MS Paint.exe had a transparency tool ! ( has a very good transparency feature, but that requires a download and opening graphics files in two programs.)

  239. manikanta

    i upgraded to windows 10.upon searching for my drivers i could not find it in my hp site saying that drivers may be in development. now im cannot update drivers.please help me to solve the issue as i need to update drivers, my laptop model number is g6-2101tu. my laptop is the one i bought before 2013.

  240. DO-NOT-MESS_with_USa

    I had the similar problem WAY back in Win 98SE. The CD’s silver began popping off creating holes and the software would not load. Called support, they said I MUST buy another CD.

  241. DO-NOT-MESS_with_USa

    ‘Windows Live Mail’ ‘Server Error 3219’ (in Win XP-SP4)
    I now have RANDOM email addresses not working. WHY can they not keep this fixed?Is there software THAT difficult to maintain?

  242. Beth

    I have windows vista. My password is no longer working and I can’t login

  243. Shira Levin

    I don’t like the change to my Outlook email. I want it to be the way it was before as on Aug. 26, 2016. I don’t like having to click twice on the subject line in order to open emails to read them. I don’t like there no is a square next to each email. Before I was able to put a check mark in it then click once to open the email.

  244. davi

    I have a problem with my e-mail when another person acsess my acount. You must resolve this question. The ip is:

  245. Mirjam Salach Wolters

    hello somebody toke over my hotmail account and I filled all the papers – but nobody is answering me – it is very urgent – as I have many credit cards numbers in it and my passport please can you do something for me.

  246. john

    hi i have a a ? how do i get a windows 7 disk to fix the polumblum i have

  247. john

    i installed windows 10 and did not like it so i whent back to windows 7 and it did not all competly un install i am not happy

  248. Rajasekhar Rayudu

    I want to check my phone warranty. I have the IME number where can get the information
    Please help.

  249. Bob

    MS forced many of us to update to windows 10 through abusive and harrassing popups, now my laptop doesn’t work right and I managed to get the MS tech revert me to windows 7, but now the programs are not working right. Fixing this should not bring a cost onto me, it should be the sole responsibility of MS.

  250. Bob

    My toshiba laptop was being updated from windows 7, to windows 8, to windows 8.1, than windows 10. Instead during the upgrade my toshiba screen went black and a message came up saying I was not using a genuine windows program. I re-enter the product code but the message is still there. I need this computer and for months I have been trying to correct the situation. Any ideas, I cannot afford to buy another computer. Help, help, please!!

  251. Constantine,

    would someone help?
    my Pc keep saying my password is wrong; yet I can access my mail from, from other pc.

  252. Constantine,

    I’ve Dell Vistro 1000. LapTop it keep saying that, pss my password is wrong; yet I can access my mail from other Pc with the same password? Would U point me in the right Direction

  253. shubham

    Hello ,
    I am using windows 10 on my PC and i am using share point online 365 licence when i am going to create the document library within that document library i am not able to drag and drop the folder directly which is having number of items less than 100 i am aware about the threshold limit of drag and drop but in windows 7 drag and drop works please resolve my issue as early as possible “why Win 7 giving problem in drag and drop of folders to document library from local drive of PC..

  254. shubham

    Why Win 10 giving problem in drag and drop of folder in Document Library (sharepoint)????

  255. Dr.Amit jain

    My Nokia lumia535 is a very bad set .

  256. Nil Pori

    Hi ,
    Please let me how to red window phone recovered data ,
    Good luv I am recovered all data but can’t open

  257. r

    i am planning to purchase 4g microsoft lumia phone where i will get service and accessories in india in future because they are telling this year end they will stop lumia phone then how can i continue the services of microsoft for their phone now i am using windows 10 phone.

  258. primitive

    I clicked on a box that said “I am not a robot” and my screen froze and gave me directions to call 1-888-664-2106. HELP!

  259. Sadaqat Khan

    How I Change Mac Address By Wndow 7 64bit

  260. Sharon

    I have the same problem and there are emails in there I need to get to I need help also My email address is

  261. sushil

    Plz help my internet explore not working properly

  262. Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram

    Battery icon has just today started showing “plugged in, not charging”. Why has this happened and what can I do to repair it?

