Fix Full Screen problems in Windows 10 while playing Games, watching Movies, etc.


  1. It seems Text and Font Size setting can crop games that aren’t actually fullscreen, but use a fullscreen borderless window and then don’t detect the new maximum window size. How to resolve that without changing scaling settings is going to depend on the game. It could also impact games or other programs that try to force their window size to something bigger than the scaled height/width limits.

  2. The text size option made the difference for me. I had it set to 150% and full screen internet browser, including streaming videos did not work; came up black. However, I reduced it to 125% and now it works fine! This is for 3840×2160 resolution.

  3. Happened same to me. All I had to fix was go to windows settings. From Multiple displays select “Duplicate these displays” apply. Then again select show only on 2 ( second screen). It worked. I have 870m graphics card. 1 whole month I had this problem

  4. Since I installed Win 10, when I watch online videos in full screen mode (like Youtube, etc) it goes back to regular screen size (full screen auto-reverts back to the original size) after about 1min. I can’t seem to find any settings regarding this time sensitive issue. Is anyone else experiencing this or have a fix?

  5. Why does the forced updates in Windows10 always change my video settings without my permission?
    The players I use are not a part of the Windows “lease”…leave them alone.

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