Edge Browser features: The powerful browser in Windows 10


  1. Please tell us that it’s not a recycled version of IE, but a brand-new, completely rebuilt browser without any of the old, antiquated, and sometimes aggregating features.To me, it feels like a re-branded version of the old stuff.

  2. Try it, I guarantee after using it for a little while you will have no use for Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. This is not IE cloaked in a new skin, this is a totally new browser. Faster, better and more secure than any other browser out there.

  3. There needs to be a way of cutting the sound on a single tab. I hate when an as starts playing on a tab while watching a video in a different tab

  4. Some rogue sites can put it into a loop that you can’t break out of from within Edge. They then ask you to ring a number and give them money.
    The workaround is simple but not obvious. If Edge is your default browser open any saved html page or even a link in an email, as long as it is outside Edge. This will open a new tab in Edge so that you can close down the tab causing the problem.
    The fix is for MS to stop this happening, like all other browsers do.
    Security?. Ha Ha!

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