  263. Steve Spalding

    “Windows 10 users can use the Contact Support app.” are you having a laugh? This is UTTERLY stupid – If I could use this ‘app’ then I would not need support in the first place. All I want is a support email address. Why is this too much to ask? Microsoft used to give error messages that were actually helpful rather than the recent error message I got when trying to update windows 10 to the ‘anniversary’ edition which simply said ‘Something went wrong.’. Please tell me how this is in ANY way useful. Seriously, I do not think Microsoft have even done basic testing on this update. The experience is considerably worse than anything any other OS has managed. I am left with a (nearly) new system that is stuck in an endless loop of failed updates and no error message other than a cryptic error code (80004005) which apparently means nothing concrete and a message stating the obvious (“Something went wrong.” I”m sorry but your QA department needs firing. If this nonsense continues, I will be going back to my Mac which has it’s own very long list of issues, but at least the update mechanism works.

  264. If you cannot use the Contact Support app, use any of the other support options I have specified. I have specified a phone number as well as Take your pick!

  265. FrndlyAdvice

    I had my email account hacked by someone with an IP tracked to Windows Azure, San Antonio, USA. I cant for the life of me find a way to contact Microsoft support since their site does not have the simplest access feature to an email id for complaints (or is just too complicated for me to find).
    Let me know where I can find it or what it is. Any help appreciated.

  266. Jayne Gallagher

    I can not get rid of a pop up window “C:windowssystem32atibtmon.exe” I started shortly after I installed windows 10 but not it is worse. The posts that I have read refer to Windows XP or Windows 7

  267. Rabie Enini

    i have my window 10 pro is not active and basically i have windows windows 7 home edition, what can i do ?
    do i have to re format and install new window 10 home edition ? or can windows 10 active based on windows 7 home edition ?

    please advice

  268. Kim

    Just wanted to say how extremely annoyed I am with all the updates especially when you don’t ask for a time preference. It interrupted my work and is now going on 2 hours! Ridiculous!

  269. Hafedh Miled

    I am unable to sign in my Skype account since more than 10 days , my ID is mikehotel2007 , .Skype server is likely to have same problem over my country ,Tunisia , grateful to have yr assistance shooting this trouble as soon as possible . look forward to your assistance . Anticipated thanks . Miled Hafedh .

  270. priya

    i have one dout plz help me sir]

  271. Charley

    I have a brand new Lenovo desk top computer. I am having problems with the e-mail. I keep getting the message not synced yet. I had the Geek Squad work on it but they could not fix the error and suggested I contact Micro Soft. Can anyone help

  272. drs ajjad

    i have recieve this email is this from microsoft or its scam? cause i didnt request for account closer

    ?? Closing of your Microsoft Account is been processed

    Email Service

    Yesterday, 4:05 AM
    Account Confirmation

    Dear Microsoft User,
    We received a request from you yesterday to terminate your account permanently and the process has started by our account team.
    If you didn’t request this, click the button below to cancel the request immediately.

    Cancel Request

    If you actually request to delete your account, please ignore this email.
    Thank you for using Microsoft services..

    Microsoft respects your privacy. To learn more, please read our Privacy Statement.

    Microsoft respects your privacy. To learn more, please read our Privacy Statement.

    Microsoft Corporation
    One Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98052

  273. Shaun

    I need help on Xbox I’ve been trying to message

  274. Shaun

    And still can’t
    I’m not on a ban can someone help me plz

  275. John

    I have a whole page pop up of a claim from Microsoft mentioning that I have a virus and should call 1-877-910-4521 immediately. The page is frozen and I can’t copy it or close it without going to control, alt, delete and closing off Google. It popped up when I tried to open a page on Facebook about a recipe. I haven’t called the number but thought I’d bring it to you attention. John

  276. Mattia Dorigatti

    The form does not exist anymore. Any other way to email them?

  277. Do not call them. It is a scam. Scan your computer with your antivirus software as well as AdwCleaner.

  278. Its unfortunate to see that message on the computer screen. Let me assure you . It is no VIRUS. It can be removed by restarting the computer most of the times.You May need to clear the history and the cookies. To make sure you dont get similar pop-ups again you may need to check the addons on your browser or other Potentially unwanted application. Under no condition..Never Call the number . If you call them they will take the computers access and put sam password and try to extort money

    i am available on

    Hope it helps

  279. busuioc ilie

    hi, i buy gears of war 4 and i cant make instal in pc, because give me windows 10 ,, error 0x80070057 “

  280. Larry Melton

    I have had Windows 10 in my laptop since the free upgrade and it has never run so bad. Pages won’t load, browser crashes, and slow running. Im going back to Windows 7 which I never had a problem with. They can keep 10 till they get all the bugs worked out.

