Games loading slow on Windows PC? Worry not, there are ways to fix them

When it comes down to Windows PC video games, there’s a good chance you’ll come across the problem of a game failing to load correctly. This shouldn’t be a surprise since a Windows PC is made up of several components so that anything can go wrong. For many PC gamers, they tend to have a mostly error-free experience, but not everyone has the same luck. If you’re one of the unlucky folks facing issues, then read on for there are several ways to fix game loading problems.

If games are running or loading slowly & take forever to load on your Windows 10/8/7 PC, even with a good configuration, these tips will fix such issues. Bear in mind; these fixes are not permanent, so be prepared to revisit them in the future.

Games loading slowly on PC

games loading slow pc

Install the correct version of DirectX

The majority of video games on a Windows 10 PC, requires the installation of Microsoft DirectX. It’s an API designed to improve a computer’s multimedia capabilities. Additionally, it’s the primary tool for many video game creators so we wouldn’t recommend making any attempts to do without it.’

At the moment, there are several versions of DirectX, with the most recent being DirectX 12. We suggest downloading and installing the version your game was designed with in mind. In fact, during the installation of almost all video games, an option should pop up to give gamers the option to install the correct version of the API. You can download the API from the official website.

Update your graphics card drivers

There are times the graphics driver might be the issue behind a game failing to load. Sometimes it could be a bug in the game itself. A simple upgrade for both the graphics card and the game itself should do the trick. You need to update your Graphics Drivers and updates are usually found on the graphics card manufacturer’s website, while an update for a game tends to be automatic.

Visual C++ Redistributable is another option

When installing a video game, some tend to ask the user to download and install Visual C++ Redistributable if they haven’t already. That’s because it’s an integrated development environment designed for creating applications in the C, C++, and C++/CLI development languages.

Whenever you run certain applications on a Windows computer, Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is one of the backbone components, therefore, without it installed, games will likely fail to load.

Here’s the thing, the latest version that is in use right now is Visual C++ 2013, but some older games might support Visual C++ 2005 or 2008. Worry not for they are still available for download. We only wish Microsoft made some of its components backward compatible so gamers wouldn’t have to download a different version of the same thing.

Make sure .NET Framework is installed

Like many programs designed for a Windows 10 machine, most games work best with the installation of Microsoft .NET Framework. It’s an important aspect when building video games for Windows, and similar to DirectX, users must download and install older versions of more ancient games.

Again, the newer versions are not backward compatible, something the software giant needs to fix as soon as possible.

Tweak your Windows OS

If you computer configuration is good and your games run slowly still, make some changes to your Windows OS that can enhance gaming performance. You may even use some free software to boost gaming performance.

All the best!

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