How to fix Screen Flickering issue in Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book has been one of the best products from the Redmond giant, but it seems that the slick machine is already running into initial niggles, which the users are finding it hard to cope up with. From a change in color temperatures while browsing, to the detachable dock being stuck, the list of niggles continues. Another critical problem many Surface Book users are facing is the flickering screen issue which will not just spoil your viewing experience, but also strain the eyes.

It is just a couple of days ago that customers who preordered Surface Book got their devices delivered and the divulge of issues have been flooding the Microsoft Support forums. The users were surprised to see the flickering problem persist even after applying all the updates. The flickering screen might be caused by many things – but here are a few workarounds that can help you fix the screen flickering problem if you find that updating Graphic Drivers has not helped you.

1] Change the Brightness

The display might flicker at less brightness and changing the same might solve the problem, at least partially. To change the brightness all you need to do is go to the Action Center and toggle the Brightness icon to adjust.

2] Check the Screen resolution

Go to Start > Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display Settings. Choose 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is recommended as optimum for Surface Book and select “Apply”.

3] Toggle Temperature Setting

According to Microsoft, this might also happen due to overheating, and you can try by shifting the Surface to a cooler area or even better turning it off completely till it gets cooled down. This problem will most likely be solved in an upcoming update.

4] Disable Hyper-V

screen flickering surface book

If all the above steps didn’t solve the problem than this one will surely do. As some of the users noted out, the flickering screen seems to be the handiwork of the Hyper-V feature which is Microsofts Virtualisation Technology that is bundled with Windows OS. Disabling Hyper-V is known to solve the issue and here is how you can do so

Open an elevated Command prompt and execute the following command line:


Restart your Surface Book and see if it has helped.

We hope that Microsoft will find a fix for this problem soonest.

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  1. Script Article

    Works like a charm.

  2. Sheridan Admetus

    None of the first three are working, with the third not having been a problem. I’m tempted to do the fourth, but am ashamed to admit I’ve no clue on how.

  3. James Milne

    I Run 3 Monitors and one monitor blinks on a regular basis. These settings dont seem to change the blinking monitor issue.

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