  281. Paula T.

    I have been having the same issues. How did you revert back to Windows 7?

  282. Paula T.

    Forgot to mention that my pc came with Windows 7 pre-loaded…

  283. Bob ONeill

    This document is outdated. The support links no longer work. I’m looking for help with W 2012 r2 updates not working, I heard updates support was always free too.

  284. kassie duarte

    I hate windows 10 it’s so boring and so blah .. no startup sound really? Omg and thank u for getting rid of movie maker that piece of garbage thank u

  285. Sendy Mootooveeren

    my account has been hacked, ie gone thrugh all the procedure required online, answering all questions, the code will be sent on my mail, but u have also blocked my mail adress

  286. Jeff

    My Sony laptop doesnt turn on the wireless connection. I can work from the cable connection. can any body can assist? Thank you

  287. John

    Hey, how might I go about creating a platform for developers to use a device I’d like to build?

  288. Gforce27

    I’ll tell them what my problem is: There damn updates are f****ing up my computer! I just reinstalled Windows for the 3’d time in 9 months. The last time, an update bonked my computer into blue screen of death, then black screen of death, and I had to force it to boot into safe mode to get it to even turn on! This time, I was trouble shooting another system slowdown that started after another update, and after 2 Malwarebytes and Norton Power Eraser deemed my laptop clean, I reinstalled Windows again! Right after that, everything was great–snappy even! Oh, but not for long! Why?! Because immediately after, Windows decides to update again not once, but TWICE–and my computer slowed back down to a crawl. Thanks a lot Microsoft. You’re stupid updates are making my computer unstable and unusable.

  289. Dennis Besler

    does anyone know of a fix for windows 10, no sound , problem?
    i think i tried everything.

  290. christina kerr

    My computer said it had a virus, I contacted number and got VIPRE. then a few months later was contacted by the man who installed, Robert, and he said I had another virus. He got 300 dollars from me on I Tune gift cards and was in my computer. When I called to check on this I was told he had been fired. Then got a call back from another person who stated they wanted to give my money back and wanted my debit card number. I refused to give my number and have been called back twice since then and have not answered call. Is there anything I can do to prosecute them?

  291. Unfortunately you have been scammed. You could report this to FTC and Microsoft. Details & links here:

  292. dinesh

    I have just purchase xolo windows phone.. But i dont have activaion code.. Please gelp me out my phone is xolo q900s

  293. Tyler

    I have a Xbox one with developer mode but I did not get the key code so I can review unreleased game plz help me

  294. Bob

    This site has no connection to Microsoft and should be removed. You are trying to look like an actual Microsoft web site. Microsoft should go after you.

  295. Maxime Adam

    We are looking at obtaining Material Safety Data Sheet for a surface pro 4 to ship internationally to our employees through a government service. Can you send it to or provide us with an email address to contact. the customer service line for Canada is cutting off.

  296. This post only lists Microsoft contact details. You will have to contact them yourself directly.

  297. Pulusu Ramu

    how to separate two numbers in one cell pls pls pls

  298. John

    After I convert wav files in iTunes can I delete the wav files from pc?

  299. tim

    I’ve got windows 10, but I can’t play a movie in the dvd

  300. Caroline Abenakyo

    After the upgrade yesterday some of the keys on my phone are not working

  301. Felix

    My Bluetooth does not work and I get a message saying: Miracast is not present. How can a simple fix be possible?

  302. Paul Hill

    Recently I purchased a copy of the Office Pro 2016 and managed partially to set up my account, but unfortunately I am experiencing problems with verifying my account with the appropriate links in order to download the softwar. Over the last few days there are continuous problems with the Account Live Servers as there are no emails coming through to my assigned alias account. Can anyone from Microsoft advise when this will be rectified as in the meantime I think I am going to need to contact the technical support for remote assistance in helping me out here. But I would be very grateful for any advice on when the servers will be back to normal so that I can verify my account and use it as per the policy laid out by Microsoft. Sadly unable to speak with anyone in online support as I have to sign in with a verified account before I could speak with a real person.

  303. Biswanath Debnath

    I installed Windows 10 Pro in December 2015 on my Dell laptop, but, I did not like it then and uninstalled it. It was said that once I installed it and I had a valid license, I could always reinstall it later. Now, when I try to reinstall Windows 10, my license is not recognized. Any advice to resolve the issue?

