How to manage, add, remove Extensions in new Microsoft Edge browser

The Chromium engine powers the new Microsoft Edge browser. With the support of the Chromium engine, it brings in support for extensions from the Chrome Web Store as well. However, Microsoft has posted a list of separate extensions that they have listed as trusted to work well with the new Microsoft Edge browser. In this post, we will share how you can add, remove, manage Extensions in new Microsoft Edge browser.

Add, remove Extensions in new Edge browser

We will be discussing the following topics in this guide:

  1. Install an extension from Microsoft’s addon page.
  2. Third party extensions installation
  3. Managing an installed extension.
  4. Removing an installed extension.

1] Installing an extension from Microsoft’s Add on page

Install extension in Microsoft Edge

Visit the Microsoft’s Add-on page in new Microsoft Edge (Works for any build of Microsoft Edge Chromium).

Click on the image of any extension that you would like to install. It will open its product page. Select Get or Install. It will give open a pop-up alert saying:

Add <EXTENSION NAME> to Microsoft Edge?

The extension can:

  • <List of Permissions of the extension>

Click on Add extension button. It will download and automatically install the extension to your new Microsoft Edge browser.

2] Installing an extension from third-party sources

We have already covered a guide on how to install extensions on Microsoft Edge from Chrome Web Store. You can refer it learn more about using the Chrome Web Store to get extensions for the new Microsoft Edge browser.

3] Managing an installed extension

Microsoft Edge extensions page

All extensions can be managed under one page. To navigate to the page type edge://extensions in an empty address bar, and hit the Enter key. The alternate way to open the Extension page is to click on the menu and then click on the extension option.

It will open the page which will list all extensions with its enabled/disabled status. Here you can use the blue toggles for each extension to either enable or disable it individually.

Extension Details in Microsoft Edge

If you want to dive deeper into the settings, select details. It will open Extension specific page which will give details about its permissions, site access, InPrivate permission, access to file URLs, collect errors, and so on.

4] Removing an installed extension

Remove extension from Microsoft Edge

Navigate to this location in the new Microsoft Edge browser: edge://extensions. For each extension listing, there is a button called Remove. Click on the button, and Edge will ask for a confirmation. Select Remove and the extension will finally be uninstalled.

I hope this guide helps you in finding what you are looking for.

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