How to download offline Maps on Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 offers Maps application which help users to search places and get directions. The Maps application is an universal first-party Windows application by Microsoft. Windows Phone has been having support for offline maps from quite a long time in collaboration with HERE Maps. The same Maps apps with various improvements has been improved upon and ported to Windows 10, and Microsoft has succeeded in delivering the universal Windows 10 Maps app which even works for PC.

Windows 10 provides the ability to download the offline maps, which can be used for later use when there is no internet connection – This helps one to access maps and get directions without the worry of connectivity, a very useful tool for travelers to find directions.

Download Offline Maps on Windows 10

To get started with offline maps, click the “Settings” option under start menu as shown below:


Choose the “System” option, the first option in Settings Panel.


Under System settings, choose “Offline Maps”.  In the right side of the panel, you can see lot of map related options. Under the Maps section click on “Download maps” option.


This displays different continents around the world. In this example, we are choosing Asia. You can choose your desired continent to proceed.


Now choose the country for which you want the map for. You can also choose more than one country by using the multi-select option present in the bottom bar. Remember, downloading maps data for whole continent could be very bulky and may shoot up your internet bill if you are on a limited plan. So choose the region wisely depending on your requirement.


A particular region/state can be selected, if it is available.


In our case, we selected 4 regions by using the multi-select option and clicked on “download” button present in the bottom bar. Upon clicking, the selected maps data will be downloaded one by one. Please be patient until all your maps complete downloading.


Using Maps in Offline mode in Window 10

Once you have downloaded the required maps by following the above steps, you will have complete access to these maps even when you are offline. Launch the in-built Maps application on your Windows 10 PC which is listed in Start menu or simply search for “Maps” using the search bar.

The Maps application loaded with pre-downloaded maps will be able to provide all place details, directions for the queries which you make in particular region/city/state/country.

Download Offline Maps on Windows 10

You can start using the navigation feature within the app which provides turn-by-turn directions until you reach your destination without a needing  a data connection.


Updating Maps in Windows 10

By default, all the available downloaded maps will be updated regularly. The automatic updates to Maps happen whenever your device is plugged in and when there is an unmetered data connection. You can turn off the automatic updates to maps under “Offline Maps” in System settings.

Let us know you like using Maps in Windows 10.

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  1. NeverForgetJewsDid9-11

    Downloaded a bunch of maps.

    No way to view them? 🙁

  2. auContrair

    Where are local copies stored? How do we backup local data?

  3. David

    When I try to download I get about 80% into the download the message “Something happened and we couldn’t download this map right now. Try again later” If I do try again later of course I get the exact same message.
    Any ideas anyone?

  4. Grant Hampson

    Hi, I have Windows 10 Pro activated, and cannot open the Maps app? It starts opening, then shuts itself down. I am also unable to download offline maps, even with “Metered connections” on-The Download maps link is inactive? Anyone with similar problems or solutions?

  5. Jack

    I’d love to get an answer to this posted question: Where are local copies stored?

  6. I think that the Windows 10 Offline Maps are stored here: C:ProgramDataMicrosoftMapDatadiskcacheBundleStore and maybe C:ProgramDataMicrosoftMapDatamapscachelandmark.

  7. phred01

    yes found the map data but how does one access the images outside windows os….they are not bmp tiff or jpeg image files

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