  304. Jolene Barczewski pop

    This is a scam don’t call they want lots of money

  305. What is a scam? This post? 🙂 No – it directs you to various Microsoft company’s own Support options.

  306. bat gabai

    Hi! I have hard time to rest my skype password microsoft system please help thanks

  307. M RI Rony

    I need fiverr app for windows phone, please help me how to i get it.

  308. Nt

    I need some support. I am trying to set up my windows account. I enter my current btinternet email address along with my password which should then go on to generate a passcode, sent directly to my email account. I keep getting a message to say passcode has been sent but when I check my email account nothing has arrived in my inbox or junk etc.This has happened several times and it’s getting a bit frustrating as I’m unable to activate my account.

    Please can you help resolve thiis

  309. Glenn Tobey

    I have Windows 10 and am trying to paginate a manuscript. I want page 1 to start on the seventh page of the text which is Chapter 1 of my text. Automatic pagination does not start where I want it to. Starts on title page and introduction, etc. Help

  310. Nicole

    @ Anand Khanse you are not Microsoft . WHY you behave like one?????? Friend ,Big Scammer here . Be careful.

  311. Who said I am Microsoft 🙂 This post gives all the links a Windows user may require to receive Microsoft Support. NONE of them point to any paid private support. All ultimately direct you to Microsoft.

  312. Rajesh Ghosh

    MY ID IS:-

  313. Allan Hawkins

    I am setting-up a new PC for a friend. Windows 10 version 1511 build 10586.122
    To activate windows 10 I must use a telephone, talk to a machine, answer many questions using the keypad then be transferred to an operator who was on a very bad connection or had English as her third language. After 15 minutes I gave-up.
    I would have been expected to enter 63 digits via a keypad and, if I got it all correct, write down a 25 digit code to enter into the PC.
    My PC KNOWS the 63 digit number, it knows which operating system and version it is using and is more than capable of receiving a product key. WHY does Microsoft still go back to the runner with a cleft stick – this is the 21st century.
    I will try again tomorrow but if it doesn’t work the PC goes back and I will suggest she gets an Apple MAC

  314. Salama Altamimi

    I want to Reset my laptop but the problem is there is a admin password and every step I take It asks for the admin password I cant download anything or even open the command board, by the way this is my school laptop we finished the school year and I need to reset my laptop to reuse it I’m using windows 10.

    And it will be better if I can break this admin password without deleting anything from my laptop!

  315. chris

    I get a message flashing on the screen many times ,saying that my pc has a virus, When I call the number they appear to be from india. I want to know whether they are genuine or scammers?????
    Why I have to change my PW to Hotmail a/c every time I sign in????

  316. Could be scammers. Download install & use free Dr WebCureIt OR Malwarebytes OR Zemana antimalware scans to remove the virus/scareware: | | |

  317. Marissa Salem

    Something went wrong while I’m browsing online, somebody on the screen just pop up requiring to call this number 1-844-416-3555 from Microsoft security. If I don’t call, my computer will be disabled, blocked from getting on the internet. Then I contacted them instructing me to deal with them to remove the malicious spyware and virus on my computer. He said hold windows icon+R, but then I realized I don’t know if this is a scam so I told him I don’t you, then he hung up, said sorry I can’t help you if you don’t want to do it.

  318. It was a scam. You did good. I suggest you scan your computer with your antivirus as well as with portable software AdwCleaner and Dr Web CureIt (or any of the Free Standalone Antivirus Scanners): Links – and

  319. Marissa Austria Salem

    My computer is blocked now. After I shut down, then went back on, that same screen will pop up on miscrosoft edge browser. I can’t get online. What should i do?

  320. Marissa Austria Salem

    My problem now is how to get rid of that from my laptop, when I get back on with Microsoft Edge browser, that same screen pops up I can’t get nowhere. My computer has been blocked. I found you on FB Messenger and I actually sent you a video of my laptop to show you what’s going on. Please help me. I really don’t know what to do.

  321. Use another computer to download the tools I told you and copy them to a USB drive. Then if you cannot boot your infected PC normally, boot the infected computer in SAFE MODE. Then connect the USB and run the scans. See and

  322. Basically > 1] Do not open any browser. 2] Run a boot-time scan with your antivirus or Windows Defender. See

  323. Marissa Austria Salem

    Thank you so much. I will try that, maybe with the help of my son in law, who used to work with cyber security.

