How to enable Dark Mode theme on new Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft has relaunched its Microsoft Edge browser powered by the Chromium engine. It launched as a public preview – but the final build will be available soon. One of the most loved and latest features added to the new Edge is the Dark Mode. Although this feature is not yet available in the mainstream menu and settings options of the browser, it is hidden under the flags section of the same. In this article, we will be checking out how to enable Dark Mode on the latest Canary Build of the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Enable Dark theme on new Edge browser

Open the new Microsoft Edge browser that works on Chromium and visit this URL: edge://flags

Look up for Microsoft Edge theme in the search box on the top portion of the page.

Toggle the appropriate entry to Enabled.

Restart Microsoft Edge for the changes to take effect.

This will enable Microsoft Edge’s ability to adapt to the dark mode when applied to the operating system.

In case you still do not see the dark theme being applied to the browser, you need not worry.

Hit the WINKEY + I button combination to open the Windows 10 Settings App.

Now navigate to the following path: Personalization > Colors.

Scroll down to set the default app mode to be dark.

Now, relaunch the new Microsoft Edge browser and check now that the dark theme must be enabled now.

It would look something like this as it is still being developed to be applied in different components of the browser.

enable Dark Mode theme on new Microsoft Edge browser

This means that, toggling that flags option would enable Microsoft Edge’s capabilities to adapt to Windows 10’s theme settings and act similarly.

I still hope, Microsoft would be giving an option inside the browser itself that it would let users override the option selected in the Windows 10 Settings App too.

If you have feedback, you can select the smiley button on the top right portion of the screen and file your feedback directly to Microsoft.

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