Clear Cookies, Site Data, Cache for specific website in Chrome, Firefox

At times, you may feel the need to delete or clear the Cookies & Site Data for a specific website only – and not the entire Browsing History – especially if you face errors like 400 Bad Request. We have already seen how to Clear Cookies, Site Data & Cache for a particular domain in Internet Explorer. Now let us see how to do it in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Normally, we simply the entire Cookie cache of that browser. This will mean that, when you exercise this option, you will be clearing all the Cookies. But if you don’t do this, you will have to clear the Cookie for that particular domain only.

Clear Cookies & Site Data for specific website in Chrome

Open your Google Chrome browser. Type the following in the address bar and hit Enter:


You will see All cookies and site data.

Clear Cache & Cookies for specific website in Chrome


You can also access this panel via Chrome Settings > Advanced settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings > Cookies > See all cookies and site data

Here you can search for the domain and remove its Cookies & site data by clicking on the Bin icon.

If you click on the arrow icon against the Cookie, the following panel will open.

Here you will be able to see the details of the locally stored data, as well as delete it.

There is another way. When a web page is open, click on the padlock icon to open a flyer and then select Cookies.

You will then see the Cookies in use, and you will be able to delete them.

Delete Cookies & Site Data for specific domain in Firefox

Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser and then open its Options. Select Privacy & Security next. Here under Cookies and Site Data press the Manage Data button to open the following panel.

cookies firefox

Here you will be able to remove selected or all Cookies and Site Data. Search for the domain, select the Cookies you want to delete and then remove those Cookies.

There is another way. When a web page is open, click on the ‘i’ icon to open a flyer.

Select Clear Cookies and Site Data to open the following panel.

Clicking on OK will delete the site data for that site.

If you are an Internet Explorer user, see this post: Delete Temporary Internet Files & Cookies for a particular domain.

If you are a Microsoft Edge user, then this browser does not let you delete cache for particular websites. You will have to delete the entire Browsing History & Cache.

You can also use CookieSpy, a freeware that lets you manage Cookies of all Browsers in one place. Use it to delete Cookies from a particular domain.

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  1. MmeMoxie

    Thank you Andy! There have been numerous times, when I only wanted to clear the cache on one or two websites. I never knew how with either Chrome or Firefox. I don’t use Firefox anymore, due to the issues of what forced Brendan Eich to resign. At that time, I started to use Chrome only. Again, thank you.

  2. mtumishi

    Thanks! This information was very helpful to me for firefox

  3. Nonuser

    naisu. very helpful

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    Anand, not Andy

  5. My name is Anand. But on the Forum I use the username HappyAndyK. JFYI, Anand = Happy in my language Hindi. 🙂

  6. Christo Chiramukhathu

    Very useful. Because many programs like CCleaner gives way to clean all cookies as a whole. This gives selective.

  7. Akhil RAM

    Thank U for sharing very useful information .

  8. sswam

    As far as I can tell, none of this actually deletes the cache for a specific site, which is what you advertised and what I wanted. :/

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  10. Franpa

    This… doesn’t explain how to delete domain specific cache in Firefox. Cookies =/= cache.

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