  324. Salama Altamimi

    I have a problem on my laptop, there is an admin password and I can’t install anything, or open the command board, or even open my laptop camera, our school made this admin password so we can’t use anything at school, now the school year is done and I’m stuck with this admin password that I can’t break through! By the way I’m using windows 10.

  325. Tom Nolan

    am getting 100s of email for myself Hotmail a week .. tried all your fixes setting rules nothing stops them .wat can you do ..

  326. Patricia Stevens

    All I want to do is change my email address. Can’t remove old one until they verify new one.
    I will not go another email source.

  327. disqus_4zKLjC1OrC

    I hope someone at MS actually reads this I am getting more than fed up with MS window updates. For the past two hours, my laptop has been out of commission because UNINVITED decided to install a major update. For minor updates, MS repeatedly overrides my default software. If this is a way for the company to gain favors with customers, they are grossly mistaken! In my case, whenever I can I default to other programs when equivalent programs are available. No MS Edge, photo, cortana, onedrive used here!

  328. Mike Barngrover

    I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 used off ebay. My thought was that it should be a safe purchase because Microsoft would make it a high quality product to showcase Windows 10. Unfortunately, it is so unstable that it is unusable. It crashes after only minutes of use even with nothing running. The tablet mode crashes immediately. Unfortunately, I received it the day after the warranty ran out and Microsoft want $30 just to talk to them. I am extremely disappointed in Microsoft. I’ve always been a proponent of there’s, especially when comparing to the fruit company, but now I’m not sure anymore.

    I just want an email address to ask someone at Microsoft if they would work with me on it.

  329. Elizabeth Robidoux

    Dear Microsoft: You emailed me a Survey to do. When I started it, I didn’t know was for a business. It was about advertisement about Office 365-ATP. I am not a business, I am a retired word processor/secretary) who asked her family to buy her Office 2013 for Christmas. Because it had functions on it to create and design greeting cards for my 15 sisters and brothers and numerous relatives. Including the ability to do massive mail merges for my whole family’s correspondence that saves a lot of time. (My close family is the size of a town.) Since I scribble due to Albuterol to control Asthma, I preferred Office 2013 to type out my addresses so that the postal service can be able to read them and I use windowed envelopes to cut down on the price of ink. I felt my correspondence with windowed envelopes may have deceived you into thinking I am a “business”. I AM NOT A BUSINESS. Just a very creative computer literate in Office 2013 with an Education. Please take my name off your business marketing because I am not a business. What I am interested in though, are those two features in Office 2013 due to the enormity of my family. I also use Office 2013 to type quick Recipe Cards for my kitchen & to share with friends, make labels for the spine of binders & notebooks, Create Covers with a photo for my travel itinerary, attractions, prices, motel reservations and maps for family vacations, labels for food & vitamins in the fridge or crops in the garden, send photos in mass emails online and I do it in seconds because of the features in Office 2013.
    This gives me time to be a mother and a wife. Sincerely, E. Robidoux

  330. dAUD

    hi how are u well im using windows 10 tab 8inch which under a 3rd party brand actually i got that tab from MDG CONSUMER FINANCE COMPANY HERE IN Hamilton Canada i have put on first my hotmail id on it but later i remove it and start using it with local admistration on it without ANY EMAIL ID BUT THE PASSWORD OF THAT ID IS NOT WORKING IM SENING U THE TAB MODEL NUMBER PLZ HELP ME OUT TO RETRIVE THE PASSWORD

  331. Alex

    Microsoft Support Number +1-844-8691-777

  332. Please help

    I need to message a live personnel so that we can fix my sign in problem, I have changed my password and now everytime I try to sign in to my hotmail account it tells me that I need to get back into the account to make sure it’s actually me… over and over again with the same results following every step… please help me get bk into my hotmail so that I can make sure that no one is actually using my hotmail other than me thank you I only have my phone

  333. Yummysukiyaki

    It is irritating that Microsoft keeps prompting me to update their features in W10 which I don wish cos it will erase all the websites n programs I had installed in my PC. Please stay away!

  334. Yimam

    Hi, I want to download MS Access Price Comparison database template. Could you support me?

  335. Ravindra

    Hello My name is Ravindra Yewale and email id is Problem – when I am sending an email to someone my name is appearing as Ambadas zirpe – which not my name. Can you please help me out to fix this problem.

