Shortcuts to help you browse faster in Edge and other browsers

Most of us use the GUI and mouse to browse the Internet. We also use keyboard to navigate through websites. Though the actual speed of Internet at your place is dependent on the type of connection you are using, its speed and the condition of your computer and browser, here are some tips that will make your life easier – a little. Check out the tips to browse faster on most browsers including Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

Keyboard Shortcuts to help you browse faster


Quickly Bookmark web pages

One of the features we use most while browsing is to bookmark websites we like to read later. Normally, that would involve clicking the STAR button and then making sure that the bookmark goes to the folder you intend to. In case of Firefox, when you click STAR, it does not bring any dialog to help you select the destination folder and saves it to Unsorted Bookmarks. To overcome such problems and to quickly add a bookmark, press CTRL+D when on the webpage that you wish to bookmark or favorite. This will bring the Save Bookmark dialog box and then, you can browse to the folder where you wish to save the bookmark before clicking OK. This is applicable to all browsers. CTRL+D is shortcut to add bookmark on almost all leading browsers.

Open a new tab

We also make use of new tabs when browsing. To open a new tab in a browser, we click the PLUS ICON at the top of browser. Instead of going to it, if your hands are already on the keyboard, simply press CTRL+T. That will open a new tab in Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Firefox. This is handy when you are already typing something and don’t have mouse in the hand. The shortcut saves a little time.

Add .com

Entering URLs does not mean you have to type whole URL starting from “HTTP://” to “.COM”. You can simply type the website name and press CTRL+ ENTER. For example, you type thewindowsclub and press CTRL+ENTER so that the http part and .com part is added automatically to the URL. You need not press enter again as the website will begin loading as soon as you press CTRL+ENTER. You need not use the mouse to click on the GO button either.

Add .net or .org

If the website is .NET, press SHIFT+ENTER. If the website ends with .ORG, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. Thus you need not type the entire URL. Using the website name and the key combinations mentioned here will help you save a little time in getting a website to load.

Access Omni bar

To quickly access the omni bar or the address bar, press CTRL+/

Jump to next field

Navigating between fields in a form on a webpage can be done by using the TAB key. If you wish to go to the next field, press TAB. If you wish to go to the previous field, press SHIFT+TAB. Press Enter anytime to submit the form.


Coming back to tabs in the browser, there are some more shortcuts you may want to know if you don’t know them already:

  1. Going to next tab: CTRL+PgUP
  2. Going to previous tab: CTRL+PgDn
  3. In effect, to browse among the open tabs, just press CTRL+PgUP or PgDn to move from one tab to another
  4. To close current tab, press CTRL+W
  5. To close entire browser, press ALT+F4

To increase the font size of webpage, press CTRL+PLUS. To reduce the font size, press CTRL+MINUS. To go to the default size, press CTRL+ZERO. You can also hold down CTRL and roll mouse wheel to increase or decrease the font size.

Press F11 to go full screen. You won’t see any tools of the browser. To get back to normal mode, press F11 again.

Before I wind up the article, one more tip: press CTRL+I (the alphabet i) to dock bookmarks to side of browser. CTRL+B opens Organize Favorites in Firefox and IE.

These tips to browse faster on the Internet are applicable to all the mainstream browsers, especially Edge, IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Some browsers have their own customizations so you can find a little more convenient shortcuts if you play along a little.

If I missed anything, please comment.

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