Automatically switch between Windows 10 Dark and Light theme with Windows Auto-Night Mode

With the aggressive push to make the UX of any software better, the selection for a Light and Dark theme is being pushed for many developers. Windows 10 comes with no exception. It all started with the Windows Phone operating system where the user could select the light or dark theme along with an accent color to customize the look for their phone. This made its way to Windows 10 since its first release. Since then, Microsoft has been aggressively pushing this feature across the operating system with the feature expanding to the Win32 File Explorer as well. Similarly, Mozilla implemented the dark theme to Firefox and the support for the dark theme came into the latest release of macOS. But today, we will be talking about a tool called Windows Auto-Night Mode that lets you toggle between Light & Dark theme easily.

Windows Auto-Night Mode for Windows 10

If you want to turn on or off the Dark themes on your Windows 10 computer, you can use the Settings app to do so. But Windows Auto-Night Mode for Windows 10 is a free and open source software for Windows 10 computers using which can toggle between light and dark mode based on the time during a day. This application leverages the use of the Task Scheduler to toggle between these themes automatically.

Once you download it, you might receive a Windows SmartScreen security prompt warning you against downloading this software – but that is nothing to worry about.

When you first run the application, you will get a small mini window with a couple of options. You can select either the light or the dark theme just like in the Settings App or can select Change Automatically which will enable the Choose custom start time… option.

Under the text box for light, you can enter the time in 24 hours format to switch to the light theme, and under the text box for dark, you can enter the time in 24 hours format to switch to the dark theme and finally click on Apply to set it up.

There will be no background application running as it will be configuring the Task Scheduler to toggle between the dark and the light themes automatically. It is regularly updated with new features as it already supports the next major Windows 10 release scheduled for Spring of 2019.

Next up for this application will be bringing the application to the Microsoft Store with an improved user interface and toggling between light and dark themes based on sunrise or the sunset. But let’s see when they show up to the mainstream audience.

If you think you may find this tool useful, you can download it from Github.

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