  336. shimkusj

    I hate having Edge / Bing come up every time I logon. I consider this an unwanted intrusion. How can I cause Outlook, Word, or some other more useful screen to come up when I logon?

  337. shimkusj

    I feel exactly the same about Cortana as about Edge / Bing. Don’t want it, don’t use it.

  338. shimkusj

    Never cooperate with anyone who contacts you about a supposed “problem” with your computer. If you really have a problem, contact Microsoft or some technical support person you already know.

  339. Maggie Petch

    On my laptop I have always had my Update settings set to Automatic Updating and have relied on this for years – today have a message “There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this, and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80080008)”. Have searched and read and haven’t a clue. True, because of my sight problems, the machine hasn’t been turned on for about 3 months – but that shouldn’t be a problem. I am shown my OS version is Windows10 1511, but again that means nothing as it was installed automatically by Microsoft when they released Windows 10, and if its out of date it just means that auto updating isn’t working. It would so help if there was idiot-proof directions to get out of a problem that is not of one’s own making.

  340. Neil Taberner

    My computer reboots without warning at random times. I believe this is a Microsoft ‘feature’ to do with updates? Please can you redesign this ‘feature’ to the benefit of your customers. This ‘feature’ has seriously got me looking at alternatives to Windows 10!

  341. Brittney Bergschneider

    Every day around the same times my internet connection turns off and says I have to manually turn it back on. I just go the new updat a few weeks ago and just thought it was my internet company. Now I see where there is “metered connections” which I do not need. I have them all turned off but then still everyday at least twice a day it turns off and it happens to be in the most inconvenient times. Like when submitting a paper or a file or pictures for my storage unit claim, filling out job applications and doing my regular job on top of that. I need this to stop! Help!

  342. Brittney Bergschneider

    Dell laptop



  344. pat

    How do I get heard ? I am loyal buyer of Microsoft products. Recently Microsoft announced it was shutting down with Windows phones. I love them and its much easier for me at work. But I seen on Microsoft web page they have 2 last windows phones left. So I called the king of Prussia phone number and mention to them I have the family plan with Verizon. And asked if the Alcatel Idol 4s will work with Verizon. She put me on hold and came back saying yes it is unlocked. So I drive an hour to the Microsoft store and also ask the sales men. They also said it is unlocked and work with any carrier.So I purchased the phone an drive back home. Only to find out it will not work with Verizon. I was on the phone with Verizon six times in five days they did everything they could to try to get it to work. And they finally said it is a GSM network phone therefore it will not work with Verizon. So I had to drive back to return the phone to Microsoft and the person who sold me the phone ws there and also another sales men. I told them you told me it works with Verizon and it doesn’t. He and other sales men replied back that Microsoft trains them if a phone is unlocked it will work with any carrier. I wasted four hours driving and approximately six hours on the phone with Verizon. The salesmen apologized I asked if I can get something off the HP elite X3 for what I went through. They left and came back and said Microsoft doesn’t do anything for its customers even if you are a loyal one. And they apologized again. Is this regular practice by Microsoft and how does Bill Gates sleep if he knows he is screwing his loyal customers ?

  345. lam rang

    please help me. i have a microsoft surface pro. i updated all packet. But touch screen does not work.

  346. lam rang

    i find a problem in device manager. Firmware surface touch have error. Disable -> Enable, Uninstall -> Reinstall. But Touch Screen does not work. (!-!)

  347. Fred Gies

    Tried to get help, but after an hour on hold the off shore rep, transferred me to someone else because she couldn’t provide support, spent another 1/2 hour on hold I gave up, Microsoft Support is being run by incompetent idiots from some foreign land. Obviously Microsoft doesn’t care about its US customers.

  348. jamaema heer

    I think, Its Very informative content to activate my product, Anyway antivirus, Windows, office, server, visual express, idm, adobe products may activate using oem product key, which can be buy from ODosta Store
    As I recently bought Windows 10 Product key to upgrade my Windows 8.1 PC, Which worked perfectly. That’s why I want to recommend this site with other guys, Which is offering so cheap license keys. You can also get windows and other product keys here.

