Edge Browser Tips and Tricks for Windows 10


  1. I can’t seem to get f11, full screen mode, to work. pressing f11 does nothing on my system. I also wish that holding the back button showed the list of sites that I came from like in IE.

  2. What about bringing new tabs to the front..? When I click on something to open it in a new tab, I expect to want to view it at that time. I’m not seeing an option to immediately open new tabs…

  3. please help. I installed the free version of Windows 10 yesterday and my “more actions button” does nothing. I can not get to the allow pop ups tab so my edge is useless. Help please!!!

  4. That’s what I was looking for also. When I open a page in a new tab, I want it to go there immediately.

  5. How do I like it does in IE 11 get the File, Edit, View, Favorites and Help commands back on IE Edge?

  6. Totally baffled, the Edge has nothing that we are used to, LIKE A NORMAL LIST OF FAVORITES! DUH!
    I just don’t understand, its like moving the controls on a car to different positions , including the pedals!
    I work on my win 10 at home , and win 7 and XP at work I can’t keep having to remember all these different ways of doing things.
    the solution is to use the Chrome or firefox browser….but really I want to use MS latest and greatest but this makes it impossible.
    Its not your fault an I appreciate you helping but I don’t have time to learn all this as its going to change soon anyway, If MS want to keep brand loyalty they have to keep the interface very similar.
    simple things like getting to the ‘Printers and devices’ so I can change the preference takes crazy hunting all the time. ( I have to change preferences as I have programs that use the default setting for printing page size and if I want to print on 11×17 I need to switch the preferences regularly) I used to be able to set up multiple versions of the printer with the different preference settings but that isn’t possible any more.
    Its just so frustrating …then mixed with win 10 …its too much…….
    cheers warren

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