Edge Browser features: The powerful browser in Windows 10

The new browser in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge includes some very powerful features. That’s not all it has to offer. It offers, safe, secure and fast browsing experience. In this post, we will see some of the powerful features of Edge browser.

Edge Browser features



New and Unique Look

Spartan breaks the ice with an incredible look and an easy to use interface, which has redesigned and carries a ‘clean’ look. It is also power-efficient.

Strong Security

Microsoft Edge promises better security over the Internet Explorer and over other browsers in the market. It offers Edge Login Process, Sandboxing, SmartScreen, Defense against memory corruption, uses an entirely new rendering engine called EdgeHTML which is focused more on security and rendering and drops support for ActiveX, VBScript, attachEvent, etc. Microsoft plans to make its browser one of the most secure browsers around. Read more about Edge browser security features.

Cortana Support

The software maker has focused on some of its desktop improvements for Windows 10, and Cortana integration is one of the many changes introduced. A user can ask Cortana what a particular word means, and without being directed to another webpage and the application will pull the desired definition of the word for him, allowing better understand the content he’s reading. The feature only works, when needed. All you have to do is use the Ask Cortana feature or click the feature when it offers information.

New tab page of Microsoft Edge

When you launch the Edge browser, you are greeted by a page. It’s layout features a Search bar in the center and below it, you can find a list of top sites. Thereon, you can access local weather and see trending news stories. The New tab page also shows a page that features apps from Windows Store. Edge lets you customise its New tab page.

Built-in note-taking

This next generation browser by Microsoft gives you inking capabilities. Which means, Spartan enables you to take notes, write, type directly on your page. For those who indulge in research and collecting information, this feature makes their work incredibly easy as they can save their notes directly into OneNote.


In addition to inking, Spartan also allows you to share your notes with whoever you want. You can share it with your friends on Social Media or you can simply email it to someone as per your requirement. It makes your communication extremely easy to capture and share.

Support for Dolby Audio

Dolby Audio will be compatible with current DASH (MP4) and HLS (M2TS) file formats, and so can be included with progressive download HTML5 content, adaptive streaming HLS or MSE/EME MP4 content.

Reading View

If you are on a page that interests you, just click the book icon located on the right of the address bar and you’ll get a PDF like version of the article you want to read without any original formatting, sidebar or other distractions. One of the useful addition that I have seen in recent times, added to Edge browser for offering a way to de-clutter the web pages and focus on the content.

Reading List

Reading List is yet another addition to Edge, which allows users to save web pages for later viewing. You can look at it as an advanced version of your favorites list. When you click the folder icon with the star, you will get access to your favorites, Reading List.

Like the Favorites folder, you can also add webpages to Reading List. The app – Reading List – comes preinstalled on Windows 10. If there is a website that you want to read later, you can either drag the favicon on Edge browser’s address bar to Reading List. Or you can click on the star and from the drop down menu, select Reading List instead of Favorites.


Classic browser features like favorites, reading list, and browsing history and downloads live under what Microsoft calls the Hub, an improved sidebar. The feature instantly allows access to important primary browser sub-sections and also delete browsing history and cache.

Sync support

Edge will also support features like syncing of bookmarks, passwords, history and tabs.

Edge Annotations

Windows 10 users can keep track of what is useful for them and what is not within each webpage or document. They can underline, highlight and circle specific parts directly on webpages as they browse and have it saved either locally on his machine or to the cloud. The browser alerts you when you come to a webpage that you’ve previously marked up, and ask if you want to open the annotations.

Page Prediction

The feature helps in predicting the contents of the webpages as they load, thereby improving the overall browsing speeds drastically.

Advanced Tab management options in Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge has focussed on improving the overall tabbed browsing experience via some really cool tab management options. Simply right click on any browser tab, and you should see a context menu full of useful options. These can be used to Reopen closed tabs, Refresh tabs, Close all tabs or Move a tab to a new window.

Pinning Individual Sites to Start menu

With this option available at your disposal all you have to do is open your favorite website in the Edge browser and tap or click on the settings button. Once the settings menu appears, simply tap or click the “Pin to Start” option and you are all done. Your favorite website will now appear in your Start Menu.

Optimized for your Device

Edge is optimized in itself to suit all your devices so that you have no inconvenience when it comes to easy and hassle free surfing and browsing.

Do also check out this More Edge browser tips and tricks here, and this Edge Features Video if you have the time. Also read about the new features in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Next, we will take a look at Edge browser’s settings and Privacy settings in Edge browser.

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  1. Muliano

    Please tell us that it’s not a recycled version of IE, but a brand-new, completely rebuilt browser without any of the old, antiquated, and sometimes aggregating features.To me, it feels like a re-branded version of the old stuff.

  2. Its is not a recycled version of IE, but a brand-new, completely rebuilt browser. Try it and see. 🙂

  3. Ed

    Try it, I guarantee after using it for a little while you will have no use for Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. This is not IE cloaked in a new skin, this is a totally new browser. Faster, better and more secure than any other browser out there.

  4. John Bandy

    How can I find custom zoom on Windows 10?

  5. Craig F

    There needs to be a way of cutting the sound on a single tab. I hate when an as starts playing on a tab while watching a video in a different tab

  6. Tony Howard

    Some rogue sites can put it into a loop that you can’t break out of from within Edge. They then ask you to ring a number and give them money.
    The workaround is simple but not obvious. If Edge is your default browser open any saved html page or even a link in an email, as long as it is outside Edge. This will open a new tab in Edge so that you can close down the tab causing the problem.
    The fix is for MS to stop this happening, like all other browsers do.
    Security?. Ha Ha!

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