  349. R Williams-Jones

    Just had a call form a London number 02064638956 Informing me my windows had been hacked and that they would be disconnecting my windows as it had been hacked and used in cyber crime. When I asked which computer, he asked how many I had he then asked me to go under his guidance into my account!!! When I told him he would not block my windows he hung up. The number 02064638956 is a fake number. Be AWARE

  350. Thanks for posting. It was a scam for sure.

  351. Lafayette

    What is their email address? Why isn’t that provided? Quite obnoxious to fill out a form that’s outside of your actual email so you can’t forward them the issue directly

  352. xyz

    I got two windows, however i odered only one. so what should i have to do now? and first laptop has display problem!!!

  353. abhinav

    i never use any microsoft application like skype or microsoft store. and the reason is policy of microsoft that every time you have to set a new password

  354. Tøby Crane

    Help!!! I am curious as to why the Microsoft Word limit is 1638, as I want my text to be bigger.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Kind regards

  355. Davit Danielyan

    Hi there
    My microsoft account is blocked due to some useless attempts to recover it. I managed to find the password and gained a short access to my account but after I logged out my account is blocjed again.
    The microsoft virtual agent isn’t the tool for this issue, how can I get in touch with microsoft support team?

  356. sandeep bharti

    I have correct password and recovery key but my bit locker is not opening. What type of software you’re designing ,it’s totally disgusting only you are making people fool. When bit locker is not working better then why you launch it , you want to make money that’s why you did so ,your engineer know how to fix it but they will charge high amount ,all you are tied with different companies , only you are making people fool , as much as I abuse you ,it’ll not bad for you, why you create this type of application ,which doesn’t work better. this is my email ,if you can fix it then contact me

  357. suman das

    We want to upgrade our Windows Vista OEM licenses in the same desktops with windows 10 pro 32 bit licenses. what is the upgrade option exist?

  358. Tebson Mohammed

    please good day ,i have a small problem on my lumia 520 about specific network . im currently in Ghana and i think the phone was mode in UK .my imei number is 357257053983750 plz do help me . im on facebook and my mail is http://www.tebson

  359. Scott Sievers

    No email to contact Microsoft anymore? Big business is too good to accept emails from normal people.
    I tried to log into my account today, and was told to change my password… again… I don’t even remember what it was last time, because you FORCE me to keep changing it? Am I a bank now? WHY do i need to change it constantly? I am too old to keep changing it and remembering.I have never had an issue with “MY” password before… I am all done with Microsoft.. NOT, that you care, because your too big and rich to care about anyone but yourself now.

  360. annarose13

    What do we do when Microsoft no longer is on our accounts?

  361. sanjay

    sir when i press forgot pasword i dont get password in m any of mail when i press i dont have any so then i have recived code so plz sir i request you

  362. Education Info Law's

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    ???? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?????????? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ????????? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ?? .
    Hello sir
    You have been announced that your all current software will be given legally for NGOs for many years. The name of our NGO is the New Anand Education and Welfare Committee whose registration no. 01/06/01/3164 9/16 This is the institute registered in Section 73 of Madhya Pradesh Companies and Society Registry.
    Please Sir, give us guidance on how we can get your software out.
    sumit garg 09425656547

  363. Mickeymouse

    I just received the latest windows update and i thought i do not see it right, when asking about data collection. There were a window where i could not chose the option of no data collection. I know Microsoft has their way to collect information anyway, but this is next level of Zuckerberg. First started the cry about ad blocker then Facebook, now windows want to collect data, and probably sell to who?(wouldn’t be surprised) Is there any option where somehow i can turn these collections off? Or really need to use Linux?

  364. 3sawy20

    my account hakes by this person

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    ?Date: ???????? ?? ????? ???? ?:?? ??
    Subject: Re: Microsoft account password change
    To: Microsoft account team

    my account was hacked

    20.052018, 21:17, “Microsoft account team” :
    Microsoft account
    Your password changed
    Your password for the Microsoft account ov***** was changed on 5/20/2018 9:17 PM (EET).
    If this was you, then you can safely ignore this email.
    Security info used: 1142795601
    Country/region: Venezuela
    Platform: Windows
    Browser: Chrome
    IP address:
    If this wasn’t you, your account has been compromised. Please follow these steps:
    1. Reset your password.

    2. Review your security info.

    3. Learn how to make your account more secure.

    You can also opt out or change where you receive security notifications.

    The Microsoft account team

  365. Ignore this email. Its phishing spam. Log into your account NOT using the link given in this email, but separately by entering the URL in the browsers address bar and change your password.

