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Game Backup Monitor lets you backup games automatically

If you often play games on your computer, you should check out Game Backup Monitor. It will help you automatically backup the configuration files of your games. It is a free and open-source software that is available for multiple computer […]

10 best free Escape Games for Windows 10 PC

Every game has an intent. Some are to mimic warfare, some to learn, and some to test your skills. Escape games are a sub-genre of puzzle and trivia games, which is prominent enough to call for a mention of its […]

Apex Legends game for Windows PC

Apex Legends game for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Electronic Arts along with Respawn Entertainment published and developed a new free to play battle royale game called Apex Legends. This game is set in the same universe as Titanfall and has recently been released for Windows PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation […]

How to install & play PUBG Lite on Windows 10

PUBG Mobile has been a huge success. It has literally changed the gaming scene in India and similar developing markets. Being free to play and download is something that makes it accessible to more audience. But the only limitation being […]

10 best Family and Kids games for Windows 10 PC

Are looking for a way to settle those tiny family disputes? Take out a board game, involve everyone in it and let the best man win. Weekends can be dull when the family is together at home and needs to […]

Top 10 Strategy Games for PC on Microsoft Store

If you are looking for the best Strategy games for Windows 10, then your search ends here. So, when we have vetted the top ten strategy games for PC in Microsoft Store, we have looked at the biggest decisions to […]

10 best Platformer games for Windows 10 PC

In simple terms, a Platformer game is a game in which the player or the character jumps on platforms to achieve points or proceed through the levels. As an example, those good old coin collecting games like Temple Run are […]

10 best Role Playing Games for Windows 10 PC

Started from revered classics to destroying demons you know what to expect from Role Playing Games. It gives you an escape to a world that’s yours and you can build and have exquisite battles in. So, we have compiled the […]

10 best Card and Board Games for Windows 10 PC

This is where fun joins a company with intelligence. Board games give us the sense superiority of strategy and the feeling of blowing something up when you get the wrong number or suit. And, having them on our Windows 10 […]

Gears of War 4 keeps crashing

Gears of War 4 keeps crashing on Windows 10

Gears of War 4 is the latest game in the franchise and the beginning of what appears to be a new trilogy. The reviews have been quite fair, but the title is definitely not on the same level of greatness […]

ArtMoney Game Cheater helps you cheat in a video game

When playing role-playing games (RPG) or some strategy games, there might come a time when more money is needed to get things done. The money issue tends to show its ugly head in strategy games more than anything else, and […]

10 best free Racing Games for PC from the Microsoft Store

When the Need For Speed series was launched, and gamers suddenly started shifting towards racing games, little did they know that their interest was in something that would become the most expensive niche in the gaming market. Best free Racing […]

10 best free Tank warfare & battle games for Windows 10 PC

Of all big machines capable of destruction, tanks have been the toughest. While drones, missiles, big guns, etc. have their own appeal, no one can deny that tanks are game changers in wars. Tanks are perfect boys-toys, and though all […]

Best free Video Game recording software for Windows 10

You’re a gamer and considering the possibility of recording games for the purpose of uploading to YouTube and other media websites. Well, we’re here to say it’s not difficult, and you’re not required to spend any money on recording software […]

Best real life simulation games available for Windows 10 PC

Simulation games are games which mimic real-life scenarios and bring them forward as games. These games do not necessarily need to be high-end with realistic graphics. The concept is that they should be based on real-life situations. As much as […]