How to download offline Maps on Windows 10

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  1. NeverForgetJewsDid9-11

    Downloaded a bunch of maps.

    No way to view them? 🙁

  2. auContrair

    Where are local copies stored? How do we backup local data?

  3. David

    When I try to download I get about 80% into the download the message “Something happened and we couldn’t download this map right now. Try again later” If I do try again later of course I get the exact same message.
    Any ideas anyone?

  4. Grant Hampson

    Hi, I have Windows 10 Pro activated, and cannot open the Maps app? It starts opening, then shuts itself down. I am also unable to download offline maps, even with “Metered connections” on-The Download maps link is inactive? Anyone with similar problems or solutions?

  5. Jack

    I’d love to get an answer to this posted question: Where are local copies stored?

  6. I think that the Windows 10 Offline Maps are stored here: C:ProgramDataMicrosoftMapDatadiskcacheBundleStore and maybe C:ProgramDataMicrosoftMapDatamapscachelandmark.

  7. phred01

    yes found the map data but how does one access the images outside windows os….they are not bmp tiff or jpeg image files

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