  366. 3sawy20

    he changed all information password and phone number
    and i filled ur application restore wz no answer

  367. 3sawy20

    plz i wont official mail to describe my case

  368. soheb sk

    i not able to turn on my metered option in windows

  369. Pranab Kumar Guha

    I had purchased 2 nos. of Windows’10 PRO from Flipkart. The send me two CD with same product Key. They will not change the CD as I have checked after 11 days that one computer is activated and other computer is not activated. After that I found that both the CD bearing same product key. What should I do now?

  370. Mal Sedlak

    can I recover my updated windows 10 from my defective HP laptop(old) and reinstall on a new acer Aspire presently on 8.1

  371. William Lewis John Scourfield

    I wish to complain about a company called Meehan Trading who stated that they worked for your support team. They falsely claimed that my IP address had been compromised and proceded to charge me £685.97 having discovered this was a scam I cancelled my contract with them and have requested my money refunded. I have yet to receive a response from them. Could you please advice on a course of action to recoup this sum of money that was fraudulantly obtained using your corporate name

  372. First of all, this is a private site owned by me, and not related to MS. All I can say is that you have been scammed. You may report the scam. These post has some links that may help you – and

  373. Joe Gallick

    Quicken will not boot up. I get a flash screen with the quicken logo and that’s it. I am running W 10 pro.

  374. bhupinder gupta

    a view only —if microsoft provide a retail geninune key for old win like win 7 per computer for 1000-1200 range every one can buy

  375. Erfan Mohammadi


    i had update my windows to version 1803 the problem is that my windows was active before updating but now its not D:

    my laptop is Asus x541u and i hadn’t change my windows since i bought this laptop , i had update it several time before , this problem wasn’t occur pleas help me

    i cant even change my background because of this activation problem.

  376. Luigison

    Please update the night light settings to gradually get dimmer and then brighter. Also, please add a grayscale or black/white timer.

  377. Cindy

    Hi I can’t access my account I have forgotten the password I have tried to reset it I blocked the account and I can’t recover it, I have been on the phone several times but no answer just automated answers.
    This email account was set up for our wedding to which all our rsvps are being sent to and we won’t be able to see unless we can get into the account

  378. christhini ravi

    i need to integrate bingsearch but in auth0 it asks for redirect url. Should i need to give my callback url?

  379. ashwin nani

    Hello Team
    i am getting an following WAS event and app pools are getting crashed. could you please help.
    A process serving application pool ‘xxx’ suffered a fatal communication error with the Windows Process Activation Service. The process id was ‘5520’. The data field contains the error number

    Ashwin Misala

  380. ashwin nani

    This is happening on regular basis. I tried many ways but still issue remains the same.

  381. ashwin nani

    version: Windows server 2016 Data center. 66 bit OS, X64-based processor

  382. sharon scott

    had an email thismorning saying it was from micro soft it says i will be blacklisted if i dint click and send my email address to update.says

  383. sharon scott

    is this a scam micro soft email saying i will be black listed if i dont click and send my email ????

  384. Its a scam. MS never sends such emails. Ignore it.

  385. Dalton

    What is the number for Xbox help in New Zealand cause my Xbox isn’t working

  386. Pinketta Edna

    I have an accer laptop with windows 8 pro build 9200. The windows had been activated when i got it. After formatting after I lost my password , I can’t activate the windows even though I have keyed in the product key.
    It keeps saying ,
    windows can’t activate right now. Try activating windows later. If this issue persist ,contact Microsoft customer service and support line to activate windows.
    its been days.

    help me please.

  387. Tarpai csaba

    I forgot my email to my xbox but i remember my password and gamertag
    I tried acount recovery but it said i didnt give enough info
    Please help me because i had a 1year xbox live on it
    And i dont have the money to buy another xbox live i need help

  388. Rajasekar

    Hai sir
    Iam having Lumia435 .Iam fan of Windows phone. Now windows mobiles & Tablets not available in India as affordable price range Rs10,000- 25,000. Iam using Laptop for official purposes . Many peopls are un like Laptops becase they are heavy Product while traveling. Iam also seeking for Windows phone or Tablet for affordable price range.
    When are you Introduce Microsoft Tablets 8″, for affordable price range?

    Kindly do the needful

    Thanking you

    Tamil Nadu,India,

  389. Kelly Bustard

    YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  390. Microsoft will never contact you on their own, for any problems you may be facing with your computer or Microsoft software and services. And in any case, you will never receive a legitimate call 1(888)-317-2628 from Microsoft or its partners to charge you for computer fixes.

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