How to use Game DVR Screen Recorder in Windows 10

If you have been following this website, you might have noted that, when we talked about the Windows 10 Xbox app, we had mentioned that it included a screen recording tool. This Game DVR Screen Recorder option is included in the Game Bar and allows a user to record any application without having to download any third-party screen recording freeware to video capture your on-screen activities on Windows 10. The latter part of this will show you what to do if Games Bar will not open in full-screen mode.

Game DVR Screen Recorder in Windows 10 Xbox app

Game DVR Game Bar

The Game DVR feature allows you to record your gameplay in the background. It is located on the Game Bar – which offers buttons to record gameplay & take screenshots using the Game DVR feature.

To use this screen recording tool, you will have to open the Xbox app and press Win+G. The action upon confirmation launches the Game Bar and displays a brand new record option that offers the ability to record video.

It’s particularly noteworthy to mention here that if you are launching the Game Bar for the first time, a message will flash on your computer screen reading, “Do you want to open Game Bar?”—simply click ‘Yes, this is a game’. After that, it’s pretty straightforward to use.


To begin recording video inside the app, just hit the red button.

record screen

To adjust Settings, hit the settings icon on the recording toolbar and configure things like the length of recording automatically. Here, you can also enable background recording that simply allows you to record in the background. If required, you can set the max length for recording and disable the notification balloons.

xbox screen recorder windows 10

Finally, when you click the Stop button, the video file is built. All the videos recorded are stored in MP4 format inside the Game DVR section of the Xbox app.

Alternatively, a user can navigate to the location manually under User folder > Videos > Captures. If you ever forget this location, just use the ‘Open folder’ button from inside the Xbox app. Accessing the captures is easy using the Xbox app in the Game DVR section.

Game DVR

For now, the video recording feature is only available inside the apps.

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Game Bar not opening in full-screen mode

If you find that your Game Bar does not open in full-screen mode, then it is possible that the game does not recognize the Win+G hotkey to open the Games Bar, which works in the window mode.

Try using the Win+Alt+R hotkey to record visuals or Win+Alt+Prt to take a screenshot and see if that works.

Let us know how you like using it.

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The Game DVR feature on Windows 10 is enabled by default so that you can easily share the captured screen on a popular social media network or store them locally to a PC. But if you do not have any need for it or if you face any performance issues while playing games, you can disable Game DVR in Xbox and see if it helps.

See this post if you receive Can’t Record Right Now or There’s nothing to record errors.

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  1. I’ve actually tried using it recording World of Warcraft. It worked pretty good, but the quality could have been better. it also records every output sound. I had a Netflix movie playing on my second monitor, and now you can hear “Weeds” as background music clearing Firelands.
    I like how you wrote a great post about something relatively so small and easy.

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